The Myth of The Beach Bar a Short Story in English

My knees are shaking more than when I spent 24 hours with my legs asleep from the epidural waiting to give birth to my first child. The second took less time and hurt, although I’m not sure that in the literary case I can make a parallel with my births.

Yes, you are correct, I have published my second novel . And I’m very happy.

I don’t want to lie to you, I haven’t been quiet all this time because I’ve been focused on her. I placed it in the expert hands of my publisher in May, and until today the path has been a bit slow but safe. I think I have not entered my blog because I had nothing to say to you.

But my little creature changes things in part.

I present you  The myth of the beach bar. 

I do not reveal anything if I count that it is the continuation of 45 days per year . The protagonists return, Ana’s entire family and the occasional new one that has made me fall in love.

The action takes place in Cádiz , the place where the family moved after the protagonist’s job crisis.

Why Cádiz? Because apart from being an idyllic place with wonderful beaches and sunsets that make you fall in love, a high percentage of the inhabitants of Madrid have ever dreamed of leaving everything and living in Cádiz selling bracelets on the beach or running a beach bar in August, summer after summer.

The problem comes when you realize that you have built a castle of illusions and it has been very cute but without foundation. The fall can be very hard, depending on how hard your skin is.

That is what El Mito del Chiringuito is about , about dreams that are too big for us , about the need to evolve, about family and some more … and always with humor , which is the best of therapies.

I would be very happy if you would approach my second child and laugh for a while. It is short, I do not like to roll.

I also remind you that we are in October, the month of the authors (although I do not understand why we have to have a month if the male authors do not have it; perhaps the remaining eleven are theirs?), Which is also my birthday and I fall for a figure that scares me, which is the beginning of autumn and the season makes us melancholic and sad and a dose of good humor should always be welcome.

I have the impression that they are all very good reasons for you to come to your bookstore, to Amazon, to cc books or wherever you are most angry and indulge yourself.

All reviews are welcome, good or bad. Although I am proud of some appearances of my first novel in highly credible media, such as Hola !, Semana, Lecturas …

I wait for all of you. I’ll take roll.

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