Short Stories for Kids

The rabbit on the moon a short stories for kids

One day, hundreds of years ago, the god Quetzalcóatl decided to travel around the world. His appearance was that of a snake adorned with green and gold feathers, so in order not to be recognized, he assumed a human form and began to walk.

He climbed high mountains and through thick forests without rest. By the end of the day, he felt exhausted. He had walked so much that he decided it was time to stop and rest to regain his strength. Satisfied by all that he had seen, he sat on a rock in a clearing in the forest, ready to enjoy the tranquility that nature provided.

It was a lovely summer night. The stars twinkled and covered the sky like a huge cloak of diamonds, and next to them, an orange moon seemed to watch over everything from above. The god thought it was the most beautiful image he had ever seen.

After a while he realized that, next to him, there was a rabbit that was watching him without stopping chewing something that he was carrying between his teeth.

– What are you eating, cute bunny?

– Just some fresh grass. If you want I can share it with you.

– I really appreciate it, but humans don’t eat grass.

– But then what will you eat? You look tired and you sure have an appetite.

– You’re right … I imagine that if I don’t find anything to put in my mouth, I’ll starve.

The rabbit felt terrible. He couldn’t allow that to happen! He was thoughtful and in an act of generosity, he offered himself to the god.

– I’m just a little rabbit, but if you want I can serve you as food. Eat me so you can survive.

The god was moved by the kindness and tenderness of that little animal. She was offering her own life to save him.

– I am moved by your words – he said, stroking her head gently – From today on, you will always be remembered. You deserve it for being so good.

Taking him in her arms, she lifted him so high that his figure was stamped on the surface of the moon. Then, with great care, he lowered him to the ground and the rabbit was able to gaze in amazement at his own shining image.

– Centuries will pass and men will change, but your memory will always be there.

His promise was fulfilled. Even today, if the night is clear and you look at the full moon carefully, you will discover the silhouette of the kind rabbit that many, many years ago, wanted to help the god Quetzalcoatl.

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