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The red hen English Story for Kids | Creation Story for Kids

Adaptation of Byron Barton’s folk tale

Once upon a time there was a farm where all the animals lived happily. The owners took care of them with care and they did not lack for anything. As soon as the rooster announced the sunrise, everyone set off and went about their business with pleasure. They always had food to eat and a warm bed on which to rest.

The land surrounding the main house was very large and with enough space for the horses to trot, the pigs to wallow in the mud, and the cows to graze freely while ringing their brass bells. Between the legs of the big animals, there was always a little chick that took pains to learn to fly under the attentive gaze of the hens.

One of those chickens was red and her name was Marcelina. One day when she was very busy digging among some stones, she found a grain of wheat. He picked it up in his beak and wondered what to do with it. As she was a very clever and industrious chicken, she had a fabulous idea.

– I already have it! I will sow this grain and invite all my friends to eat bread.

Very happy, she went in search of those she loved the most.

– Hey, friends! Look what I just found! It is a beautiful grain of golden wheat. Can you help me plant it?

“Not me,” said the duck.

“Not me,” said the cat.

“Not me,” said the dog.

– Okay – sighed the little red hen – I’ll do it.

Marcelina walked away a little sad and looked for the ideal place to plant it. For days and days he watered the land and made sure that no birds prowled there. A job well done gave a great result. Happy, he verified how some little plants were born that became spikes full of seeds.

 The hen was so happy!… She looked for her friends and made an emergency meeting.

– Dear friends… My seed is now a beautiful plant. I must reap it to collect the fruit. Can you help me?

“Not me,” said the duck.

“Not me,” said the cat.

“Not me,” said the dog.

– Anyway… If you don’t want to lend me a hand, I’ll have to do it by myself.

Poor Marcelina armed herself with patience and got to work. The task of mowing was very hard for a hen as small as her, but with tenacity she achieved her goal and cut all the spikes one by one.

Exhausted and sweaty, she walked around the farm to gather her friends again.

– Guys… I have already mowed and now I have to separate the grain from the chaff. It is a complicated job and I would like to count on you to finish it as soon as possible. Who of you will help me?

“Not me,” said the duck.

“Not me,” said the cat.

“Not me,” said the dog.

– OK OK! I’ll take care of everything.

The hen couldn’t believe it! No one wanted to lend a hand! He sat down and with his little beak, carefully separated the grains of wheat from the plant. By the time he finished it was so late that he could only sleep a few minutes before cockcrow.

During breakfast his little eyes were closed and he hardly had the strength to speak. He was so exhausted that he hardly felt hungry. Also, she was angry at her friends’ attitude, but she still decided to try one more time.

– I have already sown, reaped and threshed. Now I need you to help me take the wheat grains to the mill to make flour. Who is coming with me?

“Not me,” said the duck.

“Not me,” said the cat.

“Not me,” said the dog.

– Very well! I’ll take the sacks of wheat to the mill and take care of everything.

The chicken was fed up! He never asked them for favors and, for a day that he needed their collaboration, they passed the buck. She felt betrayed. He sighed deeply and spent the entire day transporting and grinding the wheat, with which he produced a very fine white flour.

The next day she woke up more animated. The hard work had already passed and now it was time for the funniest and most appetizing part. With flour, water and salt he made a dough and made delicious loaves of bread. The wonderful smell of warm loaves spread throughout the farm. Of course, the first to follow the trail were his supposed three best friends, who ran in search of him hoping to gobble up a good piece.

As soon as she saw them appear, the little red hen stared at them and in a soft voice asked:

– Who wants to try this appetizing bread?

– I do! – said the duck.

– I do! – said the cat.

– I do! – said the dog.

The hen looked at her friends and yelled at them.

– Well, you stay with the desire! I’m not going to share a piece with you. Good friends are for the good and for the bad. If you didn’t know how to be by my side when I needed you, now you have to bear the consequences. You can go now because this bread will be only for me.

The duck, the cat and the dog walked away crestfallen while the hen took a good bite of the delicious freshly baked bread.

And colorin colorado this story is over.

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