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Adaptation of the popular tale of Cuba

After several hours walking in the sun, a man passed a small farm, the only one for many miles around. The smell of stew reached his nose and he realized he was wolfishly hungry. He knocked on the door and the owner of the house, quite unfriendly, opened it.

– Good afternoon sir.

– Who are you and what are you looking for in these places?

– Do not panic, I am a simple traveler who is passing through. I was wondering if you could buy me a plate of food. I am starving and there is no inn around here to have something hot.

The farmer did not feel sorry for him and to get rid of him he said in a very contemptuous tone:

– Well no, I can’t! It’s five o’clock and my wife and I have already eaten. In this house we are very punctual and strict with our schedules, so I am not going to make any exceptions! Go where you came from!

The man was crushed, but instead of collapsing, he reacted cunningly; just as the farmer was about to hit the door in his face, he took a five-peso bill out of his pants pocket and gave it to a child who was playing in the driveway.

– Here, handsome, for you to play! If you want another tell me, I have many of these!

The farmer saw out of the corner of his eye how the stranger gave his son a fat ticket and thought:

– “This guy must be rich and that changes things … I’ll invite him in!”

He opened the door again and with a big smile on his face, he said very politely:

– Okay, come in! My wife will prepare something good to put in your mouth.

– Oh, you are very kind, thank you!

Holding back his laughter, the traveler went into the dining room and sat at the table. He had cast the hook and the fish had bitten!

Meanwhile, the farmer, a little nervous, went into the kitchen to talk to his wife. In a low voice, he said:

– I think this stranger is full of money because he has given our son a five peso bill and I heard him say that he has many more!

– Really? … Well then we can’t let him escape. We have to take advantage of him anyway!

– Yes! We are going to try to make him as happy as possible and I’ll come up with something.

The farmer and his wife adorned the table with flowers and served the food on fine porcelain plates that felt like a king, but the traveler knew that so much attention was not out of charity or kindness, but that they did it out of pure interest, because they thought he was rich and wanted to keep some of his money. The plan had worked because it was what he wanted them to think!

– Madam, this is the best chicken rice I have ever eaten in my life. You have golden hands for the kitchen!

– Thank you very much, I’m very glad you like it! Would you like a coffee with shortbread?

– If it is not annoying, I gladly accept your invitation.

– Of course not, I’ll bring it to you right now!

The dessert was to die for and the steaming coffee was the perfect culmination of a spectacular meal.

– Thank you very much, gentlemen, everything was really delicious. And now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to the toilet … Could you tell me where it is?

– Of course, it would be more! The toilet is next to the barn; come out you will see it right away.

– Thank you very much, sir, I’ll be right back.

The cunning traveler left the house with the intention not to return. Outside, next to the entrance stairs, the boy was still playing; He seemed very entertaining making a paper airplane with the ticket that a couple of hours before he had given him. She walked over to him and jerked it off.

– Give me that ticket, kid, you’ve already played enough!

He put it in his pocket, walked around the house, and ran.

– I have to get out before the fools realize that I have deceived them!

And so, with a full crop and bursting with laughter, the traveler left for good, happy because he had managed to outwit those who had wanted to take advantage of him.

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