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The Smug Rat English Story for Kids | Creation Story for Kids

Adaptation of the story by Fernán Caballero

Once upon a time there was a cute little mouse named Florinda who lived in the city. Since she was very industrious and hard-working, her house was always clean and tidy. Every morning he decorated her with fresh flowers that gave off a delicious perfume and he always reserved a daisy for her hair, because she was a very flirtatious little mouse.

One day he was sweeping the entrance and found a shiny gold coin.

– Oh, how lucky I am! – exclaimed the rat.

Since she was very presumptuous and liked to always be in fashion, she began to think about what nice accessory she could spend that money on.

– Uhmmm… I know what I’ll do! I’ll go to the corner store and buy a beautiful bow for my long tail.

She put the gold coin in her cloth bag, put on her heels and went straight to the haberdashery. She chose a red silk ribbon that enhanced her pretty figure and slim tail.

– I’m gorgeous! – He said looking at himself in the mirror – It suits me really well.

She went back to her little house and sat in the garden facing the main street for all the world to see. After a while, a very haughty duck passed by.

Hi, Florinda. Today you are more beautiful than ever. Do you want to marry me?

– And what will you do at night?

– Whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa!

– Oh no, how horrible! – the little mouse was frightened – With those squawks I couldn’t sleep.

Shortly after, a rosy pig with a good-natured face approached.

– Well, Florinda! What have you done today that you look so pretty? I would love for you to be my wife… Do you want to marry me?

– And what will you do at night?

– Oink, oink, oink! Oink, oink, oink!

– Oh, I’m so sorry! With such loud noises I couldn’t sleep!

She had not yet let the pig out of her sight when a small field mouse that had always been in love with her approached.

– Good morning, pretty rat! – he told her – Every day you are beautiful but today… Today you are impressive! I was wondering if you wanted to marry me.

The little mouse didn’t even look at him. She had always aspired to have a big and strong husband and certainly a tiny mouse was not part of her plans.

– Leave me alone, come on, I’m very busy today! Besides, I deserve someone more distinguished than you.

The little mouse, crestfallen and with tears in his pupils, walked away the way he had come.

The sun was very hot when a beautiful white cat passed by in front of his garden. Knowing that he was irresistible to the ladies, the cat waddled over, his enormous blue eyes widening.

– Hello, Florinda – he said with a voice so sweet that he sounded like a movie actor – Today you are more dazzling than ever and you are the envy of the people. It would be a pleasure if you wanted to be my wife. I would treat you like a queen.

The little mouse blushed. It was a really handsome Persian breed cat. A true gallant of those who no longer remained!

– Yes, well… – she said pretending to be interesting – But… And what will you do at night?

– Me? – replied the cunning cat – Sleep and shut up!

– Well, I have to marry you! – shouted the excited little mouse – Come on, come in, don’t stay there! I invite you to have tea and a nice piece of cake.

The two entered the house. While the unsuspecting damsel was preparing the snack, the cat pounced on her and tried to eat her. The little mouse screamed so loudly that the little field mouse that was still nearby heard her and ran back to her aid. He grabbed a broom from the kitchen and beat the treacherous kitty out.

Florinda realized that she had made a serious mistake: she had paid attention to appearances and had trusted the wrong person, despising the little mouse who really loved her and had put her life in danger to save her. Grateful, she hugged him and decided that he would make a wonderful husband. A few days later, they organized a beautiful wedding and were very happy for the rest of their lives.

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