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The tiger and the cow short story for kids | Stories for Kids

Adaptation of the Caribbean folk tale

A cow that was walking happily and calmly through the field heard pitiful cries among the green bushes that gave way to the forest. Out of curiosity, she went over to see who was complaining so bitterly. To his surprise, he found that it was a tiger that had had the bad luck that a tree trunk fell on him, leaving him trapped and badly injured.

The feline, seeing the cow, screamed for help:

– Please get me out of here! I just can’t free myself!

The cow felt sorry but knew very well that if she helped him, he could attack her without mercy.

– Oops, no, no, no! I’m really sorry but if I take that log off you, I’m absolutely sure you’ll eat me.

The tiger was having a really bad time. Whimpering like a baby, he insisted:

– Please I beg! I promise I won’t hurt you. I just want to get out of this trap or I will die before dawn.

The cow was willing to leave because she did not trust one hair, but she began to feel that she had to do something because she was a good cow that could not bear to see others suffer. He hesitated for a moment and finally, with a heavy heart, agreed. He approached him carefully and with the force of his head he pushed the trunk away.

The tiger, very in pain, stood up without even saying thanks. He was exhausted and needed to drink water, but most of all he wanted to eat. He had been in prison for a week without eating a bite and his stomach was stiff from so much hunger. He was stunned looking at the cow up and down and began to salivate, because more than cow he saw a delicious steak.

Licking his lips, he threatened her:

– You know something, cow? … Right now I’m going to eat you!

The cow shuddered but was not intimidated. Indignant, she faced the tiger.

– You can not do it! You have promised not to hurt me in exchange for freeing yourself!

– Yes, I know, but if I don’t eat you I’m starving, I don’t have a choice!

– You’re a liar! I should never have trusted you!

Things were getting very ugly when a rabbit passed by, famous for being an intelligent, educated and fair guy, who always solved the conflicts that arose in the forest.

– What’s going on here?! May I know why you are arguing so heatedly?

The cow was relieved by his presence and explained in detail that the tiger had deceived her and was about to devour her. The feline, for his part, presented his reasons and tried to justify his vile lie.

The rabbit, after listening to the two versions, began to reflect while brushing his beard as if he were a great ancient philosopher.

A minute later, he spoke with a certain pedantry.

– Before deciding who is right, I want you to show me the place of the event to see with my own eyes how the events unfolded. Afterwards, I will render my verdict.

They both pointed at the fallen log at the same time, and the rabbit studied it carefully. Then he told the tiger:

– Let’s see, tiger, put yourself exactly where the cow found you.

The tiger reluctantly lay down in that place that brought back such bad memories.

– And now you, cow, put the log on top to see how the accident was.

The cow dragged the log and placed it on the tiger, who was again immobilized.

“This is how he was when I passed by and heard him moan!”

Then the rabbit clapped his hands and yelled at him:

– Now run, take the opportunity to escape! This is your only chance!

The cow, seeing the masterful play of the rabbit, took to its heels and disappeared in less than a rooster crows. When the rabbit made sure it was well away, it withdrew the log and released the tiger.

– I hope you’ve learned your lesson! Never use lies to achieve your goals and less with someone who has risked his life to save yours.

The cat felt mocked and very, very embarrassed. From that day on, he was honest and always kept his word.

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