Short Stories for Kids

The toad spots a short stories for kids

Hundreds of years ago, toads were very similar to those of today, because in the past they also loved to jump and bathe in ponds. The only difference is that in those days, they had no stains on their shiny, slick body.

Legend has it that one day, no one remembers when, there was a toad that was not very friendly with an eagle. Actually, they got along pretty bad. The bird had a mania for him and one day he decided to make fun of him, taking advantage of the fact that a great party was going to be held in heaven.

-Hi, toad friend! Tonight there is a wonderful festival in the clouds and I would like to invite you. Since you don’t know how to fly, I’ll take you with me.

– Oh, thank you very much for thinking of me! I’ll go if you bring your guitar. Is that okay?

– Yes, I think it is a great idea. It will be a party with music and dance for everyone!

They said goodbye and arranged to meet before dark. The moon was rising when the eagle went to the frog’s house with the guitar under his wing.

-Are you ready, friend? It’s getting late and we must go now.

– Actually, not yet! I have not finished fixing myself and I have to finish doing some things. If you think so, fly slowly and I’ll catch up with you right away.

– Okay, but don’t be late.

While the eagle said goodbye to the family of the toad, the latter took the opportunity to hide in the hole of the guitar, because deep down, so much kindness missed him and he did not trust much that the eagle would drop him in mid-flight. For its part, the eagle, set off into the clouds thinking how foolish the toad was if he believed that he was going to get so far and so high by himself.

When the queen of the birds reached the sky, she found a most lively party. There was music, food and everyone seemed to be having a great time. A vulture approached her and asked:

– Wasn’t the toad going to come with you?

– No way! If you don’t lift a foot off the ground, how are you going to get here without my help?

But the toad had reached heaven, hidden in the hole of the guitar. Thanks to his cunning, he had sneaked into the party and was determined to enjoy himself to the fullest. He got out of the hole as best he could and stood before all the guests.

He was a very nice and talkative toad; as soon as he had a chance, he began to sing and perform such funny stunts that he put the audience in his pocket. Everyone cheered him except the eagle, who saw the toad from afar and felt corroded by envy.

– That frog is a show-off! I can’t bear your presence!

When the revelry was over, the eagle approached him.

– I see that in the end you managed to get there by yourself … Come on, it’s time to go home. If you want I can take you.

But the toad still did not trust the good words of the eagle.

– Do not worry, my friend. Go away, I want to stay a little longer to help pick up. Then I catch up with you.

The eagle nodded and turned around, but out of the corner of his eye he saw the toad slip back into the hole in his guitar. Pretending that he hadn’t realized it, he grabbed the guitar in his legs and started on his way back to Earth. He swooped through the clouds and when he was going at full speed, he turned the guitar and let the toad plummet into the void in free fall.

Poor animal! Terrified, he saw that the ground was getting closer and closer and his bulging eyes were fixed on a huge stone. When he was about to crash, he yelled:

-Get aside, move away the stone that I will break!

But logically, the stone did not move and the unfortunate toad slammed into it. Miraculously, he was saved from almost certain death, but his body was covered in bruises that never disappeared. Their children and grandchildren inherited these spots and since then, all toads are born with their skin full of dark specks.

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