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Japanese folk tale adaptation

Many, many years ago, in the distant Japanese lands, there lived two little mice who were totally in love with each other and were very happy together. They loved to play hide-and-seek, sniff the fresh grass, explore the deepest molehills, and share small bits of cheese at snack time. They loved each other so much that they were convinced that they would soon get married and create a beautiful family. In the eyes of everyone, they made a lovely couple.

Well, not everyone, because unfortunately, the mouse’s father did not think the same. She adored her daughter and a field mouse did not seem like the right husband for her. His aspirations went much further. One day he told his wife:

– Our daughter deserves to spend the rest of her life with someone really important. I want her to marry the sun because he is the strongest in the world and will protect her from any danger. That insignificant mouse can now go looking for another!

The mouse father wanted his little girl to marry the sun! The little mouse, who heard the conversation from her room, was horrified and ran out to tell her beloved boyfriend.

– What are we going to do? My father is ambitious but I refuse to accept his plans. I want to marry you and no one else! I’m not going to allow anything or anyone to separate us.

– Calm down, my love, don’t worry, we’ll come up with something!

The two young mice met every day under the shade of an orange tree to try to find a solution to such a big problem. One day, while they were talking, a very old mouse passed by. Although she walked with a cane, she still had the lucidity and wisdom that comes with age. The old woman perceived that the young rodents were very sad and approached them slowly but surely.

– Good afternoon! You should be enjoying this wonderful summer’s day, but I have a feeling that something is breaking your heart. If you allow me, maybe I can help you.

The little mouse looked up and shyly answered him.

– Good evening Madam. I am very upset because my father wants me to marry the sun and what I want is my boyfriend, the nicest and nicest little mouse in the world.

The old mouse frowned and touched her nose to think better.

– Uhm!… So that’s it? Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to him and get those crazy ideas out of his head!

Minutes later, the small, toothless mouse showed up at her father’s house. She knew he was a stubborn rodent, so she went straight to the point to make herself more convincing.

– Good morning sir! I just found out that you want to marry your daughter to the sun because you think it’s the strongest in the world.

– It will be so because I have decided so!

– Well, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re wrong. The sun is the star king, but it’s not the strongest at all!

– Why do you say that, ma’am?

– Haven’t you noticed that the sun continually hides behind the clouds? Maybe he’s more cowardly than he seems…

– I hadn’t thought about it and maybe he’s right… I’ll marry my daughter to a cloud!

– With a cloud? Well, it’s not a good choice either. You already know that no matter how big and thick the clouds are, the wind manages to send them far away with a simple blow.

– Wow, it’s true!… Decided: the wind will be chosen.

– Let’s see, sir, reconsider: the wind cannot pass through walls and instead we, simple mice, make tunnels with our teeth. If I were you, I’d think twice before making a mistake.

– Wow! I hadn’t realized that we rodents have a strength that the wind doesn’t have… I’ll marry my daughter to a mouse! Of course, it will not be with a vulgar and weak little guy. It will have to be with the strongest of all mice!

The wise mouse, very cleverly, managed to convince him to accept a mouse for his daughter and at least the young lover would still have a chance to be the chosen one. Without saying much more, she took her cane and returned to her house in a very happy mood.

The father, determined to find the perfect husband for his daughter, organized a competition of strength and summoned all the mice interested in marrying her. The test was that the suitors had to fight two by two. The first one to fall knocked to the ground would be automatically eliminated.

The weaker ones didn’t have much to do and were promptly kicked out of the game. Some resisted a little longer, but a rotund mouse with long mustaches who considered himself the most handsome and muscular in the entire region gradually prevailed over all of them.

The only thing missing was one who hadn’t tried his luck yet because he was the last on the list: the mouse’s boyfriend. The poor man, next to the burly fighter, looked like a flea that didn’t even reach his waist.

When the whistle blew for the grand finale, the fight began. Indeed, the strength of the great mouse was enormous, but if something characterized the little mouse it was intelligence. Knowing that he had everything to lose, he concentrated on resisting and avoiding the blows. The strong mouse tried to slap him here and there, but he slipped away with little effort and without a scratch. Within an hour, the big mouse was so physically and mentally exhausted from the effort that he had to give up. Overwhelmed, he exclaimed:

– This mouse is small and skinny, but there is no one to beat him. He moves more than a grasshopper and has an amazing willpower! I give up!

What a hubbub there was! All the animals attending the event began to applaud and the little mouse ran out to hug her fiancé. The father could not deny the evidence and clearing his throat, addressed his audience:

– I have understood that the important thing is not physical strength, but tenacity and talent. Little one, you’ve managed to impress me. You will be the one to marry my beloved daughter. Congratulations to both of you!

And so it was: the couple celebrated a beautiful fairytale wedding, they had many cute little mice and they were very happy for the rest of their lives.

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