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The wonderful coil story for kids in English | Short Stories for Kids

Adaptation of the short story by Eduardo Zamacois

There was once a powerful and noble king who cared about the prosperity of his kingdom and the well-being of his subjects. He had an only heir son who was opposed to him, because he spent the day doing nothing. The prince was a downright bum and lazy until he said enough. He was not interested in politics, he hated studying and did not take care of the tasks that were entrusted to him. He spent his time lazing around and strolling in the garden, never finding anything interesting to do.

He was often bored as an oyster and complained about his situation.

– What a dullness to be a prince! I would love to be older to become king and to be able to do whatever I want.

This was his life until one fine day, he found a coil of gold thread on his bed. He took it in his hands and, to his surprise, the coil spoke to him.

– I am a coil of gold thread and you have to treat me with great care. I am not just any coil! Do you see this thread? Represent your life, from now to the end. As your life goes by, the thread unwinds.

The little prince did not come out of his astonishment and although somewhat scared, he continued to listen carefully.

– From now on, you can unwind the thread at will. As you do, your life will go faster, but keep in mind that you will not be able to reel it. By this I mean that the days you have lived will never come back, you will never be able to go back in time.

The young man was confused and intrigued. Was it true what the coil was telling him? … He decided he had to check it out and pulled the thread a bit. In the room there was a large mirror in which he used to look at himself every day. She turned to him and saw that he was no longer a teenager, but a few years older.

Excited, he pulled the string again and looking at himself again in the mirror, he saw himself thirty-five years old. He had gained a few kilos, a thick beard covered his face, and he wore a gold crown on his head.

– It’s my father’s crown! Years have passed and now I am the king! – He shouted enthusiastically, his eyes widening.

His nervousness grew. He could move forward in time each time he pulled the thread and make life go by so much faster. He approached the coil again and considered for a moment.

– Now I am a grown man… And I am the new king! I wonder if in a few years I will have a wife and children, and if so, what will they be like? How many children will i have? I can’t stand my curiosity!

Without thinking about the consequences, she took the end of the gold thread and unrolled the ball a little more. Suddenly there appeared next to him a beautiful young woman with the air of a queen and four children who began to run around the room.

– Incredible! My wife is beautiful and the children are just like me. I am concerned that they will grow up healthy and strong… I need to know what will become of them when they are older.

Anxiously, his fingers tugged on the thread and the years flashed by. His wife had completely white hair and his children were already grown men.

It was then that he realized his mistake and began to tremble when the mirror returned his reflection. He was no longer a young man, not even a middle-aged man. He was an old man, his face covered in wrinkles, his hands bony, and his back hunched. Each time he had pulled the thread, his life had leapt forward, just as the spool had warned him.

Great anguish washed over him. With tears in her eyes, she saw that there was very little thread left in her, because her life was coming to an end. He desperately grabbed it and wanted to wind the thread again, but to no avail. There was no chance of returning to the beautiful youth that he had wasted. Completely despondent, he heard the soft voice of the coil.

– You wanted it. You had a life full of luxuries and opportunities to learn. You did not lack anything, but you did nothing but complain. I warned you that if you pulled the thread to move forward in time, you could not go back, but impatience and the desire to live without doing anything useful have turned against you.

The old king collapsed. Head down and shuffling, he went out into the garden to live what little time he had left.

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