Short Stories for Kids

The Woodpecker and the Toucan a short stories for kids

Many years ago, in the Amazon rainforest, there lived a little woodpecker who was going to be a father. The days had passed quickly and her young were about to be born. He needed to build a nest in a safe place, away from predators; For this reason, he chose the upper part of a centenary log, away from prying eyes.

As he did not have much time, he spent day and night pecking the bark of the tree without rest. He had to make a large and comfortable hole for the eggs!

The sound of its beak hitting wood spread through the surroundings and caught the attention of a toucan. At first, the colored bird could not find where that clattering was coming from, but did a little digging and discovered the woodpecker at work, hidden by the foliage of the trees.

– Hi friend! I see that you are making a nest for your family.

– Yes that’s how it is. I have to finish it as soon as possible because my little ones will arrive in the world at any moment.

The toucan was fascinated. He had never seen anyone work with such interest and decided to make him a proposal.

– Know? I don’t have a home and I am forced to nest out in the open and anywhere. I never feel safe and I’m quite cold. I was wondering if I could count on you to build a nest for me.

The woodpecker stopped chopping the wood for a moment and looked at him very interested. His eyes fell on the chest of the toucan, a really beautiful and colorful bird.

– I have an idea! If that’s okay with you, I promise to make your nest and in return, you give me some of your precious red feathers. I think they would be the perfect ornament for my head!

– Fantastic! It’s a fair deal for both of us. Count on it!

As soon as the woodpecker finished building his nest, he began to drill another hole in a neighboring tree for the toucan. At the end of the work, the toucan congratulated him on his good work, removed a few feathers, and placed them on his new friend’s head. Afterward, the two flew to a pool that had been formed by the morning rains. The woodpecker leaned over a little to see himself and found himself extremely handsome.

– Oh, they look good on me! Thank you very much, friend. They are beautiful!

– Thank you for building my new home.

They hugged and a lifelong friendship was created between them.

Legend has it that, from that day on, woodpeckers proudly wear a nice plume of feathers and that toucans always find holes to live in, as their woodpecker friends give them to them so they can shelter and nest.

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