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The avocado is a pear-shaped fruit that has three distinct parts: a dark and rough rind, a fleshy pulp that can be green or yellow, and a huge inner seed that is very soft to the touch.

Mexico was the first place where a human tasted avocado because it has been cultivated there for thousands of years. Although today there are avocado plantations all over the world, this great American country is still the one that produces the largest amount each year.

In general, the avocado is consumed as it is picked from the tree, that is, fresh. It is considered one of the most beneficial and nutritious foods that nature offers us because it has a lot of vitamins, a lot of potassium and a large amount of healthy fats. That is why if you eat it often it will become a great ally for your brain to work properly and grow strong and healthy.

How to do it? To bites as if it were an apple? If you feel like it, there is no problem, but since it is a bit tasteless and has a buttery texture, you will enjoy it much more if you season it and combine it with other products. One of the most common ways is adding it to salads. So it is delicious!

Of course, given the choice, the most universal way to eat avocado is as the main component of one of the most famous recipes on the planet: guacamole!
Guacamole is a sauce that is prepared by mixing avocado with other ingredients that are also very healthy, such as tomato, cilantro, onion, and lime or lemon juice. And no, it is not eaten by spoonfuls as if it were soup, but accompanied by those delicious fried or toasted corn tortillas but always crispy that in some places they call nachos and in others tortilla chips.

If your mouth is watering with this reading, go ahead one day to prepare this fabulous dish with the help of your parents or older siblings. It is not complicated at all and it will only take you a few minutes to have it ready!

In addition to being a great food, avocado is also used as a cosmetic product because its oils are great for moisturizing skin and hair.

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