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Vertigo A Short Love Story | Love Stories to Read

Forty-five minutes in line were not enough to achieve that just when it was his turn to get on the roller coaster, that respect disappeared, not fear, that any mechanical device that reaches a hundred kilometers per hour should give.

The statistics are not deceiving, the antecedents could not be more favorable, that there has not been an accident is no longer a compelling reason when you feel vulnerable once seated and held by an abdominal protection that barely lets you breathe.

You scream, close your eyes, your heart is pounding, you feel alive, you open them again, you scream even more, you are short of breath, you spread your arms, your adrenaline rises, you forget your problems, your fear disappears and you repeat.

Forty-five minutes of bus travel was not enough to achieve that just when she appeared in front of his eyes and their eyes met, that fear disappeared, which I do not respect, that no one who is really in love should feel.

The situation could not be more favorable, the place could not be more favorable, that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain is no longer a compelling reason, when you feel vulnerable and your legs begin to shake so much that they barely allow you stand.

And you know that you will scream, that your heart will beat with force, that you will feel more alive than ever, that you will lack air and your adrenaline will rise, that you will forget your problems and fear will disappear … but you get out of line.

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