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Like every winter morning, kitten Vladimir is looking out the window. He is a very curious pussycat! He loves to see snow falling on the roofs and the children playing on the white-covered park. Through the glass he listens to their laughter and is entertained by watching how they make funny and chubby snowmen.

With their little hands protected by woolen gloves, the little ones form two balls: a large one for the body and a smaller one for the head. Then they put buttons on his belly and two round stones in place of his eyes. The nose is a lanky carrot and two sticks are the arms. A red-haired girl takes off her scarf and wraps it around the stunned doll’s neck. On his head, they put a woolen hat of three cheerful colors. It is small but very funny!

The children clap when they see the result. They make a circle and circle around it while singing songs.

Vladimir yawns and thinks how slippery and cold that snow must be. He turns away from the window and lies down on his soft, warm cushion by the radiator, pleased to live in such a comfortable house.

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