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Buttons are very small pieces that are sewn into the fabric and are used to fasten and unfasten a lot of different garments.

As you know, buttons do not have batteries or are connected to the Internet, but they are so useful that despite their simplicity and the fact that they were invented hundreds of years ago, human beings continue to use them on a daily basis.

They can be made of all kinds of materials: metal, plastic, wood, precious stones… In addition, there is a wide variety of shapes and colors so that everyone can choose the ones they like best.

Each button is usually accompanied by an inseparable friend that is a little hole through which it is inserted to stay securely attached: the buttonhole. It is almost impossible to imagine one without the other! Truth?

Buttons fulfill a very important function, which is to adjust the shirts, coats or pants that we wear, but they also serve to adorn clothes and make them look much more beautiful and fashionable. Some are so colorful and striking that they seem jewels!

If you are curious to see cool buttons, ask your parents or grandparents one afternoon, when you leave school, to take you to a haberdashery, because this is where they are sold along with other sewing products such as pins, threads, , balls of wool, or ribbons.

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