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Natalia was 10 years old, and since she was 6 she spent her summers on her grandparents’ farm. Natalia really liked animals and enjoyed the holidays helping her grandparents take care of them.

It was a farm surrounded by fields so that the cows and sheep could eat and walk during the day. The two mares and her grandfather’s donkey took shelter from the sun inside the stable. There was a chicken coop full of noisy hens, some hid to lay their eggs in a shed and others walked and pecked, there also lived a rooster with a colored tail that woke them up every morning. On one side of the house, his grandmother and grandfather had planted lettuce, tomatoes, carrots and some huge watermelons, and at one end a lemon tree that his grandparents had planted 6 years before was growing strong.

Natalia’s favorite task was to feed alfalfa and carrots to the horses and the burrito, and although the rooster scared her a little, she was very brave and would also go into the chicken coop to collect the eggs that the chickens had laid and distributed the corn for them to eat.

One morning Natalia entered the chicken coop as usual, distributed the corn and all the hens and the rooster ran to eat. The girl entered the shed and began to collect the eggs, placing them very carefully in a bucket. Then she noticed that one of the hens was very still in a corner on a pile of straw and Natalia was worried because she hadn’t gone to eat like the rest, maybe she was sick!

The girl ran to call her grandparents and explained what was happening, they all returned to the chicken coop and saw her. The grandparents were calmer, what happened? “The hen is fine, but we can’t bother her, we just have to wait a few weeks,” her grandmother told her. But Natalia was not so calm, every time she entered the chicken coop she found the hen sitting there, why did she spend so much time hiding?

Natalia let the days go by and continued taking care of the rest of the animals as she always did. They spent all the days that had to happen, until those days added up to 3 weeks.

Natalia went back to the chicken coop, put the corn in the little boxes and all the hens and the rooster ran to eat. Again all the hens except the one that always rested in the corner. But that day the noise of the chicken coop was different, what was that you heard? The girl looked into the shed and found six chicks next to the hen! They were all together on the pile of straw, they were very small, with fine yellow feathers and they chirped nonstop.

Like the day she worried about the hen, Natalia ran very happy to tell her grandparents. The hen had had chicks! What had happened all that time? “The hen has been taking care of the eggs for 3 weeks, giving them heat so that inside each egg a chick will grow until they are so big and strong that they can hatch and come out.” Natalia and her grandparents left them to rest and in the care of their mother for the rest of the day.

They all spent the summer watching each day little by little the chicks grow, eat and explore. What a fun summer!

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