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A biography is a narrative that recounts the life of a person.

In general, biographies of characters who have been important throughout history are usually written: writers like Cervantes, painters like Picasso, queens like Isabella the Catholic, musicians like Mozart, scientists like Einstein, etc.

Authors have to gather a lot of data, do some deep research, and make sure the information is real so they don’t screw up. In a biography it is essential to try to tell the truth.

The story almost always begins with the birth of the character in question. From there, the writer explains where he lived, what his family was like, what he did for a living, who his friends were, the feats he achieved, what his tastes were, the illnesses he suffered, the prizes he won or how and when he died. .

If one day you decide to read the biography of someone you admire or that you find interesting, you will discover many things about their personality and also a lot of details about their environment and the times they lived in.

The latter is basic since, for example, Mozart would have composed very different things (or perhaps he would not even have been a musician) if he had been born in Egypt instead of Austria, or if he had come into the world in this century instead of more 250 years, don’t you think? It is certain that their customs, tastes, health and education would have been totally different. In a word, Mozart would not be the Mozart we know, just as you would not be the way you are if you were born in another place or at another time.

Today, thanks to technology, biographies can also be told through movies or documentaries.

A curiosity: when a person decides to write the story of his own life, it is called an autobiography.

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