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A farm is a piece of land in the countryside that is used to grow crops and raise animals. In it, in addition to the outdoor area, there are usually closed spaces: the owner’s house, the barn, the stable, the chicken coop, and the shed to store the tools used to work the land.

The farmer, alone or with the help of more workers, can grow all kinds of fruits, vegetables and cereals. After the harvest, he will use these products to feed his family or to sell to other people.

The animals that live on farms are domesticated and all play an important role. Some, for example, provide food for human beings: the chicken gives eggs, the cow gives milk… From the pig, meat is obtained, and from the sheep, wool with which to make clothes and different types of fabrics. Others, like horses, are of great help in the daily tasks of farming or transportation.

Finally, on farms we can almost always see a cute kitten sunbathing belly up, and a friendly dog ​​running around everywhere, very careful not to let intruders enter.

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