Sheikh Chilli Story

Who is the most liar? The story of Sheikh chilli | Sheikh Chilli Story

The Nawab of Jhajjar had gone out for several months to fight the war. In his absence, his younger brother – the younger Nawab, used to handle all the work of the royal palace.

Gradually, Nawab Sahib started liking Sheikh Chilli. He took pleasure in its simplicity. But the younger Nawab Shaikh considered Chilli to be a complete idiot and a swindler. One day he scolded and insulted Sheikh Chilli in a crowded meeting.

“A good man does more than what he is told, and you are the one who can’t do even the simplest things properly,” he said. “You take a horse to the stables but forget to tie it.” Yes.

Many members in the court enjoyed hearing this. During this, Sheikh Chilli kept hanging his face. A few days later, Sheikh Chilli was passing in front of the Chote Nawab’s house when he was immediately called inside.
“Call a good Hakeem and bring it. Quick! Begum’s quite sick. ‘

‘ Live ‘government “Sheikh Chilli’s said and ordered to look quick to follow. Shortly blower Hakim a shroud in late and Mjudur also arrived with two gravediggers!

‘ ‘It What is all happening?” the younger Nawab asked angrily. “No one is dead here. I had asked to bring only one Hakim. Who has brought the rest?”

“I am the government!” said Sheikh Chilli. “It was you who said that a good man does a lot more work than he is told. So I took this step keeping in mind all the possibilities. May Allah bless Begum Sahiba get well soon. But who knows what will happen in defeat and illness!” The

younger Nawab did not take much interest in the work of the royal palace. He spent most of his time hunting, playing chess or other games. One day they held a contest in which the biggest liar was to be declared the winner! The winner was also to get a thousand seals of gold!

Many people who are adept at telling lies came forward to win the prize. One said, “Government, I have seen ants bigger than buffaloes which give forty sers of milk at a time!
” “Why not?” said the younger Nawab. ,

“Sarkar every night I fly to the moon and fly back before dawn!” another liar boasted.
“May” is “small Nawab said. ” Is it possible you have a mysterious force. ‘

‘ Government,” a belly out fat guy said ” Since I swallowed a few seeds of a melon from the Small watermelons are growing in my stomach. When a watermelon is ripe, it splits and I get my food from it. Now I don’t need to eat anything else. ‘

‘ You must have to swallow the seeds of a powerful melon “small Nawab said Jpake without eyelids.
” Government, do I have permission to speak? ” Sheikh Chilli said.

” Must have ‘small Nawab Said tauntingly.

“Sarkar,” said Sheikh Chilli, “you are the biggest idiot in this whole state! You have no right to sit on the throne of the Nawab!” There

was silence in the entire Rajya Sabha. Then the younger Nawab shouted, “Watchmen, arrest this nachij!”
Sheikh Chilli was caught and dragged.

“Useless shameless!” The little Nawab’s anger came out boiling, “How did you get this arrogance! If you don’t apologize by falling at our feet right now, then your head will be beheaded!

” But Sarkar Sheikh Chilli protested and said, “You only said that you wanted to hear the biggest lie in the world.” It is!” Then he began to look at the younger Nawab with sincerity. “What could be a bigger lie than what I said?”

The little Nawab didn’t know what to do! Is Sheikh Chilli lying now or was he lying earlier? Sheikh Chilli was not as stupid as the younger Nawabs thought him to be! The younger Nawab laughed softly and said, “Well done! You win the prize!”

Everyone admired Sheikh Chilli’s wisdom. He went home with a thousand gold seals

proudly . Chhote Nawabs may be a little stupid, but they are Dildar Sheikh’s thought. (Anupa Lal
Translation – Arvind Gupta)

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