Short Stories for Kids

Why do dogs smell their tails? a short stories for kids

In a town in Central America there is an old legend that says that many years ago, dogs felt very sad. According to this story, the puppies, from the time they were born, behaved kindly towards humans, offering them their company without asking for anything in return and always trying to help with the tasks in the field until old age prevented it.

Of course, the men and women of the villages could not complain, for there were no friends in the world more faithful and generous than they.

The reason for their grief was that, despite all that, some people treated them badly and did not give them a bit of affection. With good reason, they considered that they deserved a more dignified and respectful treatment on the part of the human race.

One fine day, several dozen dogs gathered in a field to put an end to this unfair situation. They made a great circle and debated long and hard in order to find a solution. After deliberating and studying the pros and cons, they came to a conclusion: it was best to ask the good and powerful god Tlaloc for help. He would know what to do and take action immediately.

They wrote a letter to deliver to the god and the oldest dog signed it on behalf of all. Afterwards, a vote was taken. A black dog with a muscular body and famous for having a very good sense of smell was chosen to carry out the important mission: to travel hundreds, perhaps thousands of kilometers, until he found the god Tlaloc and delivered the message.

How proud the young puppy was to be able to represent his community and that everyone trusted in his abilities! However, when he was ready to leave, a little problem arose: Where should I keep the letter?

On the legs it was impossible because he needed all four to walk day and night; It could not be on the snout either, since the paper would arrive wet and also would have to release it every time he wanted to eat or drink. The risk of losing it or being blown away by the wind was very high!

In the end, they were all convinced that it would be best if he kept the letter under the tail, undoubtedly the safest place. The dog accepted and said goodbye to his friends with three barks and a smile.

Unfortunately, many years have passed since that day and the poor dog still has not returned. The god is believed to live so far away that he still continues to walk relentlessly around the world, determined to reach his destination.

After so long, it happens that the other dogs no longer remember his face very well or how he looked; That is why, when a dog crosses paths with another it does not know, it smells its tail to see if it hides the old letter and it is the courageous black dog with a muscular body and a good nose that one fine day set out in search of the god Tlaloc to ask for help.

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