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Yaci and her doll a short stories for kids | English Stories for Kids

Adaptation of the Brazilian folk tale

Yaci was a beautiful girl who lived in the jungle and had a doll that she adored. She had made it herself from a small ear of corn and made clothes for it with her own hands using leaves from the same plant.

She was a very humble doll that accompanied her everywhere. He loved her so much that he never left her. He played at her in the morning and, at night, took her out for a walk and cradled her to sleep. There was nothing he liked more than being with his little doll.

Sometimes her mother would call her to help her with the chores around the house.

– Yaci, help me light the fire! Yaci, I need you to watch over the soup while I pick fruit! …

But the girl was always so distracted with her doll that she didn’t even listen to her mother’s requests. One morning his mother got angry.

– Yaci, this can’t go on like this! I think it’s very good that you play with your doll, but you also have to help me that I can’t handle everything by myself. You have to be more responsible!

– I know mommy, but I don’t want to be separated from my little doll for a second.

– Yaci … It’s my last warning. As long as you continue like this, I’ll take that doll from you!

Yaci was scared. For nothing in the world did he want what he loved most taken away from him. She left the house with her doll in her arms like a baby and reached the river that passed near the cornfield. On the shore a tortoise lay lazily with whom he used to chat many afternoons.

– Hello, Yaci – the turtle said surprised to see her there at that time – What are you doing in the river so early?

“I’m looking for a safe place to hide my doll,” Yaci replied with a sad and regretful voice.

– Oops, that’s easy, friend! Look, you can do like me. When I lay my eggs, I dig in the sand and bury them, well hidden so they are not in danger.

Yaci thought it was a great idea and started digging a hole. When he finished, he stuffed his wrist into it and covered it well with sand. Then the turtle encouraged her to leave.

– Go, Yaci, your mother will be looking for you. Do not you worry about anything. Since your doll is next to where I buried my eggs, I will keep an eye on both nooks.

The girl returned home confident that the turtle would watch over her doll. Within minutes of meeting her mother, it began to rain torrentially. So much water fell for weeks that Yaci couldn’t leave the house for a long time. There she remained with her mother in the heat of the fire helping her to weave rugs and warm clothes to better cope with the colder months.

Finally summer arrived! Yaci was able to return to the river bank and go to the place where the doll made from an ear of corn was buried. It happened that she had born a beautiful plant from which many other ears of corn grew.

He took one of them, made a new doll identical to the old one, and took all the other ears home with him. With them, her mother prepared delicious corn pancakes for a snack… And this time Yaci was delighted to help her prepare them!

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