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Jackal and Dhol – Panchatantra Story

Once there was a fierce battle between two kings near a forest. One won the other lost. The armies returned to their cities. Only an army drum was left behind. Bhat and Charan, who went with the army after playing that drum, used to tell stories of valor at night.

One day after the war there was a storm. In the loudness of the storm, the drum was rolling and reciting, it stopped near a dry tree. The dry twigs of that tree were attached to the drum in such a way that as soon as the strong wind was blowing, it would hit the drum and there would be a resonant sound of drumbeat.

A jackal used to roam in that area. He heard the sound of the drum. He was very frightened. He had never heard any animal before uttering such a strange voice. He began to think that what kind of animal is this, which speaks such a loud speech ‘Dhamadham’. The jackal kept secretly looking at the drum to know whether this creature was going to fly or run on four legs.

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One day the jackal was hiding behind the bush and kept an eye on the drum. Then a squirrel coming down from the tree jumped and landed on the drum. There was also a slight drumming sound. The squirrel sitting on the drum kept munching on the grain.
The jackal murmured, ‘Oh! So it is not a violent creature. I shouldn’t be scared either.
The jackal went near the dhol, stepping with a sigh. Smell him He saw neither the head nor the feet of the drum. Then the twigs hit the drum with a gust of wind. There was a sound of drum and the jackal jumped and fell behind.

‘Now I understand’, trying to get up the jackal said, ‘this is the outer shell. The living being is inside this shell. The voice is telling that any living being who lives inside this shell must be fat and fresh. Fat body. That’s when he speaks a loud dialect of Dham-Dham.’
As soon as he entered his den, the jackal said, ‘O jackal! Get ready to eat the feast. I have come after finding a fresh prey.’

Ciari started asking, ‘Why didn’t you kill him and bring him?’

The jackal rebuked him, ‘Cause I’m not a fool like you. He is hiding inside a shell. The shell is such that it has doors of dry skin on two sides. Had I tried to hold him with my hand from one side, he would not have run away through the other door?’

When the moon came out, both of them went towards the drum. When they were about to approach, the twigs from the wind struck the drum and the sound of drumming came out. The jackal said in the ear of the jackal, ‘Heard his voice? Just think, whose voice is so deep, how thick he himself will be fresh.’

Straighten both the drums and sit on either side of it and tear the sides of both the skinned parts of the drum with the teeth attached. As soon as the skin began to cut, the jackal said, ‘Be careful. Putting hands together is to catch the victim.’

With the sound of ‘hoo’, both of them put their hands inside the drum and started groping inside. There was nothing inside. Got hold of each other’s hands.

Both shouted, ‘Yes! There is nothing here.’ And they kept beating their heads.

Lesson: People who make big boasts are hollow inside like a drum.
after hearing this story Pingalak said, “Brother, what should I do? How can I alone be patient when my whole family and all my companions are desperate to run away in fear?’

Damanaka said, “What is the fault of your servants in this! As the master does, so the servants will do. Still, you stay here until I can find out exactly about that voice.”

Pinglak asked in surprise, “Are you really thinking of going there?”

Damanaka replied, “Anything can be done by the master’s order, whether he has to put his hand in the mouth of a snake or cross the ocean. Kings should always keep such a servant close to them.”

Pinglak said, “If this is the case, then go, gentleman, may your path be auspicious.” Damanaka

bowed to him and walked in the direction of the voice.

It began to happen that I unnecessarily told him the secret of my mind by coming to the words of the oppressor. What is his faith? Come in and meet the enemy and later kill me by ambush.Well, now the only way is to hide somewhere else and see the path of Damanak’s arrival.

On the other hand, when Damanak reached Sanjeevak while searching, his happiness knew no bounds. The fear of which was killing the lion, it is a small bull. Damanak started thinking of taking advantage of this situation – now Pinglak can be easily controlled by doing any treaty or deity with this bull. Thinking this, he returned and reached Pingalak.

Seeing him coming, Pingalak sat down calmly. Damanak bowed to Pingalak.

Pingalak asked, “Did you see that terrible creature?

Damanaka said, “By your grace I have come to see him.” Pinglak

was surprised- ‘Really?’

Pingalak said to remove his shyness, “Then how did that strong animal leave you? Perhaps he must have left you because strong people hate or befriend only those who are as strong as themselves. Where is that great force and where is a small, humble creature like you!

Damanak hid his anger and said, “It is right. He is really great. Powerful and I am a very petty, meek creature. Even then, if you ask, I can bring it and use it in your service.”

Pinglak said in amazement, “You say the truth? Is this possible? ” Damanaka said

, “Nothing is impossible for the intellect.”

Then Pingalak said, “If this is so, then I appoint you as my minister from today. I give you the right of mercy and punishment to the people.”

Delighted after getting the position and authority, Damanaka walked with great pride and reached Sanjeevak and Grown and said, “Oh wicked bull, come here. My lord Pingalak is calling you. How dare you to roar and roar without fear like this?”

Sanjeevak asked, “Who is this Pingalak, brother?”

Damanaka replied, “Oh! Do you not know Vanraj Singh Pingalak? You will know now. Seeing that, the lion who is sitting with his family under the banyan tree is our lord Pinglak.”

Hearing this, Sanjeevak shivered. He said in a timid voice, “Brother, you seem like a clever Sujan. Make your master forgive me, then I will go with you now.”

Damanak said, “It is okay, yours! Alright, wait. I will come now after asking Swami.”

He went to Pingalak and said, “Swami, he is not an ordinary animal. That is Vrishabha, the vehicle of Lord Shankar. On my asking, he told that by the order of Lord Shankar, he comes here regularly, grazes green grass on the banks of Yamuna and roams in this forest.

Pinglak said in fear, “It must be true, because without the grace of the Lord, this grass-feeding creature cannot move fearlessly in such a way in a forest full of snakes. Well, tell me what he says now?”

Damanak said, “I have told him that this forest is in the possession of my lord Pingalak Singh, the vehicle of Bhagwati Durga, so walk with him in this forest while living with brotherhood. Eat happily He has requested you for friendship after listening to me.”

Pinglak was very happy. He praised and said, “Mantrivar, you are blessed! I gave him protection; But you also bring me to me by giving me protection from him.”

Damanaka, flaunting his intelligence and luck, then approached Sanjeevak. Said, “Friend! My lord has given you protection. Now go fearlessly with me. But remember that even after getting the favor and favor of the king, you must treat us appropriately. Do not sit somewhere in pride and behave arbitrarily. I will rule according to time. By your stay in the post of minister, both of us will get the happiness of the state and Lakshmi. Those who do not give due respect to the best, middle and inferior people because of ego, they suffer like a dantil even after getting the respect of the king.”

Sanjeevak asked, “Who was this dantil? ,

started telling oppressive tales-

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