Reading 1st and 2nd Grade

From the age of six, children begin to acquire comprehension skills when it comes to reading texts. It is important to help them in their development of these skills, always instructing them and providing them with documents of an appropriate level for their age.

Short readings for children: Choose yours

Short reads to start

For this reason, Kahniyan puts at your disposal short and quick readings, prepared especially for students in the first cycle of Primary. If you like our children’s readings, we recommend you take a look at the section of sayings for children that we have prepared especially for you.

Kahniyan has developed a series of short readings in order to adapt the content to the proposed curriculum for the first cycle of Primary. The texts are quick and easy to understand readings, suitable for children from six years old. In addition, each of them is accompanied by a game that contains questions about the exposed short reading. The aim, therefore, is not only to support Primary students in the area of ​​reading, but also to provide resources to improve and foster their understanding of texts.

The proposed short readings have been prepared especially for these activities, therefore the perfect adaptation to the reading level for children in the first or second year of Primary whose age is between 6 and 8 years old is guaranteed. These texts contain short paragraphs that are easy to assimilate for this age. On the other hand, the games contain questions related to the content of the text, being proposed, also, taking into account the ages to which they are directed.

Short and quick readings inside and outside the classroom

These short readings are proposed as  resources to be used both outside and inside the classroom :
If you are a teacher or pedagogue, they will be useful as support content in classes aimed at improving text comprehension.
As a parent, the speed readings and the games proposed for each of them can be used as extracurricular review activities, with the guarantee that you are using content that is appropriate and complementary to what they learn at school. Also do not miss the varied selection of children’s reading that we have prepared on our website.

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