Reading for Kids

This compilation of reading comprehension resources for Primary school kids includes a set of teaching materials and elements designed so that parents and teachers can find a compilation of all our content focused on the task of improving reading comprehension.

Reading comprehension

What is reading comprehension?

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines the word reading as “The interpretation of the meaning of a text”. Reading a text does not imply that we are understanding its content, one reason may be that we do not know the meaning of some words or that we do not interpret what the author wants to express, but another reason may be that we are not concentrating, we can read and think about something else at the same time, we must correct this problem from school age by promoting reading comprehension strategies. An ideal way to encourage reading as a daily habit in the little ones is through short kids stories like the ones we offer for free at Kahniyan.


Reading comprehension is the ability to understand what is read, taking into account the global understanding of the text and also the understanding of words.

When we read we activate the ability to understand, that is, learn the relevant ideas of a text and relate them to the concepts that already have meaning for the reader.

The  written text  today has reached enormous importance (press, advertisements, instant messages, work environment, etc.), in some specific cases it has  displaced oral language , as is the case with the new smartphones and all their messaging utilities. .

Reading comprehension is an essential part of  correct cultural literacy  that allows the kids to incorporate into society and adult life. This must be encompassed in various contexts and with varied types of texts that can start with the most significant narrative for kids such as stories and poetry and continue with more complex texts close to science.

Our short proverbs for kids can also be of great help to you , an extensive compilation of popular sayings with which the little ones can improve their reading comprehension, work on their memory and learn to recite the ones they like the most.

Reading comprehension levels

The comprehensive readings that we offer in Primary World  are based on texts with a  playful and recreational purpose  from their simplest expressions, favoring attractive and pleasant experiences around reading, promoting the reading habit, while at the same time being  pedagogical instruments  aimed at perfecting the analysis. of texts in various communicative situations.

Comprehension of texts is of vital importance in learning, starting from the comprehension of simple sentences to that of more complex texts. In this sense,  it is necessary to choose the most suitable readings for kids, those that adapt to the level indicated for their age. In addition, they must be attractive, since this ensures that the kids pays attention to what he reads and is able to explain it later. So it is advisable to use short and pleasant paragraphs, which keep the kids interested.

Achieving a correct development of reading comprehension is a task that must take into account the different elements that accompany the text  and that, as a whole, give it a global meaning, allowing the creation of reading comprehension exercises of high pedagogical value. Once this is done, and based on its elaboration and purpose, the primary student will reach a conclusion related to its characteristics and literary conventions.

Reading comprehension games

Bearing in mind all of the above, Kahniyan makes available to its users texts for kids specially made for each of the cycles of Primary Education . In addition to providing a pleasant and entertaining reading, at the end of each text an interactive game is proposed consisting of answering questions about each reading. In this way, not only are texts with questions suitable for Primary levels offered, but also a tool is offered to enhance kids reading and comprehension of it.

 Reading comprehension games for primary school kids develop language skills by being closely linked to the  citizen, social and cultural  reality . These games have a common link with the entire Latin American literary tradition, as well as the linguistic and citizen context or the oral tradition. This great cultural baggage is reflected in these games, which contribute to enriching our cultural heritage, and therefore that of kids, as well as fostering their reading habit.

 All the activities and reading comprehension exercises for primary school that we propose are divided by cycles and therefore in difficulty, this facilitates the task of choosing reading texts for kids, since they are selected to suit the comprehension capacity of each kid’s reading .

In addition to the proposed texts, in Primary World we bet on the motto learning is fun, that is why we also offer other fun resources such as riddles , jokes for kids or kids ‘s songs , focusing it as a game will be a good way to start them in the reading, especially to the little ones

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