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Ladte Bakre Aur Siyar | Panchatantra Stories in English

Fighting Goat and Jackal – Panchatantra Story

One day a jackal was passing through a village. He saw a crowd of people near the village market. Out of curiosity, the jackal went to the crowd to see what was happening. The jackal saw there that two goats were fighting with each other. Both the goats were very strong, so there was a tremendous fight between them. Everyone was shouting loudly and clapping. Both the goats were badly bled and there was blood on the road too.

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When the jackal saw so much fresh blood, he could not stop himself. He just wanted to taste the fresh blood and clean his hands on the goats. The jackal didn’t look at it and broke down on the goats. But both the goats were very strong. He thrashed the jackal fiercely, due to which the jackal piled up there.

Lesson: Don’t take any unnecessary step motivated by greed and think carefully before taking any step.

Dusht Sarp Aur Kauve | Panchatantra Stories in English

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