Classic Stories for Kids

Classic stores are part of our culture, as they have been teaching lessons and advice to the little ones for centuries. That is why Mundo Elementary brings you a selection of the best classic stories, so that both you and your son or daughter can enjoy these stories that contain such important wisdom that has continued to be transmitted over the years. And it is that kid’s stories do not have an expiration date!

Classic stories

The same classic tales you grew up with

Recall and transmit the interesting stories contained in classic kid’s stories, which are always the order of the day. Teach your kid to enjoy adventures that will help them grow, relate to other people and their environment and express themselves with these classic kid’s stories . Enjoy with your kid the classic stories with which you grew up. Due to their content and the values ​​they transmit, they turn out to be ideal stories for primary school kid.

Mundo Primary has adapted the stories for kids so that its level of difficulty in reading is suitable for all ages. Among the proposed folk tales you will find, for example, adaptations of the Grimm brothers’ tales, some of the best-known classic tales.

Many of the stories have illustrations, so kids will be able to enjoy the images of classic stories .

The pleasure of reading through classic stories

Instilling in the little ones the pleasure of reading from an early age is of great importance if good habits are to be ingrained. Teach them that they can travel to a thousand worlds, discover incredible places, sympathize with characters, etc. All without leaving the site. Reading encourages children’s curiosity and imagination, making them more intellectually active people. To get started in this fantastic world, the classic stories for children presented by Mundo Elementary are a perfect first step. If your children are a little older, don’t worry, we also offer you fables for children , adapted to their ages. Enjoy the stories collected in the classic stories for children, those thatThey taught you important lessons and now they can help your little ones too.

classic story images

Many of our stories are illustrated, this motivates kids in their reading since they greatly value being able to enjoy images of classic stories

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