Difference and Separation Between Friends

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The story of the beginning – Friendship – Panchatantra Story

There lived a merchant son named Vardhaman in a city named Mahilaropya. He had created enough wealth in the business in a righteous manner; But he was not satisfied with that; Wanted to earn more money. Wealth is earned by only six measures—begging, royal service, farming, learning, interest and business. Of these, the means of business is the best. There are also many types of business. The best among them is to collect the best goods from abroad and sell them in the home country. Thinking of this, Vardhaman resolved to go out of his city. He got his chariot ready for the route to Mathura. Put two beautiful, strong bulls in the chariot. Their names were Sanjeevak and Nandak.

When Vardhaman’s chariot reached the banks of the Yamuna, a bull named Sanjeevak got stuck in the swamp of the river bank. While trying to get out of there, one of his legs was also broken. Vardhman felt very sad seeing this. For three nights he waited for the bull to recover. Later his charioteer said that “There are many violent animals living in this forest. There is no way to protect them from here. It will take many days for Sanjeevak to recover. The danger of life cannot be raised by staying here for so many days.” Why do you put your life in the face of death?

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Then Vardhaman proceeded with a guard to guard Sanjeevak. When the guards also saw that the forest was full of many lions-tigers-cheetahs, they too fled after a day or two to save their lives and lied in front of Vardhaman, “Swami! Sanjeevak is dead. We cremated him.” – rites done.” Vardhaman was very sad to hear this, but now there was no solution.

Here, Sanjeevak had become somewhat healthy by consuming the cool air of Yamuna-bank. The front of the shore’s tail is very strong for animals. After eating it continuously, he became very muscular and strong too. His job was to bridge the banks of the river with horns all day long and play with the horns in the bushes of the banks roaring intoxicated.

One day a lion named Pinglak came to drink water on the same bank of Yamuna. There he heard Sanjeevak’s solemn cry from afar. Hearing this, he got frightened and hid in the bushes.

The lion was accompanied by two jackals – Kartak and Damanak. These two always followed the lion. When he saw his master frightened, he was astonished. It was indeed a matter of great surprise for the lord of the forest to be so frightened. Till today Pinglak had never been so frightened. Damanak said to his fellow jackal – ‘Karataka! Our lord is the king of the forest. All the animals are afraid of him. Today, the same person is sitting in fear like this. Despite being thirsty, he returned to the banks of the Yamuna to drink water; What is the reason for this fear?”

Kartak replied – “Damanaka! Whatever the reason, what should we do? It is not right to interfere in the work of others. He who does so dies in agony like the same monkey, who vainly interfered in the work of others out of curiosity.” did .”

Damanak asked – “What did you say about this?”

Karataka said – “Listen!’

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