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Ranga Jackal Panchatantra Story

Once upon a time there was a jackal standing under an old tree in the forest. The whole tree fell due to the strong gust of wind. The jackal came in his grip and was badly injured. He somehow dragged and dragged to reach his den.

After several days he came out of the den. He was feeling hungry. The body had become weak when he saw a rabbit. He jumps up to grab her. The jackal started gasping after running some distance. Where was the life left in his body? Then he tried to chase a quail. Here too he failed. He did not even dare to chase the deer.

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He stood thinking. He was unable to hunt. Understand that the time of starvation has come. What should be done? He started roaming here and there but no dead animal was found anywhere. While roaming around, he came to a settlement. He thought that maybe some chicken or its baby might get in touch. So, he started roaming here and there in the streets.

Then the dogs barked and ran after him. The jackal had to run to save his life. Entering the streets, he tried to hide them, but the dogs were familiar with the streets of the town. The group of dogs lying behind the jackal was increasing and the strength of the weak body of the jackal was getting exhausted.

The jackal had come running to the settlement of Rangrej. There he saw a big drum in front of a house. He jumped into the same drum to save his life. Rangrej had kept a color solution in the drum to dye the clothes.

The group of dogs went on barking. The jackal, holding his breath, remained immersed in color. He would stick out his snout only to breathe. When he was sure that there was no longer any danger, he went out. He was drenched in colour. On reaching the forest, he saw that the whole color of his body had turned green. Rangrej had mixed green color in that drum. Any wild animal who saw its green color would be frightened. Seeing them trembling with fear, a plan came to the evil mind of the colored jackal.

The colored jackal gave a voice to the running creatures in fear, ‘Brothers, don’t run and listen to me.’

Hearing him, all the running animals stopped.

The red jackal took advantage of his stuttering and said, ‘Look at my color. Is there such a color on the earth of any animal? No no Meaning understand. God has sent me this special color and sent it to you. If you call all the animals, then I will tell the message of God.’
His words had a profound effect on everyone. They went and called all the other animals of the forest and brought them. When everyone came, Ranga Jackal climbed on a high stone and said, ‘Wild creatures, Prajapati Brahma himself made me a creature of this supernatural color with his own hands and said that there is no ruler of animals in the world. You have to go and do their welfare by becoming the king of animals. Your name will be Emperor Kakudum. The wild animals of the three worlds will be your subjects. You are no longer orphans. Be fearless under my umbrella.

All the animals were astonished by the strange color of the jackal. His words worked magic. The upper breath of the lion, tiger and cheetah also remained above and the lower breath remained below. No one dared to cut him off. Seeing all the animals started rolling at his feet and said in one voice, ‘O messenger of Brahma, Kakudum, the best among creatures, we accept you as our emperor. We will be very happy by following the will of God.
An old elephant said, ‘O Emperor, now tell us what is our duty?’

Ranga jackal raised his paw like an emperor and said, ‘You should serve and respect your emperor a lot. He shouldn’t be in any trouble. There should be a royal arrangement for our food and drink.

The lion bowed its head and said, ‘Sir, it will be so. Our life will be blessed by serving you.’
That’s all, Emperor Kakudum became the royal opulence of the dyed jackal. He started living in princely glory.

Many foxes would be engaged in his service, the bear would swing the fan. The animal whose flesh the jackal expressed its desire to eat was sacrificed.

When the jackal went out to roam, the elephant used to raise its trunk and trumpet like a bugle. Two lions would be like commando body guards on either side of him.

The court of Kakudum was also held daily. The colored jackal had done a trick that as soon as he became the emperor, the jackals were banished from that forest by issuing royal orders. He was in danger of being recognized by the creatures of his race.

One day Emperor Kakudum was resting in his royal den after eating and drinking when he woke up seeing the light outside. When I came out, it was a moonlit night. In the nearby forest, groups of jackals were speaking the dialect of ‘Who Who SSS’. On hearing that voice, Kakudum lost his cool. His innate nature hit hard and he too raised his face towards the moon and started chanting ‘hoo hoo…’ by mixing in the voices of the jackals.
The lion and the tiger saw him doing ‘hoo hoo…’. They were startled, the tiger said, ‘Oh, this is a jackal. He remained emperor by deceiving us. Hit the low.

Lions and tigers rushed towards him and on seeing him, they stunned him.

Lesson: The pole of fakeness is exposed sooner or later.

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