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Misstep A Real Love Story | Love Stories to Read

The first approach: drink your shyness and not end up drunk with shame.

Control over any gesture, whether voluntary or not, that the body can perform; in the details many battles have been lost.

Battle against clichés, originality (where did you hide?) Applied to every word.

Words turned into advice, based on experiences, tested on failures.

Failure, forbidden word, distinction of the loser, of the one who has not fought.

Daily struggle to excel, to offer the best, not to limit oneself, to aspire to everything.

All dreams hang by a thread or are cloud-like castles, without kings or jesters, without princesses or dragons, designed by looks.

Eloquent look, but sincere and convincing, axiology at the service of the objective.

Undefined objective, without pretensions or aspirations beyond a new encounter.

Finding the right moment, the place is the least of it, different scenarios, but the same actors.

Act on impulse, condemned by reason, acquitted as delusional.

Illusion for an opportunity, vision and precision, keys to effectiveness.

Effects, causes, successes and errors, origin of learning, seed of growth.

Grow, fall and fly, bad landing: I try, brave attempt, but I’m sorry.

«Yesterday you smiled at me, it was one more day in our life so normal
and suddenly the sky changes, the sun is clouding over and nothing remains the same»

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