Long Stories for Kids

For Kids for whom a short story is too little, Kahniyan Elementary presents the collection of long stories , where they can live great adventures through great readings.

long stories

Long stories for avid readers

In Kahniyan we bring a wide variety of long stories to read and enjoy a more extensive and exciting reading. The long stories of Kahniyan are perfect for those Kids who want to delve into the world of stories and get lost among their many stories. Whether they are long princess stories, pirate stories, fairy stories , wizards, fantastic animals… Everything fits in the long stories of Kahniyan Primary! Enjoy longer and more fast-paced reads together with your son or daughter, either because they are a little older or because they love to read. The extension of these stories will make the Kids get involved in the story, imagining that they live the stories together with their protagonists. Great adventures to live!

Long stories adapted for Kids

All the invented long stories that we find in Kahniyan are adapted so that, despite being somewhat longer, their content is appropriate for the Kid’s reading level. Read the long stories together with your Kids or let them read them on their own. Here you can enjoy folk tales in all their splendor. Also, for those little ones who still can’t read but love to listen to stories, you can find the audio version of the long stories. You can also access the interactive version or the video of them. Even more fun!

Thus, the long stories of Primary World will be over before you know it. But do not worry! If you finish one you will still have many more long stories to read. The best thing about finishing a long story is that you can start another one. Surely your children want to read all of them! And it is that they really turn out to be beautiful stories for Kids that provide hours and hours of fun. The adventures and fun never end in these long stories for Kids.

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