Classic Stories for Kids

Classic stores are part of our culture, as they have been teaching lessons and advice to the little ones for centuries. That is why Mundo Elementary brings you a selection of the best classic stories, so that both you and your son or daughter can enjoy these stories that contain such important wisdom that has continued to be transmitted over the years. And it is that kid's stories do not have an expiration date!

Classic stories

The same classic tales you grew up with

Recall and transmit the interesting stories contained in classic kid's stories, which are always the order of the day. Teach your kid to enjoy adventures that will help them grow, relate to other people and their environment and express themselves with these classic kid's stories . Enjoy with your kid the classic stories with which you grew up. Due to their content and the values ​​they transmit, they turn out to be ideal stories for primary school kid.

Mundo Primary has adapted the stories for kids so that its level of difficulty in reading is suitable for all ages. Among the proposed folk tales you will find, for example, adaptations of the Grimm brothers' tales, some of the best-known classic tales. Many of the stories have illustrations, so kids will be able to enjoy the images of classic stories .

The pleasure of reading through classic stories

Instilling in the little ones the pleasure of reading from an early age is of great importance if good habits are to be ingrained. Teach them that they can travel to a thousand worlds, discover incredible places, sympathize with characters, etc. All without leaving the site. Reading encourages children's curiosity and imagination, making them more intellectually active people. To get started in this fantastic world, the classic stories for children presented by Mundo Elementary are a perfect first step. If your children are a little older, don't worry, we also offer you fables for children , adapted to their ages. Enjoy the stories collected in the classic stories for children, those thatThey taught you important lessons and now they can help your little ones too.

classic story images

Many of our stories are illustrated, this motivates kids in their reading since they greatly value being able to enjoy images of classic stories

Fables for kids

Fables stand out for transmitting such important teachings that, although most of them were written centuries ago, they are still essential on a day-to-day basis today. Therefore, in the same way as with kid's short stories , Mundo Primaria presents its fables for kids, adaptations of Aesop, Samaniego and La Fontaine, as well as Mexican, Chinese and other places, thus gathering cultural knowledge from around the world. world.

Fables for kids and their moral

The fables for kids that Mundo Primaria presents to you are written in such a way that the little ones can read them without any problem and, most importantly, understand and assimilate the important teachings about life that they transmit.
The presentation of situations in which the protagonists are mainly animals, makes the stories of great interest to them. In addition, they simplify and exemplify moments in everyday life in which children could find themselves , making it fun and attractive for them. Without a doubt, these morals for elementary school kids are a most powerful educational resource.
It should be taken into account that, from the beginning, the function of this resource has been to teach the smallest appropriate behavior patterns , criticizing incorrect attitudes. For this reason, fables continue to be a completely useful teaching tool.
While the boy or girl enjoys a funny story, in many occasions reaching comic, is learning ethical and moral values ​​thanks to the moral, implicit or explicit, of the fables.
Unlike classic stories where stories sometimes only have the function of entertaining, fables always have a didactic intention of an ethical nature and therefore at the end of the story they provide a teaching that is known as a moral . Whatever the subject, these stories will always teach us something important and especially the fables with a moral for kids.

Horror Stories for Kids

Short horror stories

Kahniyan horror stories for kids are adapted to be suitable for the little ones. Of course, they are scary! But, don't worry, they are terrifyingly fun , so children can enjoy, with the odd scare, have a great time and then go to sleep with guarantees of no nightmare. They are scary stories to read at any time and specially created for children!

Horror stories for children

Scary stories are perfect to tell on Halloween and above all, they are ideal on a night out camping. Who has not told stories so as not to sleep when they have gone camping or spending the night with their friends? A good story, a little gloomy atmosphere and a mysterious voice will create the perfect setting to unsettle the little ones - even they themselves can impress their friends! They can also have a theme party, with costumes, decoration, etc. and tell one of our stories. The possibilities are endless and the little ones in the house will have a great time! Enjoy scary stories in the most comfortable way In addition, Kahniyan offers you the audio version of the scary stories that, in addition to telling the story and giving voice to the characters, are accompanied by music that will immerse the children even more in the story. These horror stories for children will be an unforgettable experience for children who will thus exercise their imagination giving life to all these incredible characters. Primary World makes these fun stories available to you for free , perfect for especially chilling occasions! Look behind you and make sure you don't have a monster, a ghost or a witch by your side! You might stay to listen to the end of our horror story for children!

Long horror stories to read

It may seem inappropriate for children… But fear can be fun. All the stories that you can find here are adapted to children so you do not have to worry about whether or not the text will be suitable. We are above all a literary genre that has its children's version, but ...

What are the most famous horror stories?

The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe Count Dracula by Bram Stoker The Ghosts of Bécquer Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Dr Jekyll and MR. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson Characteristics of a horror story We can define the origin of this genre in the middle of the 18th century, the works that belong to it have in common that they try to generate uncomfortable and fearful feelings in the reader (with more or less success) Most use for this purpose all the "literary weapons" available to a writer, using what humans fear to build their history.

Long Stories for Kids

For Kids for whom a short story is too little, Kahniyan Elementary presents the collection of long stories , where they can live great adventures through great readings.

long stories

Long stories for avid readers

In Kahniyan we bring a wide variety of long stories to read and enjoy a more extensive and exciting reading. The long stories of Kahniyan are perfect for those Kids who want to delve into the world of stories and get lost among their many stories. Whether they are long princess stories, pirate stories, fairy stories , wizards, fantastic animals... Everything fits in the long stories of Kahniyan Primary! Enjoy longer and more fast-paced reads together with your son or daughter, either because they are a little older or because they love to read. The extension of these stories will make the Kids get involved in the story, imagining that they live the stories together with their protagonists. Great adventures to live!

Long stories adapted for Kids

All the invented long stories that we find in Kahniyan are adapted so that, despite being somewhat longer, their content is appropriate for the Kid's reading level. Read the long stories together with your Kids or let them read them on their own. Here you can enjoy folk tales in all their splendor. Also, for those little ones who still can't read but love to listen to stories, you can find the audio version of the long stories. You can also access the interactive version or the video of them. Even more fun! Thus, the long stories of Primary World will be over before you know it. But do not worry! If you finish one you will still have many more long stories to read. The best thing about finishing a long story is that you can start another one. Surely your children want to read all of them! And it is that they really turn out to be beautiful stories for Kids that provide hours and hours of fun. The adventures and fun never end in these long stories for Kids.

Science Fiction Stories for Kids

The short sci-fi stories for kids and young people are based on dystopian futures with incredible technological advances and beings from far away strange planets. This genre of fantasy literature is ideal for developing kid's imaginations, so we present you this special dedicated to Sci-Fi. This type of futuristic stories has a series of characteristics that define it as a whole genre within literature, cinema or series, so that you can deepen your knowledge of the stories of robots, aliens and trinkets of alien technology.

Characteristics of science fiction stories

Between interstellar travel and genetic mutations, there are a series of guidelines that every science fiction story tends to keep in mind in one way or another:

Super developed technology

Spaceships, reduction weapons, time machines ... The most characteristic of the futuristic narrative is that they have vehicles and devices from another galaxy, as well as different useful tools such as time machines, humanoid robots or incredibly powerful laser beams.

Very short science fiction stories

The most outstanding characteristic of science fiction stories is that, unlike novels, their length is much smaller. But no less important, since the intensity and impact that the recreation of a frenetic adventure in an unknown world can have is just as fun as in a long novel.

Invented worlds, but possible

All the stories have a scientific basis of greater or lesser rigor. Based on reality, planets and atmospheric or biological situations can be invented that could be real, thus they end up being credible ... If you find yourself on a planet with flying trees because its gravity is different from that of the earth, or you are in a market where the one who takes care of you is yellow with a single eye and nine arms ... It has to have a foundation. Many authors of Science Fiction stories put within the descriptions, scientific arguments of why the world in which the characters are behaves in that certain way. If there is a scientific basis behind it, however "permissive" it may be with the theory, it makes us see that environment that they describe us much more "real".

Premonitory or with a didactic approach

Flying cars, communication devices or boxes with screens ... In the end, many of the strange inventions that were read in the stories of the 18th and 19th century have ended up being reality ... Who could have thought that the Internet or mobile phones would exist? Another highlight of many of these stories is that they try to "educate" in certain aspects and values, showing where we can go if today's society does not redirect its attitude ... For example, hyper-polluted planets, acid rain and toxic gases everywhere . Mutations, extinct species or sterile territories where it is impossible to grow anything. That in terms of ecology, but the social aspect is not much better off ... Authoritarian and corrupt governments that oppress and discriminate, guarded and suspicious societies ... We see it in most of the best-known stories ... This type of scenario is ideal to raise a good story, but they also serve the author to give his point of view and warn the reader of the path that today's society is heading.

Short science fiction stories What types are there?

It seems like a very specific genre, but if we analyze calmly, we find that it is easy to make a classification based on a series of patterns that we frequently see in these types of narratives:

Horror Science Fiction Tales

Perhaps it is the most common, at least in terms of the stories that are later adapted to the cinema. An alien bug that terrorizes a city, a plague of extraterrestrial insects that hides inside the sewers, a Martian virus that mutates the staff ... These are scary stories, but with that nostalgic touch that reminds us of eighties movies. With aliens The second classic, which should be there whenever we talk about this genre, is the alien section. If there is no alien race threatening the integrity of humans, it is not the same. The good thing about creating these characters is that they allow the imagination of the little ones to develop to unsuspected limits. Gone are the Martians with green faces and oval eyes that moved their antennae ... Now we find very sophisticated alien races, where the kid can enjoy detailed descriptions and let his imagination run wild.

Sci-fi tales of robots

Futuristic technology cannot be lacking in the field of scenery, as well as robots that have human behaviors. Perhaps it is one of the most used themes (along with aliens) since a dystopian futuristic society, in which humans and robots coexist, gives a lot of play. Especially when the second revolts and wants to subdue the first ... We have all the ingredients for a good story. If you like experiments, Science Fiction stories are the perfect setting to delight yourself with invented chemical elements, explosions and alterations of the genome. Of course, keep in mind that most scientific facts that are exposed in a fictional story are usually a lie, since they do not have any type of relationship with reality. On the contrary, there are many assumptions that are based on a possible parallel relationship to events that we already know occur, such as black holes or chemical reactions that have a real foundation, to which some fantasy is added. With zombies A sinister underground laboratory, a secret society, an experiment gone awry and… Boom! We already have a mutant virus that turns the population into zombies ... Be careful, it spreads through the air and only a few individuals have survived the pandemic. The perfect plot to present a good story.

Famous authors of the genre

There are undoubtedly two writers who have marked the origin of this genre:

Jules Verne Tales

Without a doubt he is one of the fathers of Science Fiction literature, Jules Verne predicted in his works with astonishing precision many inventions that have appeared throughout the 20th century (television, helicopters, submarines ...) Some of his best known works are: Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel Journey to the Center of the Earth The mysterious Island Isaac asimov In addition to being a writer, he was a professor of biochemistry with a great knowledge of natural sciences. He wrote many works, both literary and popular science, in addition to "The three laws of robotics" a treatise on rules that the robots in his stories had programmed into their "brain".

The three laws of robotics

A robot will not harm a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to be harmed. A robot must comply with the orders given by human beings, except for those that conflict with the first law. A robot must protect its own existence to the extent that this protection does not conflict with the first or second law.

Short Stories for Kids

Short myths of all kinds. What are myths and legends? In ancient times, cultures used stories to explain natural events or justify their beliefs . These stories are called myths or short myths and, on many occasions, are accompanied by popular tales and legends , which tell stories between realists and supernaturals about typified human figures. However, legends are a literary genre that has been used throughout history, so we find more modern legends. All these myths and legends of the world tell magnificent stories and that, adapted, become perfect readings for children. Mythology for kids Kahniyan puts at your disposal myths and legends for children , which will teach the little ones to understand the way in which different cultures understood the functioning of nature and the justifications they gave to their traditions. For this reason, they must be distinguished from fantasy tales or folk tales, since they have a solid base rooted in the oldest customs of a certain culture. Some legends and especially long captions have a content that is not recommended for children, that is why we have taken care of selecting short children's captions suitable for a child audience, and above all we have selected short captions for elementary school children. Symbology of myths and short legends for children Many traditional legends have been those that have reached the ears of great authors of literature and the reason why they have written great stories set in these popular myths. This is common in Latin American stories where we can learn traditional stories from certain regions of Latin America thanks to the fact that they are told in works by internationally recognized authors. When we speak of mythology, we cannot ignore the great symbolic load that it presents. The oldest myths and legends introduce what are known as archetypes , that is, tangible representations of ideas. Thus, these figures that represent ideas of the human being have been and will continue to be used in artistic manifestations of any kind. For this reason, sowing references in the child's mind with these myths and legends for children will help him in the subsequent understanding of the readings that he will face throughout his life, highlighting in this aspect more advanced readings. The recurring models in the myths and legends for children selected by Kahniyan will lay firm foundations,expanding the cultural baggage of the child. We have tried to select all kinds of examples of myths and legends, animal legends, children's legends, in general legends to read short

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