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We all know him, but who is Pepito?

Who does not know a Pepito jokes? When we think of an easy and silly joke to tell a kid, Pepito’s are among the first options.

Really, if you want to laugh a lot, someone always knows a Pepito joke so great and witty that it will almost make you pee on yourself.

Have you ever heard about Pepito’s jokes in your life, but you have no idea how they chose this unique character. In fact, originally his name was not Pepito but Jaimito.

It all started in Spain in 1945, with a Spanish comic called Jaimito. At the beginning, this cartoon was not published regularly, because it did not have permission for said publication. In this way, they were the beginnings of the jokes of this peculiar character, who in each country receives a name. Our Kahaniyan site has more jokes for kids.

However, as of 1952, they already had permission and Jaimito’s occurrences began to be located regularly. By the year 1979, they had 1664 copies and several extra publications of Jaimito’s occurrences.

Some believe that he is called Pepito because many other humorous series appeared in this same publication, among which was Soldadito Pepe. However, when Pepito’s jokes are told, a mischievous boy with some incredible quips is clearly depicted as the main story of the Spanish comic Jaimito.

Pepito jokes for kids

You will be able to laugh a lot with your kids at Pepito’s occurrences and his crazy adventures or misadventures.

You can get the best Pepito jokes for kids that you can enjoy and laugh out loud here. You have several to choose from, so you don’t stop laughing healthy in the company of your family.

Most of the scenes in which these jokes are found are recognizable to kids:

  • The school
  • At home
  • At recess
  • With their parents
  • With friends

Pepito, with his occurrences at school, at home, with his teachers, friends and family, is capable of creating pleasant moments with your family and friends.

But if you are looking for more, you can also search  animal jokes for kids , where you can get a lot of funny jokes to spend hours of laughter with the little ones.

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