Fables for kids

Fables stand out for transmitting such important teachings that, although most of them were written centuries ago, they are still essential on a day-to-day basis today. Therefore, in the same way as with kid’s short stories , Mundo Primaria presents its fables for kids, adaptations of Aesop, Samaniego and La Fontaine, as well as Mexican, Chinese and other places, thus gathering cultural knowledge from around the world. world.

Fables for kids and their moral

The fables for kids that Mundo Primaria presents to you are written in such a way that the little ones can read them without any problem and, most importantly, understand and assimilate the important teachings about life that they transmit.
The presentation of situations in which the protagonists are mainly animals, makes the stories of great interest to them. In addition, they simplify and exemplify moments in everyday life in which children could find themselves , making it fun and attractive for them. Without a doubt, these morals for elementary school kids are a most powerful educational resource.
It should be taken into account that, from the beginning, the function of this resource has been to teach the smallest appropriate behavior patterns , criticizing incorrect attitudes. For this reason, fables continue to be a completely useful teaching tool.
While the boy or girl enjoys a funny story, in many occasions reaching comic, is learning ethical and moral values ​​thanks to the moral, implicit or explicit, of the fables.
Unlike classic stories where stories sometimes only have the function of entertaining, fables always have a didactic intention of an ethical nature and therefore at the end of the story they provide a teaching that is known as a moral . Whatever the subject, these stories will always teach us something important and especially the fables with a moral for kids.
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