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At Kahaniyan we understand how important it is for you that the content we upload is suitable for the little ones and that is why our short jokes have been prepared so that you do not get an unpleasant surprise since all the jokes that you will find here They are jokes for kids.

Jokes for kids

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The most social humor: Easy to learn short jokes
It may be that your son or daughter has a birthday coming up with their class friends and wants to keep a couple of good jokes in the bedroom to make their friends laugh for a while, or that you are going to eat next weekend with the family and can turn the desktop into a show of funny kid’s jokes.

Whether these situations are possible or not for your case, the short kid’s jokes that you will find in Primary World are full of ingenuity and are understandable and memorizable by kid. They are also very good jokes! Dive among all the short, simple and educational jokes for elementary school kid that we offer and select a few, you will see how the little ones laugh when you pick them up from school with some joke for kid that you have found around here.

The best jokes in the world for kids

There are many reasons why a kid can laugh, in fact when we are little, laughter is something easier and more natural than as we become adults. It’s kind of sad right? That is why jokes for kid are a very fun way for both kid and parents to have a good time telling quick jokes to each other, you do not have to memorize them, when you find a short joke that you like within the jokes for kids that we have prepared for you, claim the attention of your audience, clear your throat a little and when you have created the necessary silence provoke a familiar laugh with your joke. It is fun!

Good jokes for kids… They work!

It’s not us who say it, it’s the scientists and psychologists who for centuries have studied the behavior of the brain to understand why we laugh and why there are people who know how to tell jokes with greater skill than others, or people who don’t laugh or tickle or with the best of jokes.

It turns out that among many other factors what makes a joke something that ends in laughter is the fluidity with which the narrator creates the right climate for the final laugh. If your son is fond of telling kid’s jokes, he may have a latent ability for humor that, far from necessarily being something associated with childhood, may indicate the way he will be as an adult, since he faces life . with humor is from intelligent and emotionally healthy people.

The short kid’s jokes that you will share with your friends
Many kid’s jokes are so clever and funny that let’s face it, we adults find them funny too. Some because they are full of innocence, others because they represent situations as real as life itself and that on occasion resemble experiences that we ourselves have lived in the first person. Some short jokes will make us laugh at how impossible, twisted and crazy the situation is. There are even some jokes for young kid that are so simple that they bring a huge smile to the face of both us and our kid.

As we know that laughing is fun but making others laugh is much better, from Kahaniyan you can share the short jokes for kid that you like the most on the social profiles you want in a very simple way, so you can make whoever you want laugh with just one click. This option to share jokes will be very comfortable and intuitive and you will be able to share as many jokes as you want in the blink of an eye.

Now get ready to have some laughs with the kids, your friends or family! Just take a moment to read our easy and entertaining jokes and share the ones that you found the most ingenious. Remember that laughter is important in our lives and in that of the little ones, as Charles Chaplin said “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

Laughter helps us feel good and be happy, and one of the most positive ways to laugh and have a good time with our loved ones is by telling jokes. To start the day, when they return from class or during the weekend, kid can share the funniest jokes with their parents, siblings and friends.

To whet your appetite, we have prepared ten of our favorite short jokes for elementary school kid.

10 short jokes for elementary school kid:

  1. Why doesn’t SpongeBob have a green back? -Because if it had a green back it would be ScotchBrite.
  2. Why is the broom happy? -Because sweeping.
    What is the last letter of the alphabet? -The ‘o’. -…Isn’t it the ‘z’? -Of course not. If not, it would be ‘alphabecedarioz’.
  3. I’m tired of everyone talking behind my back! -But if you are a taxi driver… -Ah! It’s true.
  4. 5. A kids rides a bicycle and says to his mother: – Mom, mom, no hands! -Mom, mom, no legs! Suddenly he falls on his face, gets up and says: -Mom, mom, no teeth!
  5. Two classmates talk on the street after an exam. -How did the exam go? -Too bad, I left everything blank. -My goodness! Surely the teacher will think that we have copied.
  6. The phone rings: -Hello? -Hello, is this where you wash your clothes? -No. -Hello! Well, what the hell.
  7. He was such a jinxed man, but so jinxed, so jinxed, that he sat on a haystack and stuck the needle in himself!
  8. How do you say ‘dog’ in English? -Dog. -And how do you say veterinarian? -Very easy. Dog-tor.
  9.  A kid comes home and tells his mother: -Mom, I have good news and bad news. Tell me the good one first. I got a ten in math. -And what is the bad? -That’s a lie.
  10. We hope that these kid’s jokes make your kid or students laugh, the world of jokes is very wide and you can find short jokes for kid for almost any occasion. It is always a good way to break the ice and relieve tension in class, thus being able to add a touch of humor to early risers and homework.

For example, we can find short jokes for kid set on Halloween:

Short jokes for elementary school kid on Halloween

On Halloween scares, fear and terrifying characters are common, but who says we can’t laugh at them? The particular lifestyle of these characters (you know, drinking blood, dressing in sheets, etc) makes us laugh at their expense. For this we have compiled 10 jokes for young and not so young kid about Halloween characters and their fears. Get together with your friends and share these jokes to take the fear out of the scariest of your classmates… I’m sure you’ll even think of a new one.

  1. What does a baby vampire play with? With red blood cells.
    What is a vampire doing driving a tractor? Sow fear.
  2. How is a witch and a few days of vacation the same? In which the two fly away.
  3. What is the height of a vampire? None, because vampires don’t have tops, they have fangs.
  4. Why don’t skeletons like rainy days? Because they soak to the bone.
  5. What does a vampire ask for when he walks into a bar? A blood vessel.
  6. I’m in pieces! Signed: Frankenstein.
  7. That sport of swords scares me… -Fencing? -No, no, rather fear.
  8. These are two ghosts… …and the MEDIUM one fell silent
    10. What does one ghost say to another? “Do you believe in people?”
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