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Monkey and Wooden Peg Panchatantra Story

At one time a temple was being built at a distance from the city. There was a lot of wood work in the temple, so many workers who cut wood were engaged in the work. Wooden logs were lying here and there and the work of cutting logs and beams was going on. All the workers had to go to the city to have lunch, so no one was there for an hour in the afternoon. One day when it was time to eat, all the workers left work. A log was left half a slit. The workers left with a wooden spike stuck in the half-cut log. Doing this makes it easier to re-enter the saw.

Then there came a group of monkeys jumping and jumping. Among them was a mischievous monkey, who used to tamper with things without any reason. He had a habit of screwing up. The chieftain of the monkeys ordered everyone not to tamper with the things lying there. All the monkeys went towards the trees, but that devil monkey, saving everyone’s eyes, stayed behind and started making hurdles.

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His eyes fell on the half-timbered log. That’s all, he fell on it and started looking at the nail stuck in the middle. Then he looked at the saw lying nearby. He picked it up and started rubbing it on the wood. When the sound of grit started coming out of him, he slammed the saw in anger. In the language of those monkeys, the meaning of Kirrr-Kirrrr was ‘naughty’. He again started looking at the nail stuck in the middle of the log.

His mind began to wonder what would happen if this nail was removed from the middle of the log? Now he grabbed the nail and started trying hard to get it out. A nail stuck between a log is very tightly clamped between the two bars, because the two ends of the log hold it down like a very strong springy clip.

The monkey tried to move it with great force. When Keela started moving and slipping on force, the monkey became happy with his power.

He began to move the keel with dread and fear. In the midst of this fuss, the monkey’s tail had come between the two poles, which he did not realize.

He got excited and gave a loud blow, and as soon as the keel was pulled out, the two ends of the log were joined like a clip and the monkey’s tail got stuck in the middle. The monkey cried.

Then the workers returned there. On seeing them, the monkey tried to run away, then its tail broke. He ran away screaming with a broken tail.

After telling the story, Kartak
said, “That’s why I say that the work which does not prove any meaning, she should not. Doing useless work can also lead to death. Hey, even now we get enough food from what Pingalak brings after hunting. Then what is the use of getting into unnecessary trouble!

Damanaka said, “So do you live only for food? That’s not right. Who does not fill his stomach! It is only his right to live, by whose living the life of many other people goes on. Secondly, the one who does not use it and allows it to be destroyed like this, despite having power, has to be humiliated in the end!”

Karatak said, “But both of us are also dismissed like this. Then the king What is the use of trying to know about all this? In such a situation, even saying something to the king will have to make one laugh. One should also use his speech only where there is some benefit from its use!”

“Brother, you don’t understand well. If we stay away from the king, we will also lose our respect. One who lives near the king, the king’s eyes are also on him, and only by being near the king one becomes extraordinary.

Kartak asked, “What do you want to do after all?”

“Our lord Pingalak is scared today.” Damanaka said, “All his companions are also scared. I want to know the reason for their fear.”

“How do you know they’re scared?”

“Come on, that’s too difficult! It is clear from the gestures, movements, conversation, eyes and face of Pingalak that he is frightened. I will go to him and find out the reason for his fear. Then using my intelligence, I will remove his fear. In this way by subduing him, I will again get my ministerial position.”

Kartak still doubted, “You do not know anything about how to serve the king. How would you tame him in such a situation?

Damanak said, “I don’t know about the royal service, how can you say that? As a child, living with my father, I have learned everything I have heard about service religion and politics. There is immense gold in this earth; Only the brave, learned and clever servants of the king can get it.”

Kartak still could not believe it. He said, “Tell me what will you say to Pingalak?”

“What shall I say from now on! At the time of conversation, one thing to another automatically comes out. I will talk as the incident comes. Right or wrong. And after considering the time, I will say whatever I have to say. I have heard this proverb in the father’s lap that the one who says irrelevant things has to bear the humiliation, even if it is Brihaspati, the teacher of the gods.

Kartak said, “Then also remember that just as the mountains full of devious animals like lions, tigers etc. They are not happy in a hurry, and if anyone by mistake does something against the will of the king, it does not take long for them to bite like a snake and destroy it.”

Damanak said, “You are right. A wise man should please the master by doing things according to his will. With this mantra, he can be subdued.”

Kartak understood that Damanak had determined to meet Pinglak in his mind. Remember that when approaching the king be careful at all times. With you is also my future. May your path be blessed.

After getting permission from Kartak, Damanaka bowed down to him and went to meet Pingalak.

Sitting in the middle of the array for protection, Pingalak saw Damanak coming towards him from afar. He said to the guard appointed at the gate of the Vyuha, “Damanaka, the son of my former general secretary, is coming. Let him enter fearlessly and make arrangements to make him sit on the proper seat.”

Damanaka reached Pinglak unimpeded and bowed to him. At the same time, receiving his signal, he sat down in another circle.

Simharaj Pingalak raised his heavy paw with affection . Showing it, placed it on Damanak’s shoulder and respectfully asked, “Say, Damanak, are you well? You appeared today after a long time. Where are you coming from?”

Damanak said, “What can be our purpose at the feet of the Maharaj! But according to the time, even the kings can get work from the best, middle and inferior – every category of person. In the same way, we have always been the servants of Maharaj. Unfortunately, we have not got our position and authority, even then where can we go after leaving your service. We are lakhs small and incapable, but there may come an occasion when the Maharaja thinks of taking our service.

Pingalak was worried at that time. Said, “You leave the matter of small or big or capable and incapable, Damanak. You are the son of our minister, so whatever you want to say, say it fearlessly.

Even after receiving protection, the cunning Damanak did not think it right to talk about the fear of the king in front of everyone. He requested solitude to speak his mind.

Pingalak looked at his attendants. Understanding the wish of the king, the surrounding animals moved away and sat away.

When he was alone, Damanak cleverly stirred the pain of Pingalak. Said, “Swami, you were going to drink water on the banks of Yamuna, then why are you sitting in the middle of this circle with such anxiety after returning suddenly thirsty?

Singh was at first hesitant on hearing Damanak’s words . Then relying on Damanak’s cleverness, he thought it appropriate to reveal his secret. Thinking for a moment, he said, “Damanak, this roaring that keeps on roaring, you are also listening to it, aren’t you?

“I am listening,

my lord !” How will it be! That is why I am thinking of leaving this forest and going somewhere else.

Damanak said, “But it is not proper to leave your kingdom out of fear just hearing the word, Maharaj! What is the meaning of word or sound? The sound of many hawks is as severe as that of roaring, and before leaving the place of our ancestors, one must find out what is the cause of the sound. It was a matter of fear like Gomayu the jackal, which later came to know that there is pole-he-pole in the drum.”

Pingalak asked, “What happened to Gomayu the jackal?” The story of Damanak Gomayu began to hear-

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