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Tristan wanted to be a pirate reading for kids | Kids Reading | Reading Kids

Tristan loved pirate stories. He often imagined sailing the seas in a ship with a black skull flag and discovering valuable treasures on distant islands.

One afternoon, his grandfather showed up at home with a small package. Inside, there were face paints and an eye patch.

– Today I am going to turn you into a pirate! – He said smiling.

Tristan was excited. He put on the patch and let his grandfather paint him a very black beard and huge eyebrows. Then she ran into her parents’ bedroom and rifled through a dresser drawer. She found a red polka dot scarf and tied it around her head in front of the mirror.

– Look grandpa! Now I do look like a real pirate?
– Of course! Now you just need to find the treasure.
– The treasure?… There is no treasure at home, Grandpa – Tristán said disappointed.
– Well… I wouldn’t say that. Look under your bed to see if you find something that…

Before Grandpa could finish his sentence, Tristan bolted out and found a chest under the mattress with a small golden key in the lock. He carefully turned it over and gave a cry of joy. Inside were at least twenty chocolate coins!

– Now you are a pirate with treasure and everything! – The excited man whispered.
– And you the best grandfather in the world! – Tristan said, hugging him tightly.

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