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The Fall and Rise of the Merchant Panchatantra Story

A very skilled merchant Dantil lived in a city called Vardhaman. The king was aware of his abilities due to which the king made him the administrator of the kingdom. Merchant Dantil with his skillful methods kept the king and the common man very happy. After some time the merchant Dantil fixed the marriage of his girl. He organized a huge banquet in this occasion. In this banquet, he invited everyone from the royal family to the subjects. A servant of the royal family, who used to sweep the palace, also attended the banquet. But by mistake he sat on a chair which was kept only for the royal family. Seeing the servant sitting on that chair, the merchant Dantil gets angry and he scolds the servant and drives him away from there. The servant feels embarrassed and vows to teach a lesson to the merchant Dantil.

The very next day the servant is sweeping the king’s room. He starts murmuring on seeing the king in his sleep. He says, “It is so much fun for this merchant Dantil to misbehave with the queen. Hearing this, the king wakes up and asks the servant, “Is this really true? Have you seen the merchant Dantil misbehaving?” The servant immediately grabs the king’s feet and says, “I’m sorry, I couldn’t sleep last night. I was murmuring something because of my lack of sleep.” Hearing this, the king does not say anything to the servant, but doubts arise in his mind.

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From that day, the king bans the autocratic roaming in the palace of merchant Dantil and reduces his rights. The next day when the merchant Dantil comes to the palace, he is stopped by the oranges. The merchant Dantil is very surprised to see this. Just then the servant standing there says with fun, “Hey sentries, don’t know who these are? They are very powerful people who can throw you out too. Just like they did with me in their dinner. Just be careful. stay.”

Upon hearing this, businessman Dantil understands the whole matter. He apologizes to the servant and invites the servant to his house for dinner. The merchant receives a lot of hospitality from Dantil Sevak. Then he very politely apologizes for the insult done on the day of the banquet and says that whatever he did, he did wrong. The servant is overjoyed and the merchant says to Dantil, “Don’t worry, I will definitely get you back the respect you lost from the king.”

The next day, while sweeping the king’s room, the servant starts murmuring again, “Oh my God, our king is so foolish that he eats cucumbers in the bathroom.” Hearing this, the king gets angry and says, “Fool, your That dare? If you weren’t my room’s servant, you would have fired you.” The servant then falls at the feet of the king and vows never to grumble again.

The king also thinks that when he can say so many wrong things about me then he must have spoken wrong about the merchant Dantil too. The king thinks that he punished the merchant Dantil in vain. The very next day the king gives the merchant Dantil back his lost prestige in the palace.

(Lesson: Whether a person is big or small, we should treat everyone equally.)
Hearing this story from Damanak, Sanjeevak said, “Okay. Is. I will do whatever you say.”

Then Damanaka took him with him and came to Pinglak. He said, “Your Majesty, I have brought Sanjeevak.”

Sanjeevak also greeted Pingalak and sat down

. Putting his right hand on the ox, he asked, “Where have you come from in this forest? Are you living well here?”

Sanjeevak narrated his entire story to him.

Pinglak heard his story and told him that you should be fearless and roam in this forest protected by me. After this Pingalak handed over the administration of his forest to the new ministers Kartak and Damanaka and himself lived happily with Sanjeevaka.

Within a few days, Sanjeevak, with the influence of his intellect, got rid of the violent habits of wild Pingalak and engaged him in rural religion. Pinglak also started taking interest in his words. His instinct for violence ended. He no longer allowed deer and other animals to come near him. He also kept Kartak and Damanak at a distance.

The result was that the small animals that fed their stomachs with the food left over from the lion’s hunt became distraught with hunger. Kartak, Damanaka and other animals started worrying about this situation. They began to think that when the snake wrapped around Lord Shankar’s neck wants to swallow the rat, the vehicle of Ganesha, when the peacock of Kartikeya wants to eat the snake of Shankarji, when the peacock, which kills the snake, also eats the lion, the vehicle of Parvati. then why this drama of non-violence?

Damanak said to Kartak, ‘Oh brother, now there is such a close friendship between Pingalak and Sanjeevak that Pingalak has turned away from us. Many of our friends also ran away. We should explain to the king. It is the duty of the minister to explain to the king at the right time.

Kartak said, “You are the one who started this fire. You have made this grass-grazing animal a friend of our master.”

Damanak said, “It is true. The fault is mine, not Pinglak’s. But as I had made their friendship, in the same way I will also break their friendship.

Kartak said, “But Sanjeevak is a very intelligent animal even though he is a bull. On the other hand, Singh Pingalak is also terrible. It is true that your intellect is sharp, yet how will you be able to separate these two now?’

Damanaka said, “Brother! I am capable even though I am unable. The work which cannot be accomplished by might, even a clever person can accomplish it with tact. Like the crow had killed the venomous black snake with the help of a gold thread!”

Karataka asked, “How did that happen?’

Damanak started saying-

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