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Brief account of the laborer – Alif Laila

The laborer said, ‘O beauty, I will tell my condition according to your orders and will tell why I came here. This morning I was standing in the market with my crate looking for work. Then your sister called me. Taking me first she went to the liquor seller’s place. Then he bought a lot of vegetables at the cistern shop and took many fruits from the fruit seller. He bought different types of meat from meat seller’s place and also took a lot from other shops. Then after carrying all the stuff on my head, brought it to your house. You have kindly let me stay till now and gave me food for which I will be grateful to you for life. This is my Ram story.

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Hearing the words of the laborer, Zubeida said, ‘Your words seem to be correct. Now go away from here immediately and beware never to come in front of me.’ Although the laborer was free from great trouble, his agility did not go away. He said that if allowed, I should also listen to the stories of these remaining people, then I will go home. Zubeida gave permission and said, stand in a corner of the hall and listen quietly, do not speak or move. The worker did the same. Then Zubeida gestured for the mystics to recite biographies.

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