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As Tat Panchatantra Story

At one place there lived a Bania boy named Jirnadhan. He thought of going abroad in search of money. There was no special wealth in his house, only a heavy iron scale was there. Keeping it in the possession of a moneylender, he went abroad. After coming back from abroad, he asked Mahajan for his heritage back. Mahajan said—- “The rats ate that iron scale.”

Baniya’s boy understood that he did not want to give that scale. But now there was no solution. After thinking for a while, he said– “No worries. If the rats ate it, then it is the fault of the rats, not yours. Don’t worry about it.”

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After a while he said to Mahajan— “Friend! I am going to take a bath on the river. You send your son Dhandev with me, he will also take bath.”

Mahajan was very impressed by Baniya’s gentleness, so he immediately sent his son to take a river-bath with him.

Baniya took Mahajan’s son some distance away and locked him in a cave. A large rock was placed at the entrance of the cave, so that he could not escape. Locking him there, when he came to Mahajan’s house, Mahajan asked– “My son also went with you for a bath, where is he?”

Baniya said —- “The eagle has taken him away.”

Mahajan — “How can this happen? Sometimes even an eagle can carry such a big child away?”

Bania— “Good man! If the eagle cannot carry the child away, then even the rats cannot eat the heavy scales full of heart. If you want a child, take out the scales and give it.”
In the same way, both of them reached the palace while arguing. There, Mahajan while narrating his sorrow-story in front of the judge said, “This bania has stolen my son.” The Dharmadhikari said to the Bania

—“Give it his boy.

The eagle has taken him away.”

Dharmadhikari—-“Can an eagle ever take away the child?”

Bania—- “Lord! If rats can eat heavy scales full of heart, then even the eagle can take the child away.”

On the question of Dharmadhikari, Baniya narrated the whole story of his scales.

Lesson: Tit as it is.

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