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Kamarujjman Aur Badaura Ki Kahani-Alif Laila | Hindi Kahani

Story of Kamaruzzaman and Badoura – Alif Laila

In the country of Persia, there is a country barn on the way of twenty days. Many islands are also included in that country. A long time ago the emperor there was Shahzaman. He had four wives and seven special maidservants. He was a very majestic king, his country was ruled by prosperity and peace. No enemy was keeping an eye on his country, but he was very sad that he had no children. One day he told his minister that my condition is spent in vain and what will happen to such a big state after me, because I have no children, it seems that even God has forgotten me.

The minister said, Prithvipal, do not talk of such despair. It is late in the house of God, it is not dark. He doesn’t forget anyone. You humbly beg night and day from God for children. Apart from this, if you take the blessings of mystics and dervishes, your wishes will be fulfilled.

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According to the advice of the minister, the emperor started religious activities in full force and gave a lot of donations to the mystics and sought the blessings of children from them. After some time his queen got pregnant. After nine months a son was born to him. The king’s happiness knew no bounds. He spent lakhs of rupees on the donations of the mystics and the reward of his subordinate workers, so that no one in his country remained hungry or naked and for months there was celebration in the palace.

The prince was very handsome. His name was Kamaruzzama. The emperor appointed many experts for his education when he was a little older, who used to teach him in all kinds of arts and crafts. And all was well, but during the course of education, what was the effect on him that he hated women. When he started becoming young, the king called him to him one day and said, I want you to get married now. What do you say?

The prince felt bad about this. He did not answer his father’s words and stood silently for a long time. When the emperor insisted that he wanted an answer, he folded his hands and said, “Father, not obeying your orders is certainly a very indecent thing, but I am compelled in this matter.” I don’t want to get married at all. All women are liars and crooks. Hearing this, the king got very angry. He said, “My soul wants to punish you for this rudeness now, but I will give you one year’s opportunity.”

But even after a year, the prince was adamant that I did not want to get married. He said that I have read only the evils of women in all the books, how can I believe them. The emperor was very angry and agreed to give some harsh punishment to the prince. But at the behest of the minister, he gave the prince one more time to change his decision.

This time was also wasted because the princess was still adamant that I would not get married. The emperor once again restrained his anger and told the prince’s mother, Queen Fatima, that you should explain to your son or else I will punish him very harshly. Fatima explained to the prince that this custom of marriage has always been followed in your lineage, it is not right for you to violate it in any way. Kamaruzzaman made the same argument that women are corrupt and deceitful. Mother explained, son, how can you say this to all the women. Some women are evil and some are pure. I have also read stories of many evil men, but this does not mean that all men are vicious.

But even after the mother’s lakhs of persuasion, the prince did not budge. Some more time passed. In the end the emperor could not control himself. He ordered that the prince should be locked up in an old and small house which did not have proper ventilation. He said that keep two or four clothes for him there and keep an old maid in his service and get two or four books to be read, but he should not be allowed to leave the house.

But Kamaruzzama didn’t care. He happily went to that house, read books during the day and slept on his bed at night. There was a well in that house in which Maimun, the fairy daughter of Diumars, the king of the jinns, lived. In the night, Mamoon came out of the well as usual to visit the world. He was surprised to see the light in the house as to who had come to live here. Although the prince’s bedroom was closed from outside, what would have hindered Pari from this. She went inside the room, wearing a silk sheet on the sleeping bed, started staring at the sleeping prince.

Seeing the incomparable beauty of Kamaruzzama, she was stunned. He slowly moved the sheet and looked at it from head to toe. After looking at her for a while, he kissed the prince’s face and forehead and, as before, took off the sheet. After this she flew to the sky and started traveling the world. Then he heard the rustle of wings behind him. He gave voice, who is going, come here. The flier was also a genie. He was the son of Shahmar, a chieftain of the Jinn, Nahas. Hearing the voice of the princess of the jinn, he came to her. Mamoon asked where are you going. He said, I am coming from the country of China at this time. China is a very large country and consists of many islands. The king’s name there is Gore. His daughter is Badaura. She is so beautiful that it seems that the Creator has not created anyone more beautiful than her. There is no man more beautiful than him, nor in our race.

Nahas continued, Princess Badoura’s lips are like coral, her eyes are slanted and full of booze, her hair is like a black hair, in which silver stars shine like lightning, her nose is very beautiful and her forehead is very bright. Its teeth are like a string of pearls. His gait is like that of a swan, and his voice has the tinkling of silver bells. When she laughs, the flowers fall. His youth is advanced and strong. In short he is unique in every respect.

Badshah Gaur has built a Satkhanda Mahal for his beloved daughter at the cost of crores of Asharfis. Its first section is of amethyst stone, second section of copper, third of steel, fourth of brass, fifth of test stone, sixth of silver and seventh section of gold. There is a beautiful garden around this palace. It has trees of all kinds of fruits and flowers of all kinds. In that garden the fragrance of ripe fruits and fragrant flowers swells all the time. Fountains are running everywhere and canals and ponds of clean water have been made everywhere. Some trees are so dense under which the sun does not come and all the tiredness disappears in resting there.

Hearing the admiration of that emperor’s opulence and the appearance of the princess, princes of distant countries have proposed marriage to him. The emperor has given permission to his daughter to marry whomever he wants, but the princess is annoyed with the marriage. Her parents explained a lot but she does not agree and says that if you people insist for marriage then I will commit suicide. The emperor has kept him captive in a house. Ten old women have been appointed to serve him, the head of which is the woman whose milk the princess drank in childhood. Now neither the princess herself can go anywhere nor can anyone go near her. The emperor, considering his daughter insane, has advertised that the princess will be married to the one who will make her good by the hakim or astrologer or tantrik. I am deeply saddened that that most beautiful princess is suffering in this way in prison.

Maimoon laughed and said to Nahas, it seems that your wisdom is not where. You are praising the look of a useless girl so much. If you look at the princess I have seen and who has captivated me, you will know what beauty is. Rather, I believe that seeing the princess, you will forget the beauty of the Chinese princess.

Nahas said, Princess, where is that handsome prince? Maimoon said, He is very near. He too is imprisoned and lying in a house because he too has refused to marry. He is locked in the same house in which I live. Nahas said, I can say only after seeing that prince that how beautiful he is. Still I say that the princess of China is more beautiful. The angel said that you scoff, what will the princess be in comparison to him. In this way they both kept on arguing for a long time. Finally the genie said, Fairy Queen, you will not believe me like this. I fly him out of his house and then see for yourself. Mamoon said, it is good, you bring him and lay him near the prince so that the two can be compared.

The genie took off and in a few moments brought the Chinese princess and laid her next to the prince. But even that did not work out. The fairy kept insisting that Kamaruzzama was more beautiful and Nahas kept praising the princess Badaura. In the end both of them decided to bring in a third person and decide who is more beautiful. When the angel slammed his feet on the ground, the ground burst and a limp, ear and humpback genie came out, which had six horns on its head and the arms and legs were very long. He came and bowed down to Pari Maimoon and asked for what service I was called. The angel said to this terrible genie named Kaskas that there has been an argument between me and Nahas as to which of these two is more beautiful, you should decide this.

Kaskas kept looking at both of them for a long time but could not decide anything. He said, I can’t say anything now. Some are superior in one thing and some in another. If they wake up alternately and look at each other with love, it is possible that their true beauty is revealed. Maimoon and Nahas liked Kaskas’s suggestion. First Maimoon turned bed-ridden and slit her head on the head. The prince hit his hand to catch the bed, but Maimoon hurriedly returned to her original form and then all three became invisible to see what the prince was doing. Kamaruzzama opened her eyes and was immediately fascinated by the princess lying next to her. Where he was annoyed by the names of women, where he became so infatuated with love that he began to kiss her face and cheeks wildly. Meanwhile, the princess slept oblivious to the magic of Nahas, she did not know anything.

The prince thought that maybe this is the same beauty my parents wanted me to marry, why would I refuse to marry him if I had seen it earlier. He was very ashamed of his stupidity that he had disobeyed the orders of his parents unnecessarily. He wanted to wake the princess, but she was sleeping unaware of the effect of the magic of Jinn Nahas. Kamaruzzama took off the sapphire ring of the princess and put her diamond ring in its place and herself, wearing the sapphire ring of the princess, lay in her place as before and within a few moments fell asleep with the magic of Maimoon.

Now the genie Nahas stung the princess on the lips of a mosquito, due to which she woke up from the pain. He was very surprised to see how this handsome young man came and fell asleep next to him. She too was very much annoyed by marriage but was immediately fascinated by Kamaruzzama. She thought that my father might have wanted me to marry this young man, and I kept denying it because of my stupidity and dogma. But he found it very strange that even after coming to me, my beloved is only sleeping and neither looks nor talks. After a while she could not stop herself. He grabbed the prince’s arm and gave many shocks, but he slept unconscious from the magic of Maimoon. Then the princess started kissing his hand. He saw that my ring was in his finger. When he looked at his hand, he found another ring. He thought that maybe I could not remember but I was married to this young man otherwise how would these rings be changed. he wrapped the prince around his neck Loved it a lot and then fell asleep. Maimoon said to Nahas, you have seen that the princess is more beautiful then the princess was loving her like a madman. Now take the princess to her palace. Saying this she also bid farewell to Kaskas and herself returned to her well.

Kamaruzzama woke up in the morning and did not see the princess with her. He thought that maybe my father had sent him. He called the slave assigned to serve him. He stood in front of the prince with folded hands. The prince washing his hands and face asked where the beauty who was sleeping near me at night had gone. Das said, Sarkar, I have not seen any beauty. Then how can a beauty come here. This room is kept locked from outside. You must have had a dream.

Kamaruzzama got very angry on hearing this. He hit the slave a lot and kept asking where the beauty had gone. What does the poor servant tell? Kamaruzzaman said that you are very evil. Will not accept with simple punishment. Saying this, he called other slaves and tied this slave with a rope and hanged him in the well. Das thought that if I stick to my truth, then I will die like this because the prince has definitely gone mad. He called out and said, Government, if you give me alms for life, then I will tell the right thing. The prince got him out and said that now answer my words. He gasped and said that let me take a breath.

In a few moments, the servant got up on the pretext of a short time. He came out and again locked the room and ran to the emperor. He told all the things of the prince that behind some imaginary beauty he beat me a lot and hanged me in the well and I have come here on the pretext. He said, Prithvipal, think for yourself that when the lock is locked from outside, how can a woman go in and come out. The emperor was also surprised to hear all this. He ordered the minister to go to the prince and find out the whole situation.

The minister went to the prince’s house and saluted him and said that your father is worried after hearing your words. He has asked me to ask you about the woman whom you have seen in a dream. The prince said, by the saying of this evil servant, did you also understand that I had a dream? I am actually married to him and I am looking forward to separation from him. Why would I have refused the marriage if the emperor had already shown it to me?

The minister said, what are you doing? How can a woman come in a closed room? You must have dreamed. The prince was getting frantic, grabbed the minister’s beard, jerked and slapped him. The minister saved his life by saying that it is possible that Maharaj may have sent a woman, I will go and ask. Maybe after hearing the whole situation, send it to you again. The prince said, old man, now you have come on the way. Hurry up and arrange for my pranapriya to be delivered to me.

The minister ran to the emperor and said, Master, that slave is absolutely right. The prince has also killed me and asked me to send his beloved beloved. Hearing this the emperor’s concern increased further. He himself decided to go to the prince and talk. He went to him and said, son, what is the matter? I am not understanding anything. Which woman are you talking about that she slept next to you? It is also not understood that when the room was locked from outside, how did that woman come here.

The prince said, ‘Abba Huzoor, I have not seen that woman in a dream but actually lying beside me. The proof of this is the ring that I changed from it. How could this ring come to me if I had seen it in my dream? Believe me, I am in perfect mental health. I am neither stupid nor crazy. You please send that beauty to me. If you had already shown that Komalangi then why would I have refused marriage and why would I have disobeyed your orders.

Seeing the ring, the king started thinking that in fact this ring is not of the prince, but in his country such rings are not made and its sapphire is also very valuable. It seems that the prince’s words are not wrong, yet it is not understood how a woman came into the locked room, especially when she is a very beautiful young woman.

He took Kamaruzzaman out of prison and kept him in his palace and gave him a lot of comfort that you do not worry, we will definitely find that young woman for you and will marry her with you. He himself started living mostly near the prince. Due to this, the state could not give proper time to the management. So one day his minister said, you should engage in the undone government so that the country does not suffer in any way. And as far as the prince is concerned, send him to the fort of Khirad named island situated in the middle of the sea. There ships from every country and people from every country keep on coming, talking to them will keep the prince’s soul happy. Then that place is not even far from here, you can go to it whenever you want. The emperor liked the minister’s opinion. He sent the prince to the fort of Khirad island. Sometimes he himself used to go to see her.

Now listen to the situation here. When Nahas jinn took the princess and left her in her house, she woke up the next morning according to her usual rules. He discovered Prince Kamaruzzaman around him. Not finding him, his guard called the old maid and in panic asked where has the handsome young man who was sleeping with me at night gone, bring him to me immediately. The old lady was surprised. She said, dear daughter, what has happened to you? What are you saying? It is not possible for even a bird to enter your bedroom, from where will the handsome young man come. You must have had a dream. Don’t do such things for God’s sake. If your parents come to know about your words, then my neck will be blown off.

The princess Badaura got very angry on the talk of the maid. He grabbed the old lady’s hair and started beating her wildly. The old lady got out of her grip in agony and ran to the palace. Going there, he told the emperor and the Begum what kind of madness Badora talks about. Both of them got upset and reached to the princess and said – daughter, what dream did you have in the night which has made you so upset that you started talking nonsense?

The princess Badaura bowed her head shamefully and said, I am very sorry that you people wanted to marry me and I continued to disobey your orders by stubbornly insisting but the young man you have chosen for me came with me at night. was asleep. I tell you the truth, why would I have refused the marriage if you had already shown it to him. Now please find him, don’t know where he has gone. I am so gripped by his love that I cannot live without him for a moment. If I don’t get it, I will commit suicide. If you don’t believe me, look at this, he has given his ring to me.

Her parents were really surprised to see that the ring belonged to someone else and not the princess. He kept thinking a lot, but he could not understand that even after such a severe imprisonment, how any man came here and changed the ring. Even after beating his head, he did not understand the matter of the daughter and he understood that she was completely insane, he asked for gold chains and tied the hands and feet of the daughter and came back to his palace in great pain. He ordered that no one would be able to go near it except a trusted old maid. He also tightened the guard around the prison. Apart from this, the emperor announced to all the nobles and nobles in the court that there was an outbreak of hysteria on my daughter. Any person who will make him good will be married off to a virgin and made a crown prince. But the person who fails in this attempt will be given the death penalty.

After this announcement, many Hakims, Vaidyas, Tantriks, Yogis etc. came for the treatment of the princess and failed and lost her life. In two-three years, about one and a half hundred persons got death sentence in this connection. The emperor hanged the heads of all of them with the defense of the city. Now no one had the courage to come forward for the treatment of the princess. The daughter-in-law who was appointed to serve that princess had played with her son in childhood. The name of that young man was Marjuban. He went to study outside China. When he returned after many years, he was surprised to see so many heads hanging with Rakshabhitti. Then he went to his house and asked his family members about the condition of his childhood friend Shahzadi Badaura.

Her relatives told that the princess has gone mad, the king has chained her and put her in the prison. The emperor has announced that he will marry a princess whoever does him well and will make him a crown prince, but whoever fails to do good to him will be put to death. On hearing this announcement, many virtuous people – Vaidyas, astrologers, Ramlkarta, Tantriks etc. came and failed in this effort and lost their lives, Their heads are hung with the help of a wall of defense. You will know the rest from your mother. At this time no one is allowed to go to the princess except your mother. When Marzban’s mother came home after taking leave from her service, she was very happy with the return of her son. On being asked by Marzban, he told the condition of the princess in detail. Marzban asked if it was possible that I should secretly visit the princess and see what disease she had. His mother said that this work was of great risk. But when Marjwan insisted a lot, he said that I will take care and tell whether some arrangement can be done or not.

The next day when the old lady went to serve the princess, she said to the chief of the guard, “Brother, I want a little favor from you. She said, tell me what do you want. The old lady said, you probably know that one of my daughters is of the same age as the princess. Both drank my milk together. I married him many years ago. Now she has come for the first time from her in-laws’ house. When he heard the condition of his childhood friend, he was very worried. She wanted to see him but she veils very tightly and doesn’t even want to tell anyone where she comes and goes. If you allow, I will introduce my daughter to the princess. The chief guard didn’t see any harm in this. He said, the emperor, who has gone one night, goes to sleep. You bring your daughter at that time. I will keep the door of this house open. It would be a good thing if her friend meets her to entertain the princess.

So the old lady dressed Marzban, covered her face with a niqab, dressed in her familiar clothes and at the appointed time took her to the princess’s residence. Leaving him in the outer room, he went to the princess and said that my son has come in disguise to inquire about your well being. The princess was delighted at the arrival of her childhood friend. He called Marjban and when he stood away after saluting, he said, Marzban brother, come near. What is the difference between brother and sister? My life was very worried. After talking with you for two hours, my health will get better.

Marjban took out his books of astrology, Ramal etc. and started trying to diagnose the disease of the princess. The princess Badaura said, Marzban, it is a matter of great sadness that you too are thinking of me as crazy like others. I insist to you that I am completely mentally sound. People who come for my treatment don’t know my story so they think me crazy.

After saying this, the princess Badaura told him in detail how she had met a young man who changed her ring in her spring. I am not mad. The moment I get my beloved, I will be completely fine.

After hearing this, Marzban stood silently for a long time and then said, Princess, others may not have believed you, but I have faith. Be assured. I go in search of your desired man. If God wishes, I will find him. If this is not possible, then I will not show my face here. Now when you hear that Marjban is in the city, understand that your loved one has also come with him. Saying this he left. After leaving his city, he traveled from country to country, city to city and inquired. But he didn’t even know what to ask.

Incidentally, one day he was staying in that beautiful city which was situated on the bank of a river. It was about four months after he left China. Some tourists told him that the princess of Persia, Kamaruzzaman, was strangely hysterical. He was under strict guard, yet says that a beautiful lady lies with him from whom he has changed the ring. Marjban hoped that perhaps it was the same man whom Badaura mentioned. He asked the route to the island where Kamaruzzaman was imprisoned in the fort. It turns out that there are two ways. One is a land route which is safe but long, the other is a sea route but that is dangerous. Marjban decided to go through the dangerous sea route.

For a few days the journey went well, but later a strong storm came, which slammed the ship on the waterway of a mountain. The ship broke into pieces and fell into the deep sea. All the people of the ship drowned but Marzban was also a skilled swimmer. He swam with the support of a plank and slowly came to the shore of the same island where Kamaruzzaman was imprisoned. It was a matter of coincidence that at the same time, the emperor was getting distracted by looking at the sea there. Seeing Marzban floating on the board, he ordered the minister to immediately save this man from drowning. The Manjhi people after getting permission went to the sea and took out Marzban and took him before the emperor. The king after talking to him ordered that this person is educated and intelligent and also the prince’s brother, so he should be kept with the prince as his companion. He told her the condition of the prince’s illness.

After listening to the change of the ring, he understood that Badaura talks about this prince. He prayed to the emperor that if he is allowed to talk to the prince in solitude, then it is possible that the prince’s disease will be cured. The emperor allowed it. Alone, Kamaruzzaman asked Marzban who are you and where have you come from. He said softly, Sarkar, I have come from China. I know very well the beauty who used to lie near you and with whom you changed your ring. She is the daughter of the mighty emperor of China. His name is Badora. Just as you have become frantic in her separation, she also suffers like a waterless fish in your separation.

Marjban further said, I am his milk brother and he has full faith in me, so he has told me his and your condition in detail. Like you, he is also imprisoned according to the orders of his father, but in more plight than you because he has been tied with chains of gold. Her father has made a promise that whoever cures my daughter, I will make him my son-in-law and crown prince. But the one who fails in this attempt, I will put to death. In this round about one hundred and fifty astrologers, Ramal experts, tantriks, The Hakims have lost their lives and their heads hang on the support of the city’s defences. If you go there then surely the princess will be fine and the emperor will get you married according to his promise and you will also get the kingdom there after the emperor’s death. That’s why now it is necessary first of all to create energy in your body by eating healthy food properly and then go to China with me.

Kamaruzzaman was so pleased to hear this that he stood up in excitement. He had hoped to meet his beloved. He took a bath and put on good clothes and started laughing and talking in the simplest form of all. He dined with his father. The king was not blown away seeing this. He embraced his son and took him out of the fort of Khirad Island to his palace. He organized great celebrations on the recovery of the prince throughout the kingdom and hosted a grand feast for the nobles and prominent citizens in the palace. He also gave donations to the poor, orphans and beggars. All the people of the state were very pleased with the health benefits of their prince and the festivities continued for several days.

Kamaruzzama had now started eating healthy food. Therefore, within a few days, his body got the undone power. Then he told Marzban that now I have no more strength to bear the separation, I want to leave for China with you immediately but my father wants me so much that he will not allow to travel so far. Saying this he started crying.

Marjban said, you are right, but there is a trick by which you can get out of here. You take permission from your father to go on a hunt for two or three days and take me and some servants with you. Take two aseel fast-moving horses along with you. From there we will both go to China.

The prince liked his opinion. He asked the emperor for permission to hunt, which he happily gave. These people went towards east. When it was evening, these people stayed in an inn. After eating and drinking other people slept but in the middle of the night both of them set out on their fast horse. He also took a third modest horse and a dress similar to that of rajsevaks. After walking for five-six hours, they reached the crossroads from where the forest started. Marjban told the prince that you take off your clothes and give them to me and wear them like servants. The prince did the same. Marjban killed the third horse and draped Kamaruzzaman’s royal dress in its blood, dragged and hid the horse’s corpse and put the bloodied and wired royal dress near the crossroads. The prince asked in surprise why did you do this.

Marjban said, your servants will come here looking for you and seeing these clothes, they will understand that some wild animal has eaten you. Then your search will be abandoned and we will go easy.

After that both of them reached China by traveling sometimes by sea and sometimes by land, carrying many asharfis and gems. He stayed in an inn and rested for three days. Meanwhile, Marjban got the prince made clothes like Hakims. Then both took a bath in the hammam and the prince wore Hakimi robes. Marjban said that now you go to the emperor as a hakim and talk about the medical treatment of Badaura and I will go to Badaura and inform about your arrival. Saying this he went to his house and told his mother that you should immediately inform the princess about my arrival.

Here Kamaruzzaman reached down in the palace and started calling out and saying, I am a hakim who has come from a far country. I want to treat the princess. If the princess will be cured by my treatment, then the emperor should marry me according to his promise, or else he will give me the death penalty. The king’s servants, seeing his beauty and youth, grieved where he had come to die. He explained to him a lot that why he has become the enemy of his life, how many people have died like you do not know. But Kamaruzzaman remained firm on his point. The servants took him to the emperor.

Kamaruzzaman went to the court and sat beside the emperor trembling. The emperor should have been angry on this matter, but he started taking pity on the condition of this young Hakim. Even after his persuasion, when Kamaruzzaman did not agree, the emperor got him to sign the pledge and sent it to Badaura’s residence. The head guard there made the prince sit outside and went to Badaura to tell that a hakim has come to treat you. The princess said, bring him too.

The chief guard came and said that the princess calls you. Kamaruzzaman said that I do not need to go there. I’ll fix it from here. The prince took out the pen-dawat and wrote a letter in which there was a description of their meeting-night and sent that letter to Badaura along with the ring of Badaura. Badoura read the letter and recognized her ring and understood that it was my dear man. She broke the chains with a jerk and ran to where the prince was sitting. Both recognized each other and embraced.

The old lady, the princess’s hostess, made both of them sit inside. Both started talking about love. Badaura gave her ring to the prince and said, you keep it with you and I will keep your ring with me considering it dearer than my life.

Badaura’s chief guard ran to the emperor and informed that Hakim had cured the princess from afar and now she is talking quite normally. The emperor immediately came to Badaura’s residence and seeing the daughter completely healthy, put it on his chest. Then he gave Badaura’s hand to Kamaruzzama and said that I am giving my daughter to you as per my promise. Now tell me who you are and where did you come from. Kamaruzzaman said that I am neither a hakim nor a tantrik. I am the son of the king of the region of Persia called Khaldan. Then he described his love in detail in front of the emperor. The emperor was surprised to hear all this and ordered that this account be written in golden letters and kept in the royal library. Then he ordered his servants to make preparations for the wedding. In a few days the preparations were completed and Badaura was married to Karuzzama. Both the lovers’ wish for the big day was fulfilled and they started living happily. The emperor appointed Kamaruzzaman as his minister and started taking cooperation from him in the administration.

But this euphoria cooled down after a few days. It so happened that Kamaruzzaman dreamed one night that her father was dying and is crying out that my only son has been separated from me and my life is dying in his separation. Kamaruzzaman was shocked to see this dream and started crying in grief. His wife woke up from his crying and got upset and started asking what has happened to you, why are you crying. Kamaruzzaman told him what I had dreamed of.

The princess Badaura understood that she would miss her father very much and would not live in this country. She consoled the prince that I would make arrangements to introduce you to your father. The next day he told his father that we want to go to Deshatan for a year. He regretfully accepted this and gave many servants, horses, elephants, asharfis and gems and said that you must come back in a year. He himself went with them for some distance.

Now from here new troubles started falling on Kamaruzzama. After traveling for a month, they reached the edge of a huge forest. Kamaruzzaman got tired, he asked Badaura to camp here and take rest for some time. Badaura also wanted the same. She said that I am more tired than you, so many of our servants have been left behind in the journey, they will also join us.

On receiving the orders of Kamaruzzama, his servant Farrashas pitched a tent in the shade of dense trees. His other comrades and soldiers also sat down in their tents, very distressed by the heat and exhaustion of Badaura. When the tent was decorated, she went into it and lay down on the bed lying in it and fell asleep as soon as she lay down. After some time, taking care of the external arrangements, Kamaruzzama also came there and was lying next to the wife.

Before lying down, Badaura had opened the belt of his waist and put it nearby. This patka was gem-studded and a wallet of zardozi work was also attached to it. Out of curiosity, when the prince picked up the wallet, he came to know that there was some solid and hard object inside it. Kamaruzzaman opened the wallet and took it out and saw that it was a big red one, on which some instrument was made. The prince wondered why Badoura had thrown him in such a careless manner without keeping it in a safe box. In fact, this yantra was given by Badaura’s mother to protect him. The prince brought him out of the tent so that he could read his letters in the light, but then a bird took him from his hand and flew away.

The prince had a lot of trouble that this priceless thing of his beloved came out of his hands. He followed the bird. The bird went some distance away. When the prince went to him, he flew away and sat down again. When the prince reached him again, the bird swallowed the red and then flew away for some distance and sat down. Kamaruzzama continued following him like this. Till the evening the bird continued to mislead Kamaruzzama like this. Kamaruzzaman had gone away from his army and had no knowledge of the direction. He ate some fruits of trees and slept in the shade of a tree.

In the morning he saw that the bird was sitting on the same tree. When Kamaruzzama tried to catch him, he flew away again and sat away. Similarly, on the second day also the bird made Kamaruzzama run after him throughout the day. The poor man would chase the bird all day and sleep under a tree at night.

He thought that even if I go back, where will I get the address of Lashkar. It is better to catch this bird and take out the ruby ​​inside it.

On the eleventh day the bird reached near a city. Kamaruzzama also followed him. Now that bird flew fast and after going behind a huge building, it disappeared so much that even after searching for Kamaruzzama’s lac, it could not be seen. Kamaruzzama didn’t know what to do. The city was situated on the shore of the sea. Kamaruzzaman wandered on the streets and alleys of that city for a long time seeking help from a citizen, but no one from there spoke to him.

Now the poor man left the city and started walking on the beach. He saw a garden and was ready to go inside it, but the gardener saw him and closed the gate of the garden. Kamaruzzaman was surprised by this and asked the gardener why did you close the gate after seeing me. The gardener replied, I did this because you are a Muslim. You are a foreigner and that’s why you don’t know the things here. This country belongs to stone worshippers. People here consider persecution of Muslims as a part of their religion. I am surprised that you have been roaming here for so long and no one has tortured you till now. It should be called the grace of God on you.

Kamaruzzama did not understand at all what to do. Seeing his trouble, the old gardener felt pity. He said, Well you seem hungry and thirsty and upset. Come secretly inside the garden and hide in my hut and take rest for some time after eating and drinking. Kamaruzzaman expressed his gratitude to him and went to the hut to eat and drank something and then on the gardener’s asking, narrated his whole condition as to how the evil bird had brought me here wandering. While narrating his condition, he started crying that I do not know whether I will meet my beloved wife or not and whether I will be able to take her and meet my father or not. He said that it is also not right that my wife should still be in the same forest in which I had left her.

The gardener told him, the countries of the Muslims are far away from here. You have to travel for at least one year to get there. The country closest to them is Avauni. Avauni is also on the beach and from there people can easily reach your father’s Khaldani islands by sea. Once a year a merchant from Avauni comes here and sells his goods here and after buying the produce goes back to his country. He came only a few days ago. If you were here at that time, I would have introduced you to him and he would have taken you to Avauni on his ship. But now he will come after a year, till then you stay comfortably in my hut. Yes, don’t mention your being a Muslim to anyone or else I will also face trouble.

Kamaruzzaman also understood the gardener’s proposal as a mercy of God and started living as his assistant. Throughout the day he would decorate the garden and at night lay on the bed and shed tears in the memory of Badaura. There was hope of getting rid of him after a year, but there was little hope of meeting Badaura.

On the other hand, Badaura woke up that day and was in great surprise not seeing Kamaruzzama. Then he looked at his purse and found that the wallet had been opened from it. She understood that the prince must have taken her to see him. When the prince did not return even after nightfall, she was very disappointed and started crying. In anger, he abused the maker of the instrument a lot, due to which his beloved had this calamity. But she was intelligent, didn’t lose her courage and decided what to do next.

The condition of the prince’s departure was not known to anyone except a couple of maidservants. Badaura gave him a stern warning that under no circumstances should he inform anyone about the departure of the prince. She thought that on hearing this news the Lashkar people should not rebel and do no harm to her. She herself dressed as a prince and dressed up like that. Then he got orders for the people of Lashkar that they should be marched from here as soon as it is dark tomorrow morning. She made a maidservant sit in her place in her palanquin and herself got on a fast-moving horse. Seeing the opportunity as soon as the royal army traveled, he ran his horse in another direction.

She reached Avauni, traveling for several months, sometimes by water and sometimes by land, during which she went everywhere to find her husband. He told his name to be the prince of Khaldan Island, Kamaruzzaman. When the king of Avauni, Ashams got the news of his arrival, he himself went to meet him on the sea coast where the ship of Badaura had anchored. There were relations of friendship between the kings of the countries of Avauni and Khaldan. The emperor treated Badaura as Kamruzzaman with great respect and respectfully brought her to his palace and held many banquets and ceremonies in her honor for three days. After this Kamaruzzama Rupi Badaura sought permission to leave.

The king of Avauni was fascinated by her appearance and tact and wanted to keep her with him. But without saying this outright, he said, my young friend, you know that I am now old and infirm and I find it difficult to run the kingdom. I have no son to help me. I have only one daughter who is extremely beautiful and intelligent. I want her to be sure of marrying him accordingly with a handsome and clever person. You are worthy of him in every way, so I want you to marry him and inherit my kingdom. What do you have to say about this?

Badura was in great confusion. I began to think that if I was really a man, then there was no better opportunity to come into my life. But I am compulsively dressed in this disguise, how can I marry a princess? My secret will be revealed in the honeymoon itself and then I will be insulted by all my friends. And if I refuse the marriage, then the king will get angry and in anger, not knowing what atrocities should be done on me, it is possible to give life imprisonment. Till now my husband has not been traced and I have to trace him. Thinking of all this, he gave approval for the marriage on the condition that a day’s leave should be given in which the advice of the people along with it should also be taken. The emperor allowed this and called his nobles and courtiers and said that I have decided to marry my daughter to this newcomer, what do you guys say about this? They said that your decision is excellent.

So Badaura, who had become Kamaruzzama with great fanfare, got married with the princess of Avauni. After this, the emperor completed the ritual of making his so-called son-in-law the crown prince with equal fanfare and handed over the management of the state to him. All the feudatories gave him gifts. At night, Badaura was taken to the princess’s bedroom. Badaura was engaged in the worship of God till midnight and when the princess fell asleep, she herself slept on the side of the bed. The ritual of Avauni was that the ceremony was performed with great pomp when the daughter had her first intercourse with her husband. Therefore, the next day the emperor gestured to his daughter to ask about the condition of the night.

The princess sat down with her head bowed. Seeing his sadness, the emperor understood that his wish was not fulfilled. She said, maybe your husband was very tired last night due to the day’s work, that’s why he didn’t talk to you. Look what happens tonight. But what was to happen, that night also Badaura lay in isolation. When the king came to know about this the next day, he was filled with anger. He started saying, this young man has got so much audacity that he is insulting my daughter. If he stays isolated like this tonight, I will give him the death penalty tomorrow, if I get rid of him, my daughter will get married again.

Even on the third night, after worshiping till midnight, when Badaura, knowing the princess to be asleep, lay on one side of the bed, the princess sat up and said, dear, what is the matter. It’s been two nights and you touched me, didn’t you even talk to me? I’m infatuated with you and you don’t even talk. What crime have I done that you are angry? Is there something in me that you are dissatisfied with? My father used to say that if the daughter remains a virgin even tonight, I will get the son-in-law killed.

Badura was very distraught on hearing this but remained silent. She was thinking that if I tell my real secret, then the emperor will definitely get me killed on deceit and even if I remain silent, I will have to die in his wrath. Seeing him silent, the princess hugged him and started saying, dear, I do not understand anything. Why did your face turn pale? Why don’t you tell me your concern? I am your wife, I want to see you happy in every way.

Upon hearing this, Badaura’s tears flowed and she started getting gashi due to infirmity. But he fixed himself and said, my dear, I have done you a great disservice. I tell you my whole story in detail, after that you will have the right whether to forgive me after seeing my helplessness or get me killed as a criminal.

He opened his chest to the princess and said, Sister, I am also a woman like you. I am the daughter of the Emperor of China. Now I will tell my full story. Saying this Badaura narrated all the ordeal from the beginning till that day to the princess in detail. Then she said with folded hands, I request you to keep this secret of mine hidden until my husband comes to know. I sincerely hope to meet him. When he comes, you also marry him and live with me as a wife. Together we will serve him and will live with each other lovingly like sisters.

The princess of Avauni was very impressed by the courage of Badaura and said, you have done very well in telling me everything. Now you rule as a man with confidence, no one will tell you anything. leave it all to me.

The next day, the princess gave such gestures to her maids, which made it clear that her husband had sex with her. Even earlier in the night she made such sounds that the maids sitting outside would understand that the night-work was going on. So the next day there was a lot of fanfare. Badaura used to rule throughout the day and at night both the friends would sleep by hugging each other.

On the other hand, Kamaruzzama was living with the gardener in the country of stone worshippers and was spending the day in Maligiri. One day the gardener said, today there is a festival of stone worshippers. Today, the people here do not work themselves or allow anyone to do it. Today they do not even hurt Muslims or any other religious people. You walk around the city comfortably and watch the sports and spectacles there. I am also going to my friends. I will ask them when the Avuniwala ship will leave so that I can put enough food on it for you.

Saying this the gardener left for the sea. Kamaruzzama did not want to go to the city and get entertained in the games and spectacles there. Finding free time, he started crying in memory of his wife. After a while he calmed himself and started looking here and there aimlessly. In the meantime, he saw that two birds came and started fighting on the nearby tree. After a long fight, one of them fell dead and the other flew away. In no time two birds of the same type but of larger stature came and sat down on the head and tail of the dead bird, shaking their heads as if mourning its death. Then they dug a hole with their beaks and claws, buried the dead bird in it and flew away. After sometime they brought the bird which had killed the bird earlier, in their claws and keeping it on the ground, they plucked its feathers and cut the body into pieces. After that they flew away.

Kamaruzzaman went to the dead bird out of curiosity and saw something shiny in its intestines. When he took out the thing and washed it with water, he saw the same yantra gem which had come out of his hand. He was convinced that now he would definitely reunite with his wife. The next day the gardener told him that such a tree has dried up, dig it out from the root. The prince took an ax and started digging it. In this work his ax hit a rock. When he removed the rock, he found a beautiful residence. Fifty copper vessels were kept in it, which were filled with gold powder. When Kamaruzzaman went and said to the gardener, he said, “That money belongs to your destiny, take it from you.” After three days your unfavourable ship will leave. You also take this golden powder, but empty the vessels little by little and fill them with olive oil so that it remains safe. I have plenty of olive oil. Now Kamaruzzaman said to him, Although this money is yours, but if you do not take the whole, then take only half. The gardener accepted this.

Kamaruzzama took out half the gold powder from each pot and kept it in a pile in a corner of the gardener’s house. He thought that this yantra should not go out of hand again, so after emptying a vessel completely, put the yantra in its bottom and spread gold powder on top and marked on that vessel so that it would be convenient to remove the gem. Having made this arrangement, he was sure that the condition of the gardener had worsened. In the morning the captain of that ship came and started asking who was going to leave from here on our ship. Kamaruzzaman said that I am going to go, you should get my fifty pots of olive oil (under which gold powder was filled) on the ship. The sailors of the ship took away the pots. Kamaruzzaman said that I will also come after two days. Before leaving the captain said to come early because we will leave as soon as the wind becomes favourable.

Kamaruzzaman could not leave as soon as the gardener’s disease progressed and he died the next day. Kamaruzzaman could not leave his body like that. He gathered the citizens there and it took Kamaruzzaman some more time to bathe him and perform his last rites. Convinced of this, he locked the garden, put its key in his pocket, and then went to the beach to see if the ship was there or gone. The ship had actually taken away its vessels filled with gold powder. Kamaruzzama felt very sorry but what could have happened. He bought some more pots and filled them with gold powder from the gardener’s share and put olive oil on top of them. Keeping these in a safe place, instead of giving the keys to the owner of the garden, he himself started living in the garden and took care of it himself instead of the gardener, because now he had to cut one more year.

On the other hand, the ship soon reached the country of Avauni after finding favorable air. Badaura looked at each new ship that her husband might have come aboard. Came to see this ship too. He pretended that I had to buy some merchandise from the ship. He went and asked the captain of the ship, where are you coming from and what are the goods in the ship. The captain said that there are always merchants on board the ship, and the goods are also what this ship ordinarily brings. That is, plain and printed cloth, jewels, fragrances, camphor, saffron, olive etc. Badoura loved olives. He said that I want all your olives and its oil and the price will be given to him, get all the olives removed now.

The captain took off all the olives. And the prices of the goods were given to the merchants there, but the captain said that a trader was left behind, I also have fifty pots full of olive oil from him. Badaura said, I have to buy that too, you should give its price to that trader the next time you go. He also asked the price of that goods. The captain said that he was a very small merchant, you should give four and a half thousand rupees for this goods. Badaura said, no, the price of olive oil is high. You will get nine thousand rupees for this, which you pay to its owner after deducting your rent. It is not right to take undue advantage of the absence of a poor businessman.

The captain of the ship got the goods of other merchants unloaded by handing them over to Badaura. Badaura took the handicrafts to the palace and opened them and started seeing them. He was surprised to see that half the pots were full of gold-powder. At the bottom of a handi she found the same instrument with which her husband had disappeared. She fainted seeing him. The maidservants sanctified him by sprinkling Beadmush’s extract and other medicines. When she regained consciousness, she kissed the instrument for a long time and kept it on her eyes. He did not say anything in front of the maidservants, but in solitude to his friend, the princess of Avouni, told the condition of the instrument inscribed on olive oil pots, gold powder and gems and said that now I have hope that the way this instrument is in my hands. has come back, in the same way my husband will also come back.

The next day Badora again went to the beach and sent the captain of that ship and asked him the details of the merchant who had pots of olive oil. The captain told him that he is a Muslim but lives in a country of stone worshippers. He lives with an old gardener and works with him in the garden. I myself had met him in the garden. He had said that take my goods on the ship and I will also come after some time. I waited for him for two or three days but don’t know what was the reason that he did not come. I was compelled to lift the anchor of the ship because later there would be no favorable wind.

Now Badaura exercised its right to be crown prince and minister. He confiscated all the merchants and the captain’s goods after getting off the ship and said to the captain, you do not know what a great crime you have committed by not bringing that man. I came to know from the cashier that the man owes us millions and is on the run. You immediately take the ship back and take that person and hand it over to me. Unless you do this, your goods and that of other merchants will not be released. Also understand that if you do not bring him here you will be punished severely. Do not delay now, go immediately to the land of the stone worshipers because the wind is favorable for going there.

The captain took the poor ship and immediately headed towards the country of stone worshippers. Within a few days he reached there. He anchored the ship and sat on a boat carrying some Khalasis and then landed on the shore. The garden was on the edge of the settlement. Going there, he called to open the door. Kamaruzzaman had not slept well for many nights, being saddened by the memory of Badaura and the death of the gardener. He was sleeping at this time. He got up and opened the door and asked what is the matter, why are you making noise. The captain and his accompanying Khalasis did not give any answer to this matter. Together they broke down on him and even after making lakhs of screams, they took him to their ship and as soon as this work was completed, they lifted the anchor of the ship.

When the ship left, he asked Kamaruzzama that now tell me what is my fault, why have you caught me and put me on the ship and where are you taking me now. The captain said that you have a debt of lakhs from the king of Avauni and we are ordered to catch you and present you in front of the king of Avauni as soon as possible. Kamruzzaman said, Brother, he must have got some confusion. I have never even seen the face of that emperor. How is it possible that I have taken his loan of lakhs? The captain said, We are just following the orders of that emperor. We cannot decide the justice and injustice that will happen to you. But I assure you that the king is very just and if he has actually ordered to arrest you out of confusion and you are really innocent, then have faith that you will be fully treated and you will not be hurt. At least your comfort will be taken care of during the journey as I have got the order for this.

The ship reached Avauni Island within a few days. As soon as the captain reached the shore, he sent the news to Badaura, the crown prince, that your debtor prisoner had arrived. After some time, he reached the prince with Kamaruzzaman, who was surrounded among the Khalasis. Badaura was saddened to see her in dirty and torn clothes. Her heart wanted to run and hug her husband, but stopped thinking that the revelation in front of all the people would not be right.

He handed Kamaruzzaman to a chieftain and asked him to wash it and put on proper clothes and bring it to me tomorrow morning. On the next day when Kamaruzzaman was sent to him, Badaura returned all the goods of the captain and the merchants and also gave the captain a khilat (garment of honor) and a reward of two and a half thousand rupees. She also gave Kamaruzzaman a high throne and always kept him with her. Kamaruzzaman could not at all recognize that this was his wife and kept treating her as his gracious master.

One night, Badaura showed him a gem with a yantra and said, “You know many sciences, see this and tell what it is and the result of keeping it with you will be the best or the worst.” Kamruzzaman was surprised to see the device that how he came to this place. He said, My lord, this thing is very inauspicious. It came to my hands first and because of this I got in big trouble and it almost ruined me. Because of this my wife left me, in the separation of which I keep tormented night and day. If I tell you the whole story, you will feel pity on me too.

Your story will be heard in detail later, said Badoura. Now you wait here for me for a while. I have a special job for a while. Saying this she went to the inner room. After going there, she dressed like a queen and tied the same belt around her waist, from which Kamaruzzaman had taken her wallet and again took out the machined gem from the wallet and started watching, after which the bird ran away with it.

Kamaruzzaman recognized his wife in this disguise and ran and filled her in his arms. He started saying, how much the service of the crown prince here has benefited me that after such a long time I have been able to meet my beloved. Badaura started laughing and said, forget Yuvraj. You will not see him now because I was the crown prince. After saying this, he told the whole situation from the day of separation from Kamaruzzama till that day. Kamaruzzaman also told in detail what happened to me from that day till I came here. After this, both of them went to the bed and fell asleep comfortably in each other’s arms. In the morning, Badaura, after taking a bath, put on a janani dress and sent the emperor of Avauni to his palace.

The emperor was surprised to see a beautiful woman instead of his son-in-law. She said, daughter, who are you? And where has my son-in-law gone? Badaura smiled and said, Prithvinath, till yesterday I was your son-in-law and the crown prince of this state. Today I am the daughter of the emperor of China and the wife of the prince of the country of Khaldan. Please patiently listen to my account which is very strange. Then he told his story end to end and finally said, we are all Muslims. In our religion, if any man marries second, jealousy awakens in the mind of his first wife. I am the prince’s first wife. I myself am requesting you to give your daughter to my husband. The marriage he had with me was false.

The emperor was surprised to hear this. He wished to see Kamaruzzama. Badaura brought him and made him present. The king was happy to see him and said, son, till now we used to consider him as our son-in-law. We did not know that this is your wife and princess of China. Now I want to make you son-in-law. Your wife also has the same wish. If you don’t mind, then let me get my daughter Hyatunnafs married with you. You marry him and take care of the rule of this kingdom.

Kamaruzzaman said, I wanted to go to my country, but I will definitely fulfill the desire of you and Badaura. So he got married with pomp and fanfare to the princess of Abouni and both the women started living together in love. Kamaruzzaman used to visit and visit both of them in turn and did not give any opportunity to any wife to complain against the other wife.

By the grace of God, both of them got a son each in the same year. Kamaruzzaman spent lakhs of rupees on his birth anniversary. The son of Badoura was named Amjad and the son of the princess of Abouni was named Asad. When both the brothers grew up, they were taught every subject by many qualified teachers. In childhood, they used to play together, but even after growing up, their mutual love grew even more. He wished that we should not be kept in separate palaces of our mothers, but both should be kept together in a separate palace. Kamaruzzaman accepted this.

When he turned nineteen years old and was able to manage the state administration, Kamaruzzaman decided that when he himself went for hunting, then the administration should be handed over to the two princes in turn. One special thing was that both the queens wanted step-sons more than their real-sons i.e. Asad was more dear to Badaura and Amjad to Haytunnafs. Both of them also believed in gods more than their mothers. But this thing later became the reason for the animosity of women. Both of them wanted to turn the mind of their sons away from their parents, that is, their sisters. One day Badaura’s son Amdaj was getting up from the court and was going to his palace when a slave gave him a letter which was written by his mother. After reading this letter, he got so angry that he took out the sword and cut the slave into two pieces. He showed the letter to his mother Badora. She also got very upset after reading it and started saying that what Hyatunfs had told about me.

Amjad went to his palace and told the whole situation to his brother Asad. He too got very angry on hearing this. The next day Asad was going from the court to the palace when he killed an old woman and went to his mother’s palace and told her about the letter of Badaura. She got very upset after hearing this and said, Badura has done nonsense, your mind has also gone away. The poor old lady was innocently killed. Don’t come in front of me now.

In fact, these women had made baseless allegations about themselves by writing letters in each other’s name so that the sons would be repulsed by the parents, but when this did not happen, both of them were afraid that if the sons had fallen victim to Emperor Kamaruzzaman. If he said this on his return, then the lives of both of them i.e. Badaura and Hyatunfs would be in danger. Now both of them together advised how to dispose of these worthless sons so that their lives themselves should be saved.

On returning from the hunt of Kamaruzzama, both of them together made a big cry and presented them. On asking him, both of them told that both of your sons have made baseless allegations against both of us, due to which our shame makes us live to drown. Kamaruzzaman also became blind in anger and said that such unworthy people who stigmatize their own mothers have no right to live. He told one of his trusted Sardar Jinder that you kill these two by going to some forest at night, and tomorrow morning show me some sign to prove that both of them have been killed.

Jinder took both of them to the forest on some pretext in the evening and told them there that the king’s order is that I should kill both of you. Both said that if they have this wish, then you must definitely kill us. But both started saying that kill me first. Jinder solved this problem in such a way that both of them were tied in a sheet so that both of them would be destroyed with one blow. Then he took out the sword.

Seeing the sparkle of the sword, Jinder’s horse ran away. Jinder thought that they are bound, they will be told, first I should get my horse. He ran after the horse. In this hustle and bustle, a lion sleeping in a bush woke up and came out and followed Jinder. On the other hand, when Jinder was late in returning, both of them said that they do not know what trouble has happened to him, we should go and help him. How long will you be tied like this? Thinking of this, both of them opened the sheet vigorously and Amjad raised Jinder’s sword and both of them ran to where Jinder and his horse had gone. After going some distance, he saw that a lion is riding on Jinder and wants to kill. Amjad challenged the lion and he pounced on Amjad. Amjad cut the lion into two pieces in a single blow. On the other hand, Asad ran and brought Jinder’s horse.

After picking up Jinder and dusting off his clothes, the two princes told him that now you follow the orders of your father. Jinder looked at both of them, saw the lion’s corpse and fell at the feet of both and said, my lord, you saved my life and I should take your life? It certainly cannot be. But you guys have a pity that I give you an upper garment, which I can immerse in the blood of this lion and give proof of your death to the emperor. If this does not happen, then the emperor will kill me and all the relatives. You guys go to some other country from here. Both of them did as Jinder had said.

Jinder took his blood-stained clothes and went to Kamaruzzamaan. Seeing these clothes, the emperor started feeling remorse instead of wrath that I had myself killed such beautiful and intelligent princes. The letters that had been sent to them were also found in the pockets of their clothes. Kamaruzzaman knew the handwriting of both his wives and understood that both the women had deceived the princes. He felt even more sad that innocent princes were killed. He began to eat his own pride and started saying that where would a tyrannical father like me be in this world because I got my sons killed by being deceived by my wicked wives. He vowed that he would never see the faces of these women. He arrested both his queens and put them in the prison house. Even then he had no peace of mind and would weep day and night at the separation of his sons.

Here both the brothers wandered in the forest and lived by eating fruits and flowers. One brother slept half the night and the other kept guard so that no wild animal would attack. For the rest of the night the second brother guarded and the first slept. Walking like this for a month, he reached at the foot of a mountain. Then they started climbing that mountain. The mountain was a steep climb. Asad became extremely tired and fell there. Amjad climbed the top of the mountain with courage. There was a pomegranate tree laden with fruits and a source of fresh water. He supported Asad and took him to the top of the mountain. There both drank water, ate pomegranate and rested there for three days. Then he started walking on the flat path made on the top of the mountain and continued like this. Then the road appeared to go down. They started landing on it. After a few days, they saw a city settled in the distance. Amjad said that both of us should go. Asad said, it is not right. Maybe there’s a danger, Only one should go first. At least one will be safe. You stay here, I will go and bring food for both of us. Saying this he started towards the city.

When he reached the city, first of all he found an old man. He asked, Baba, where is the market here. I have to buy food for myself and my brother. The old man asked if you were a foreigner. He said yes. Looking at him from top to bottom, the old man said, son, you leave worrying about the market, come to my house. There is plenty of food, you yourself can eat enough food and take as much as you want for your brother. Saying this the deceitful old man took him to his spacious house. Asad saw forty old men sitting around the fire and worshiping. Asad was terrified that this fire-worshiper had brought me here by deceit and did not know what to do with me.

The old man told his companions that Agnidev is pleased with us, he has brought this Muslim in our hands for his offering. Then he called Gajwan, Gajwan and gave many voices. On this came a long talk. At the behest of the old man, he threw Asad on the ground and tied him up. The old man said, “Take it and put it in the cellar and hand it over to my daughters Bostan and Cavana.” I also ordered them to beat it several times a day and once in twenty four hours give two small rotis and a lot of water so that it does not die. After a year, the day of sacrifice of the god of fire will come. Then we will carry it on a ship to Mount Jwalamukhi and sacrifice it to the god of fire.

Asad was put in the basement as per Ghazwan’s orders. There Bostan and Kaiwan would often come and beat Asad a lot, causing him to fall unconscious. Both of them would give him some pieces of bread and a lot of water every day, which would have saved his life. Asad was deeply saddened by his plight, but at the same time he was satisfied that I alone have trouble, my brother Amjad is spared from this.

On the other hand, Amjad saw the way for Asad’s arrival till evening. At night he felt very sad and realized that Asad was in some trouble. Somehow he spent the night and got up in the morning and went to the city to find his brother. He was surprised to see that only a few Muslims are seen in the city. Stopping a Muslim, he asked which city it was. He said, you are a foreigner, where are you trapped here? It is a city of fire worship because all the fire worshipers live here. Amjad asked how far is Avauni Nagar from here. He said, the waterway is easy, so they reach there in four months. There are difficulties in the land route but they reach it in two months. Amjad started thinking with surprise that I had reached here only in one and a half months. Then he thought that who would have gone through this rugged path like me. The informer was in a hurry, he went about his work.

Amjad wandered around and reached a tailor’s shop. He was also a Muslim. Amjad tells him of his difficult journey and the loss of his brother. The tailor said, if your brother falls into the hands of a fire worshiper, it is difficult to save his life. Take care of your own life. He started living with her. A month passed like this. Amjad used to do a little bit of Darji’s work.

One day he was walking in the market when he found a very beautiful woman. The woman took him aside and lifted the mask from her mouth and said, my dear, which country are you from? Since when have you been here? Where are you going at this time? Amjad was mesmerized by her beauty and said, “Go, I was staying in my palace.” But now I will go wherever you take me. The woman said, I am a woman from a prestigious family. We do not take our lovers to our homes. Lovers take us people to their homes.

Amjad started thinking where can I take it, I have no home. What will he do if I take it to the tailor? So he did not give any answer to the woman and went towards the tailor’s house. But that shameless woman also followed him. Amjad thought that it should be diverted so he started roaming the streets. But the woman did not give up. Finally, exhausted, he reached a house in a street where there were posts on the front platform. He got tired and sat down on a post. The woman also sat there.

The woman asked whether this is your palace. Amjad remained silent again. The woman said, dear, why are you sitting outside? Why don’t you open the lock and go inside? Amjad pretended that the lock of the palace is with my slave who has gone to the market to bring me food. He thought that the woman would get bored with him but she remained there. After sometime she started saying, your slave is a very careless man, did not come from the market for so long. When he comes, give him a lot of punishment. Amjad said yes with the aim of getting rid of him. After sometime the woman started breaking the lock on the door. Amjad said, why are you breaking the lock. He said that after all the house is yours, if one lock gets damaged then who will be the big loss.

Amjad started thinking that if something goes wrong then it is a woman, no one will say anything about it, everyone will catch me. He thought to go quietly. But the woman went inside and came out again and started saying that why don’t you walk inside. Amjad said that I am waiting for my slave. The woman said, waiting can be done sitting inside also, what is the need to wait while sitting outside? Amjad was forced to go inside. He saw that the house was very neat and spacious. Both of them climbed some stairs and went to the hallway of the living room. The hall was very neat and decorated with picturesque objects. On the one hand there were various types of delicious dishes in many beautiful vessels and on the other side there were containers of fruits and nuts. On one side the glass jars were filled with flavored wine and there were many beautiful cups for drinking. Amjad started thinking that this is a rich man’s house and at any time his servants would come and beat me up.

He was worried about this and the woman started saying to him, dear, you used to say that you have sent the slave to the market to buy food items, so much of the best stuff is kept here. It seems that your slave has gone somewhere keeping this food, fruits etc. And you are not sitting somewhere sad because it was all for some other beauty and I came in the middle. Don’t you worry I will not even object to his coming and will even convince him so that you will not have any problem. The three of us will celebrate together. Amjad laughed and said, no other woman will come. But this food is not fit for me to eat, it is impure according to my beliefs. My slave would bring me holy food. That’s why I’m not eating anything.

But the woman was not ready for the long wait. He started eating. After eating two or four grains, he drank a cup of wine and gave one cup to Amjad. He was compelled to drink it. He also started thinking that it should be better that we go after eating and drinking before the servants of the house owner or else there will be a big slander. That’s why he started eating little by little, but the woman was eating and drinking comfortably.

Just then the owner of the house appeared. The woman could not see him because her back was towards the door. Amjad looked at her and worried about what would happen now. But the householder indicated to him not to worry and eat and drink comfortably. In fact the owner of the house was the head officer of the royal horde. His name was Bahadur. His residence was another. He used to come to this house for fun. That day he had invited some of his friends for a banquet and that is why he had brought all the goods. But when he came from outside, he saw the lock broken and saw a man and a woman having fun inside, then he started hiding to see what happens next.

Amjad got up on the pretext of a short doubt and started talking slowly to Bahadur. He told her the whole situation. Bahadur said, Prince, don’t you worry. I am convinced that you are innocent. Apart from this, I have another house where I live and come to this house sometimes for fun. I am your servant anyway. After sometime I come dressed as slaves. You should be angry with me but kill me why I took so long. You have sex with that woman throughout the night and in the morning send her something away. I consider myself very fortunate that a prince came to my house and sanctified it. You go and have a delicious meal. Hearing this, the prince came inside and started eating and drinking.

Bahadur went out of the house as the invited friends had arrived. He made an excuse to them that the feast had to be postponed due to an unavoidable reason. I’ll call you guys again. I’m sorry you guys for today. Friends returned from outside. Here the brave came dressed like slaves and fell at the feet of the prince and prayed for forgiveness. Amjad said in a fake anger that you had gone in the morning, where were you dying till now. Bahadur again started apologizing. Amjad said that I will not agree without beating you today. Saying this he got up and picked up a stick and inflicted minor injuries on Bahadur two or four times. The woman said, killing like this will make any sense to it? Look, this is how punishment is given. Saying this, he thrashed four or six sticks with full force, and the brave one got up and started crying. Amjad snatched the stick from the woman’s hand and said, ‘Let it be, after all he is also a man, not an animal, who is killing so mercilessly.

The brave stood up, wiping away the tears and like slaves, started giving both of them full pots of wine. When both of them had eaten and drank well, he prepared a bed for both of them in a room so that they could sleep on it at night. In the evening, he lit lamps all over the house. After a long night, when the prince and the woman went to his room, he himself lay down on his bed in the hallway so that the prince could call him when needed. Unfortunately Bahadur used to snore loudly while sleeping. When the woman was inconvenienced, she said that you go now and cut the head of that indecent slave, he will not let you sleep all night.

Amjad understood that she was saying this by getting drunk. He said, snoring is not such a crime on which someone’s neck should be slapped. I already feel sorry for him that you killed him with such cruelty. She said, do you care more about me or a petty slave? I sincerely wish that he should be killed. After all, he is a slave. If you don’t kill me, I myself go and sever his neck.

Amjad thought that somehow Bahadur’s life must be saved. He said that if this is your insistence then it is right but he is my slave, I will kill him, not you. Saying this he took the sword from the woman’s hand. The woman walked in front of him to see if Amjad actually killed him or left him alone. On reaching the sleeping Bahadur, Amjad took out the sword and after taking two steps back, instead of Bahadur, struck the woman’s neck with such a powerful blow that her body fell into two pieces on the ground.

When Bahadur woke up shocked by this word, he saw that the prince was holding a bloodied sword in his hand and both the pieces of the woman’s body were in agony. He asked in surprise why did you punish him like this. Amjad said, if I had not killed it, your life could not have been saved in any way. Then she told what she was insisting on. Bahadur laid his head on the feet of the prince and said, You are very kind, because of you I have been saved from death by the hands of this shameless scumbag. Now I take its dead body and throw it somewhere in the dark. If this corpse is found here at the end of the day, it will be a big mess.

He also said, the danger is still there. That’s why I write to you the inheritance of all my property. So you take this woman’s jewelry etc. If I come with this dead body till sunrise, then it is fine or else understand that I have been caught. Saying this, he tied the dead body in a sheet and took it away. On the way he unfortunately got a police patrol. When the soldiers opened the bale, they found the dead body. He took Bahadur to the police station along with the corpse bundle and told the chief officer that this slave was taking this woman to be killed and thrown away.

The chief officer in the guise of slaves also recognized the head of the horse house. He decided that instead of punishing me himself, it would be better to present it before the emperor. He kept Bahadur locked in his house of the dead body overnight and presented both of them to the emperor in the morning. The king got very angry seeing this. He said to the brave, how shameless you are. Despite being such a big officer, he kills innocent in this way. You have absolutely no right to live. Saying this, he told the police officer that he should be hanged today by putting a hanging stamp at the crossroads.

The chief police officer made a public announcement in the whole city that the chief officer of the royal chute would be hanged at such a crossroads for the crime of killing an unfamiliar woman. When Amjad heard this statement, he understood that Bahadur had been caught and was about to be hanged. He immediately went to the gallows crossroads. He told the police officer, the culprit is not this man, I am. I have killed that woman because she wanted to kill her. Saying this, he narrated the whole story of the previous day to the police officer. He again presented Bahadur and Amjad before the king of the dead body.

After listening to the whole story from Amjad, the emperor asked who are you and where have you come from. He narrated his entire story – of his father getting the death sentence, coming here on a wandering and missing the younger brother two days ago. The king said, you have done well by killing this woman, I will not punish you for this. Bahadur has no fault at all, so by giving him a reward, I will send him to his post with dignity. I will make you my minister so that there may be some retribution for the excess that your father has done to you.

After becoming a minister, Amjad made a public announcement that whoever brings the news of Assad will be rewarded a lot. He also appointed hundreds of spies for this work, but Assad was nowhere to be found. That poor man would remain locked in the same cellar and would get a piece of bread every day after a lot of beatings from the old daughter’s daughters Bostan and Cavana. Slowly the day came for him to surrender. The old man handed him over to the captain of a ship, Bahram, who locked him in a box and took him to his ship.

Before leaving the ship, Amjad had come to know that in a year a ship comes to this city for the sacrifice of the god of fire and takes some Muslim to offer sacrifice. He thought that this time, Assad was not being sent for this. He was suspicious of this ship, so he himself got on the ship and standing aside all the Khalasis and merchants, ordered his servants to search the ship. The servants looked everywhere, but Asad was locked in the chest, so he could not be found. After this the ship was allowed to travel.

On the way, the captain Bahram took Asad out of the box but put fetters at his feet so that he would not jump into the sea after hearing his sacrifice. But the ship did not reach the desired volcano island. Unfavorable wind and sea currents turned him to the other side. A few days later the land appeared, but when Captain Bahram recognized which country it was, he became very nervous. This land was the kingdom of a Muslim queen Marjina. She was a fierce enemy of the fire worshippers.

She did not allow any fire worshipers to stay in her country, but also did not allow any of their ships to enter her ports. When the ship reached the shore there, Bahram said to his companions, if Marzina’s soldiers see this prisoner in fetters on the ship, Marzina will plunder the ship and get us all killed. So cut off this man’s shackles and dress him like servants. With this hand, I will give the gift of Ratnadi to the queen so that the queen will also be pleased and also understand that I will not be sacrificed.

The people of the ship liked this measure of the captain, because apart from this, the queen’s wrath could not be avoided. Assad’s shackles were cut off and he was dressed as slaves in white. They fed him good food and falsely assured that after leaving here we will take you to your country. But he also said that do not tell anyone the misbehavior that happened to you at that old man’s house or else we will not leave you alive.

He used every kind of leniency and intimidation.

Asad also saw that there was no use in denying him, he assumed that I would not say anything to anyone. Now the ship anchored in the port of Marzina. Marjina’s garden was on the beach and she was visiting her garden at that time. When she saw the ship of fire worshipers, she sent her soldiers and after some time she herself came to the beach. Captain Bahram went to Assad’s hand with the presents, and after bowing down saluted, he said that we are stuck at your port, being forced by the unfavorable wind and sea currents. We are merchants and trade in slaves. Our more slaves were sold and only this remains. It is read and written, so we have kept it for accounting.

Marzina became infatuated with Asad’s appearance. He said, keep all your gifts with you, just give this servant to me. Whatever price you ask for it, I will give it. Having said this, without waiting for Bahram’s reply, she put her hand in Asad’s hand and started walking in the garden. After sometime he asked Asad what is your name? Asad said filled with tears, Malika, what name should I tell. Till a few months back, my name was Asad and I was the prince of Avauni. Now I have been named Qurbaniye-Atish because these fire worshipers are taking me to sacrifice before their deity.

Marjina got furious after hearing this story. He called Bahram and uttered a lot of abuses and said, lowly bastard, you told such a big lie to me? You are taking this person for the sacrifice of fire and telling me that he is a slave? Now if you want wellness, then immediately open the ship, otherwise I will loot all the goods, I will burn the ship. Bahram came to the ship frightened. Despite the strong wind, the anchor of the ship started lifting. On the other hand, Marjina took Asad to the state residence built in the garden. He ordered delicious food. Asad ate a full meal and drank alcohol throughout his life. He had been drinking too much alcohol. He took permission from Malika to de-addiction by roaming in the garden and started roaming in the garden. After some time, he washed his face sitting near a pool and, having some consciousness, lay down on the grass there. Within two moments he fell into a deep sleep.

On the other hand, Bahram said to his Khalasis, now it is evening, you can stay here without any fear for the whole night. Hope there will be favorable wind by morning. There is also less fresh water on the ship. If we get down on the ground and see, we will find some well or pool. By bringing water, we will open the ship before dawn.

When the Khalasi people went out in search of water, they remembered that they had seen a big pool of sweet water in the garden of Queen Marjina. They came there. They recognized Asad as he was sleeping and was overjoyed to find him alone. They filled all their vessels with water and slowly lifted Asad to the ship. Bahram was overjoyed to find Asad with water. The wind was also blowing favourably, so he lifted the anchor after staying for two hours at night. The ship proceeded rapidly towards the volcanic mountain which they called Atshi Koh.

In the morning, Malika did not find Asad with her, so at first he thought that he must have gone to the toilet, but when he did not come till late, he ordered his maids and servants to find him. He searched a lot but could not find his address. After a long time the maids told that the gate of the garden had been found open and a man’s shoes were kept near the pool. Malika got up and came to the pool herself and after seeing the shoes, she recognized that they belonged to Asad. Some of the maidservants also said that the amount of water in the pool last evening is much less than that at this time.

Queen Marjina understood that at night the Khalasi Bagh of Bahram must have come to get water and along with the water must have taken away the sleepy Asad. He sent a man to the beach to find out if Bahram’s ship was there. There he came to know that the ship had already left before dawn. People of other ships also told that a boat had come from the ship which had gone to Pahar night, whose people had gone towards Shahi Bagh.

Now there is no doubt that Bahram has got Assad raised. By then it was evening. She ordered all the ships of her navy to be ready and said that ten ships reach the port, I myself will go with this war fleet. The next morning ten warships followed Bahram’s ship carrying the queen. Two days later they saw Bahram’s ship going ahead and soon surrounded it from all sides.

Bahram understood that Malika had pursued for Assad’s sake. He thought that if caught with Asad, the queen would get me killed, so he should be removed from the ship. Apparently he could not even let the sacrifice go from his hand. That’s why he cried out in anger and said, Because of this wretched, trouble is coming on us and our lives are in danger. Hit it hard and then throw it in the sea so that it ends here. The people under him did the same. Hit him hard and then picked him up and threw him in the sea. He believed that he could not escape from this deep water.

But Asad was a very good swimmer. He started swimming on a land in a few hours. He reached the shore and thanked God for saving his life for the second time. He dried his clothes and thought of going to the city which was seen some distance away from the shore. When he reached near, he saw that it was the same fire worshipers’ settlement from where he was loaded on the ship. He thought that it is not good to go there during the day, I will go there at night. Thinking of this, he went to the cemetery of Muslims and slept.

On the other hand Marzina’s ships suppressed Bahram’s ship. Marzina herself got on the ship and asked where is the Assad whom you brought from my garden. Bahram denied bringing in Assad. Marzina found Asad. Not finding him, she became even more angry. She ordered to plunder the ship and take all the people to the nearest land and said that I will get them all put to death. His soldiers brought Bahram and his companions to the shore.

On going to the shore, Bahram also recognized that it was his city. He escaped avoiding the eyes of the guards. It had been a long night by the time he reached the city. He also thought that after spending the night here in the cemetery, he would go to the city in the morning. Seeing Asad sleeping there, he wondered who was sleeping at this place. He began to take a good look at her. Asad’s eyes also opened and he sat up. Bahram said, have you slept here? Because of you, I was in such a disaster. This year he was saved from sacrifice, now I will see how you survive next year.

Bahram was stronger than Assad. He tied Asad in a sheet and took him to the house of the old fire worshiper from where Asad had been brought. The old man then put fetters on Assad’s feet and carried him to the cellar and ordered Bostan and Kavana to kill him daily and give him bread and water as before. Bostan took her to the basement. Assad started lamenting that it was better to be sacrificed than to kill all this year. Bostan already regretted its cruelty. At this time he felt great pity on Asad. He said, don’t you worry. I won’t kill you Let me also tell you that I have become a Muslim.

Assad was greatly relieved by Bostan’s words, but he was still afraid of Kavana’s side. He said, God has instilled mercy in your heart on my behalf, but Kavana will kill me as before. Boston said, don’t be afraid. You don’t have Cavanna now, I will come. From that day only Boston started coming to him. She would feed him full of delicious food and talk to him in a friendly manner.

One day Bostan was standing at his door when he heard the announcement being made. The clerk was saying in a loud voice, Amjad, the minister of this country, has set out on his own in the city to find his younger brother Asad. Whoever brings his brother to him will be given wealth that will be enough for many generations. And if anyone willfully hides Assad, he will be killed along with his family members and his house will be dug up and plow will be done on that land. Hearing this, she ran to Bostan and went to Asad. She cut off his shackles and took him out into the street. Coming here, he called out and said, this is Asad, brother of minister Amjad, take it to the minister.

The minister’s servants immediately informed the minister. Instead of calling Asad, he himself came there. Recognizing Asad, he hugged him. Then he took Asad and Bostan and reached the emperor. Upon reaching there, Asad described all the calamities that fell upon him. The king’s anger knew no bounds. He ordered that the old fire worshiper’s house be dug up and ordered the death penalty to him and Bahram etc. They all fell at his feet and begged for their lives. The king said that your crime is very big, you can get life donation on the condition that you leave this false religion and become a Muslim. He saved his life by accepting this.

Minister Amjad then gave them enough money to survive. Bahram was impressed by this. He said Sarkar, last year I had gone to Avauni country. There Badshah Kamaruzzama is very much disturbed by the separation of you people. Wouldn’t be surprised if they lost their lives in this misery. If both of you are ready to go there, then I will get you conveniently.

Amjad and Asad accepted this and asked permission to leave from the emperor which he gave. He hugged them and sent them away and gave them many resources for the journey.

In the meantime, a keeper came and said that a big army is coming from one side. The king started thinking that who is my enemy who would climb. He asked Amjad to go and meet the army chief. When Amjad went, he came to know that the hero of the army was a woman. He met her and asked her whether you have come with the intention of war or friendship? She said, I have not come to fight. The famous captain of Bahram here has stolen my servant Asad. I have come to take that. My name is Marjina. I will be grateful if you can help me get Assad back.

Amjad said, Your servant Asad is my younger brother. I am the minister here. Please come and meet our king. They will put Assad at your service. Marjina was very pleased to hear this and leaving the whole army there, taking some bodyguards along with Amjad started coming to the emperor.

Meanwhile, another keeper came and said that another army was coming from the other direction. The king was worried again. He sent Amjad to know the condition of this army. Amjad went with some soldiers and told an army chief that I am the minister here, take me to your king. Going to the emperor, he asked that if you have come for the war, then also tell why you want to fight with us. The king said, I did not come to fight. I am Gaur, the emperor of China. My daughter Badora and son-in-law Kamruzzaman are missing for a long time. I set out to find them.

Amjad kissed his feet and said, you are my maternal grandfather. My father Kamaruzzamaan is the king of Avauni. He and my mother Badaura are blissful. Badshah Gaur hugged her and loved her for a long time. He was very sad to hear of all the previous calamities of Amjad.

He consoled Amjad and said that I myself will take you there and get you both reconciled. Amjad left and told his master about his condition. He was surprised that a majestic man like the emperor of China is wandering in search of daughter-son-in-law. He ordered his servants to worship the emperor of China completely. He himself started making preparations to go to the emperor’s camp of China and meet him.

In the meantime, another operative informed that an army had also come from the third side. The king thought that this is a good trouble, armies are coming from all around. This time also he sent Amjad to know the purpose of the arrival of this army. When Amjad went and inquired, he came to know that this is his father, Kamaruzzaman, who has come here wandering around the country and abroad in search of his two sons. He came to know that at first he had given orders to kill his sons after being trapped in the conspiracy of his queens, but later he regretted so much that he agreed to give up his life. When Jinder told him that the princes had not been killed, his condition improved, but after that he could not rest in peace and took a large army and set out to find the sons. Amjad came back and took Asad along and both the sons met the father. He hugged both of them and shed tears of joy for a long time.

At the same time, another servant told the emperor there that a large army was also coming from the fourth side of the state. The emperor again sent the news to Amjad. Kamaruzzaman said, more things will come later, first it should be seen why this new army has come. I myself will go with you and meet the king who brought that army. Amjad also told his father that the emperor of China has also come from one side to the military. Kamaruzzaman was happy to hear this and said that on the way, we will go on meeting your maternal grandfather too.

After a brief meeting with the Chinese emperor, Kamaruzzaman and his two sons went to the side where the Fourth Army had camped. On reaching near, Amjad went ahead. Incidentally, his first meeting was with the minister of the emperor of this army. He asked, you people are Muslims, what have you come to do in this country where there are mainly fire worshippers? That minister said, we have come from Khaldan country. Our emperor’s son Kamaruzzaman has been missing for more than twenty years. Our kings are wandering in search of him. If you people have heard about Kamaruzzaman, then tell me, you will be very pleased.

Amjad laughed and said, you are asking the news of Kamaruzzama. I myself bring Kamaruzzama here. You make arrangements for the meeting of our people with the emperor. Here the minister went to give this news to his emperor, while Amjad went and told his father that your father has come here in search of you and this army belongs to him. Kamaruzzaman did not even dream that he would meet his father and that too in such an accidental manner. He fainted with emotion. When he became conscious, he took the son with him and went to meet the father and went to him and fell at his feet. He kept crying on her chest for a long time.

He asked Kamaruzzaman, son, what was wrong with me that you left without saying anything. Where and how have you been during this long? Kamaruzzaman apologized to his father for leaving the country silently in shame and then told him the whole condition of his, Badaura and sons. He introduced his two sons to the father. He hugged both the grandsons and fell in love for a long time.

Then all the kings and Queen Marzina met each other in the palace of the Muslim king of the fiery country, and for three days there was a melody. On the advice of all, minister Amjad was married off to Bostan, the daughter of a former fire worshipper, because she herself was a Muslim first of all and had freed Asad from his father’s captivity. Similarly, on the advice of everyone, Asad was married to Queen Marjina because she was so infatuated with Asad despite being so powerful that she was wandering in search of him. Asad left with his wife. The emperor there handed over his kingdom to Amjad. The effect of all this account was that most of the fire worshipers of that country left their old religion and became Muslims. The emperor of China, the king of Khaldan and Kamaruzzaman left for their respective countries after accepting the valuable gifts given by the emperor of that country.

When Shehrzad finished this story, Duniyajad said, Didi, you told a very good story. I wish to hear more such stories. Shehrzad said, if I am not executed today, tomorrow I will tell the beautiful story of Nuruddin and the maid of Persia. In the greed of this story, Emperor Shahryar postponed the execution of Shahrajad on that day as well.

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