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The vanilla a short stories for kids

An old legend tells that many years ago a beautiful girl lived in Mexico who belonged to a very important and wealthy family in her city. So much so, that his house was a palace in which he enjoyed all the comforts and luxuries that one can imagine.

One day, Xanath, who was his name, went out for a walk and met a handsome young man named Tzarahuín. It was about a poor boy who lived in a log cabin near the forest. Of course, his simple and unpretentious life had nothing to do with hers, which was almost like that of a princess.

However, you already know that love is born in the most unexpected way: the moment their eyes met for the first time, they fell madly in love.

Every afternoon, Xanath was absent from home with any excuse and looked for a way to meet Tzarahuín in a secluded place. As the days went by the more they loved each other and the more they wanted to be together at all hours. Xanath knew that her parents would never accept her marrying someone so humble that she had nothing to offer him. The only option to enjoy her love was to meet secretly and secretly.

It happened that one afternoon, after seeing his beloved Tzarahuín, Xanath passed by the most important temple on the mountain. He walked slowly, humming a cute song and wearing a beautiful smile that reflected his happiness. Unfortunately for him, one of the gods who lived in the temple saw her and was so fascinated by her beauty that he also fell in love with her at first sight.

He was the god of happiness, a powerful being who immediately decided that she would be his wife at all costs. Wasting no time, he went out to meet her and began to follow her. Xanath saw him out of the corner of his eye and tried to avoid his presence, but the god managed to cut him off and proposed to him.

The young woman, scared, rejected him. She would never marry another person other than her beloved Tzarahuín! But he insisted and insisted ad nauseam. He wasn’t taking no for an answer! Xanath refused a thousand times and in the end, the god could not contain his anger and threatened her screaming that one day, he would regret having treated him so badly.

The girl returned home very suffocated and tried to forget what happened. He had no idea that the god was not going to give up easily. In fact, as soon as he lost sight of her, he sent a messenger to the girl’s house and invited her father to visit him at the temple. The old man felt very happy and flattered that such an important divinity wanted to meet him and he went to the appointment dressed in his best clothes.

The god of happiness wanted to befriend him to gain his trust, so he treated him like a king and showered him with gifts. Before saying goodbye, when he was already cajoled, he asked Xanath’s hand. The man, very excited, did not hesitate and promised that his precious daughter would marry him.

The next day, it was the god who came to the girl’s house. The father received her with joy and sent for her. Xanath came down the steps and was about to faint when he saw that the god was there because he was still determined to marry her. Desperate, she began to cry and did not even want to speak to him.

The god, enraged, began to curse and swore that if she did not marry him he would not marry anyone. He was climbing the walls! She raised her hand and cast a spell that transformed her forever into a beautiful flower with soft and delicate yellow petals. Do you know what that flower is called? Its name is vanilla.

Since then, this plant from the orchid family has been found in many parts of the world. The essence that we use to make the desserts and ice creams that children and adults like so much is extracted from its pods.

Do you think you will remember the moving story of Xanath every time you taste its sweet and delicious taste? …

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