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The color of the birds a short stories for kids

Hundreds and hundreds of years ago, all the birds in the world were brown. The forests were populated with large, medium and small birds, but all with the same serious and dull plumage.

They did not like this condition at all. They were very envious of the crimson color of the roses in spring, the intense orange of the clown fish, the sophisticated black and white fur of the zebras … It was clear that when it came to the distribution of colors, they had had the worst part.

One day they agreed to end this situation. Fed up with considering themselves the ugliest beings on the planet, they decided to ask Mother Nature for help.

The eagle, brave and determined like no other, was the one in charge of requesting an audience. Two weeks later, thousands of birds unhappy with their appearance were summoned to the largest gathering of winged animals ever seen. Nerves floated in the air because everyone had a fervent wish and hoped it would be granted.

Mother Nature went to the forest and received them at the agreed time. Silence was difficult at first because there was a tremendous uproar, but when the chirping, squawking, chirping and whistling finally stopped, Mother Nature spoke.

– Silence please! You called me because you are disgusted with your color. It seems to me that the wood tone that you wear is beautiful, but if you are not satisfied, we will try to solve it. I will call you one by one and I beg you to respect the turn. Okay?… Let’s see, magpie, come closer to me! You will be the first to make your request.

The magpie came as fast as it could.

– You see, ma’am … I had thought to change the brown for a very shiny black, sprinkled with a few white feathers on the chest. What do you think?

– Without a doubt you have had a very good idea! Let’s go there!

Mother Nature took the finest brush she had, a palette with infinite colors, and painted the magpie’s plumage until it was perfect.

The animal did not fit itself with joy! He spread his wings and, amid applause, he paced, stretching his neck so that they could admire him well.

Seconds later, a very smart little parakeet jumped up and landed on Mother Nature’s feet.

– It’s my turn! It’s my turn!

Mother Nature laughed tenderly.

– Hahaha! Easy, little one. I hear you.

The parakeet was very excited and began to talk in a rush.

– I would like to be blue like the sky! And have a head and neck white as clouds!

– Fantastic! Very good choice!

Mother Nature chose an indigo shade, and since the parakeet was a small thing, she was done in no time. The little bird found himself extremely handsome and strutted back and forth before an audience surrendered at his feet.

After the parakeet, it was the peacock’s turn.

– It is very difficult for me to choose because I love all colors! How about a little of each?

– What you ask is not easy, but I think it’s great! Be very still, this is going to be a laborious job and I need concentration.

The peacock held its breath and didn’t blink until Mother Nature told it it was over. The result was superb, without a doubt one of his greatest achievements in so many years creating and designing animals all over the planet. Those present were speechless and recognized that the peacock had become the paradigm of elegance and good taste.

The canary hurried to be next. He asked for a single color, but asked it to be special and above all, well visible from a distance. Mother Nature thought for a moment and then advised him based on her long experience.

– I think that the ideal for you is an intense yellow. I think it would suit you and make you seem more cheerful than you already are!

– Oh, what an illusion, so everyone will come closer to me! With what I like to have spectators while I sing!

Mother Nature winked at him and covered him in a dazzling hue reminiscent of ripe lemons. Everyone agreed that it was a beautiful color that enhanced the canary’s attractiveness.

And so, one after another, all the birds of the forest paraded before her. When she finished, she sighed in satisfaction with the good work she had done.

– Luckily there is no one left because the colors in the palette have run out. I have to say that you were right. With all those colors you are much more beautiful!

The thousands of birds clapped and cheered for Mother Nature. They were so grateful and so happy … She, with a smile from ear to ear, said goodbye.

– I hope that from today you feel better about yourselves. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I must go. I’m exhausted and I think I deserve a good rest.

He began to collect the painting utensils and when he had almost everything packed, he saw a young and plump sparrow approaching him with a desperate face. The poor man screamed and fussed to get his attention.

– Please, please, don’t go Wait, ma’am! I am missing!

Mother Nature looked at him sadly.

– Oh, how sorry I am, little boy! … There is nothing I can do … I have no color left!

The sparrow fell to the ground and began to cry inconsolably. He had come too late!

Mother Nature’s heart sank. It was hard to think that he had helped all the birds in the world except one and he felt terrible. What could he do to fix it?

Suddenly her eyes lit up. In the color palette, there was a yellow drop of paint left over from painting the canary. He bent down, stroked the sparrow’s head and said in his sweet voice:

– Get up, friend. I only have one yellow drop left, but it is for you. Where do you want me to put it?

The sparrow got up, rubbed its small eyes to wipe away its tears, and an enormous emotion ran through its body.

– Here, ma’am, at the peak!

Mother Nature brought a round brush to her little face and gently dropped the pinch of paint on the pick, just as she wished. The sparrow, flapping its wings at full speed, approached a pond to look at itself and went crazy with joy when he saw how well it turned out. The whole forest erupted in applause of joy. Mother Nature finally said goodbye.

– I’m leaving, but if one day you need my help again, count on me. Goodbye, my dear!

Since that distant day, the forests were never the same again, as they were filled with colorful birds and many sparrows that sport a yellow speck on their face. Take a good look the next time you see one!

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