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Story of Tailor Ki Jabani Barber – Alif Laila

During the time of Caliph Harun Rashid, there were ten notorious bandits around Baghdad who robbed and killed passers-by. The Khalifa, considering the suffering of the people, told the Kotwal that catch those bandits or else I will give you death. The Kotwal made a great rush and caught them within a stipulated period of time. They were caught across the river so they were brought on a boat. I, who later got on the boat, understood that these people were ordinary men. Other soldiers on the other shore tied me up with them too. I didn’t even say I’m not a robber, because you know I’m short-spoken.

When we were brought before the Caliph, he ordered the executioner to behead the ten bandits. Luckily I was put at the end of it all. When the executioner cut off the heads of ten, he came to me and stopped. The Caliph looked at me carefully and said, Stupid old man, you are not a robber, how did you get along with them. I said, Master, considering him to be a good man, I sat on the boat with him.

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The Caliph laughed hearing this and said, You are a strange man. Why didn’t you say earlier that you are not among the bandits. I said, Sarkar, I am the youngest of the seven brothers. My six brothers are idiots, I speak less. One of my brothers is a humpback, the other is a popla, the third is a canna, the fourth is blind, the fifth is bucha, and the sixth is lip-smacking like a rabbit. If so, let me tell his story. But perhaps he did not want to listen, so before he could speak, I started the story of my brothers.

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