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English Poems for Kids | Nursery Rhymes and Poems

Poems in English are one of the most passionate and emotional artistic representations of literature, since writers who dedicate themselves to poetry seek to express their emotions, which can be related to a variety of events or experiences that have occurred in their lives. The ideas, thoughts and questions regarding countless topics are not left aside.

Personal losses and conflictive and difficult social moments have inspired great poets to capture what they feel in a very passionate way. For this reason, this type of text manages to penetrate the most in people. Many are those who manage to identify with these writings in those moments of emotional vertigo, whether they are short or long, in any language, mainly in English and Spanish.

Metaphors are a common resource in this type of literature, but they are still understandable texts despite this. A very broad term is another factor that best defines them and that best enriches the language of readers.In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

English poems for kids

kids can also enjoy poems in English that educate them and, at the same time, entertain them. For this there is kid’s poetry , a genre in which the authors carry out their work thinking exclusively of the little ones. Although also from the poetry that is not especially dedicated to them, texts are selected that they can enjoy.

English Poems for Kids

This type of literary work is an interesting form of written expression that has been included in a remarkable way in the world of pedagogy, so much so that some famous poets have dedicated some time to making them with this important approach. They are a powerful tool to sensitize and make people aware.

For those who speak Spanish, they have become an ideal way to learn other languages, and poems in English are very practical tools to immerse themselves in learning this language.

As in any beginning, it is better to go step by step, practicing reading and learning English with rhymes, a few lines and increasing little by little.

These are not different from those made in other languages, since they share that characteristic sound of always, which can be noticed, even if the kids is beginning his learning and at first does not understand a word of English.

The main themes of the poems in English and Spanish

Poetry was improving over time, becoming a form of expression that was expanding and strengthening over the years. His techniques and objectives matured until they reached the solidity they hold today. And the writers were learning the famous rule that sometimes “less is more.”

These were also developed as short journeys in which a quite charged and deep emotional, rational or philosophical charge is expressed. It is about being precise and direct, but without losing the passion and strength of the idea or the emotion that you want to convey.

The emotional richness of these texts and the practicality they represent have enabled them to be exploited in all languages. The poems in English and Spanish are very long, and rhymes are usually one of the favorite techniques to carry them out.

This is because, due to their brevity, the rhymes do not become exhaustive, they remain well engraved in the memory. Care must be taken, since each language has its own language structure, and a text that rhymes perfectly in English will very likely lose its sonority and grace if it is translated into Spanish.

On the other hand, poets have fallen in love with millions of people since time immemorial, thanks to the passionate lines they write in those moments of strong emotional influx.

Love is the favorite feeling, and it is normal, since it represents the emotional peak. There is nothing above him, and so he becomes the greatest thing a person can feel.

In this way the language, the religion, the origin or the sex to which one belongs becomes a trifle. Love is everyone’s thing. For this reason, there are countless love poems in English that are dedicated to that strong feeling that develops inside people.

Short poems in English allow for different rhymes than could be done in Spanish, and they are an excellent way of expressing feelings in a foreign language. Reading them helps to understand and retain more easily the new lexicon that you want to learn, and they also have the power to make your readers fall in love and captivate.

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