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Poems of Romanticism | Romantic i miss you poem for boyfriend

Poetry is one of the literary genres that have always had more followers. A literary genre that appeals to feelings, emotions and tries to highlight the passions, feelings and dreams of the author . Poetry hooks readers by its passion, its language and its way of reflecting feelings and emotions.

At all times, poetry has been a genre cultivated in literature, but in none was it as popular as in Romanticism. Poetry became the star genre of this time . Romanticism is a cultural and artistic movement that developed in Europe and America during the 19th century and that led poetry to one of its best historical moments.

poems of romanticism

The characteristics of Romanticism are the exaltation of individual personality, subjectivism and opposition to classical norms in all branches of art, among others . A convulsive time in all countries in which the Middle Ages, the Gothic and the traditions of each country began to be valued again. A movement that not only stood out in literature but also in art and history. In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

Poems of Romanticism

Poetry, by focusing on emotion over reason, served romantic writers as one of their best forms of expression at the time. A rebellious poetry, which did not respect the rules and advocated a return to the classic stanzas such as romance . The romantic poets became desperate writers like Lord Byron or Larra who suffered from their disappointments in love or life.

Romantic poetry was one of the engines of European literature in the 17th and 19th centuries. A freer and more reactionary poetry that fought for the return of man to nature and the search for truth in all its artistic manifestations. The romantics did not believe in reason but in the search for beauty . Art and poetry become the pillars of his thought.

Romantic poetry stood out for its formal freedom and for returning to sources of antiquity and the folklore of each country. Romantic poetry developed themes of passionate and impossible love that often leads to a tragic fate . Also curiously, death will be the only way to escape the cruel fate. They also highlight the poems dedicated to social criticism and the need to change the rules. The romantic poets are not satisfied with reality and face an anguished life and in some cases a tragic fate.

Romantic poetry surprised at the time by the use of an exalted vocabulary that speaks of sadness, death, impossible love, betrayal or disappointment . The spaces chosen in romantic literature are usually ruins, cemeteries, mysterious environments such as castles, churches and also exotic places surrounded by wild nature.

The romantics stood out for their use of stanzas such as the pamphlet and other traditional ones such as the romance . A passionate style in which exclamations and rhetorical questions are used. His poems are surprising for all these innovations that would influence later movements.

A brilliant literary movement in which great Spanish poets such as Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Espronceda, Larra or Rosalía de Castro stood out . Also in other countries the romantic poets had many followers. Authors as famous as Lord Byron, Edgard Alan Poe, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Percy Bysshe Shelly, William Worsworth, Giacomo Leopardi or Alessandro Manzoni, among others. Romanticism was one of the most brilliant movements in poetry and was highly relevant to later generations of poets.

Short romantic poems

Romantic poems are usually an exaltation of the feelings and emotions of their authors. There are numerous authors and poems that we can remember and quote at any time, but the short romantic poems are usually the best known . For example, the famous Rhymes of the Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer in which the author tells us about the feeling of melancholy and sadness for a lost and broken love or shows his melancholy at the memory of all those moments they shared. Other well-known short poems of Romanticism are, for example, Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe, El Giaour by Lord Byron or The Dark Swallows by Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer will return.

The poems of romanticism have a special beauty that has captivated readers of all time . Poems that all generations like and that speak of impossible and desperate loves. An extreme poetry that influenced the poetry of the following centuries and became an example for many poets and writers.

Remember those short poems of Romanticism whose beauty surprises and excites. A different poetry that never goes out of style and with which you will always be moved.

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