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Poems for Dad | A Beautiful Poem That is for Dad

A nice way for kids to tell their father how much they love him and how much they need him is through poetry. There are many poems for dad that kids can dedicate on cards or crafts, and that you can also recite, which will delight any parent.

Especially relevant are the poems for Father’s Day . Although it is not necessary to wait to celebrate this day for a son to tell his father how much he loves him. At Christmas, for his birthday, or to say thank you… poems for dad are welcome on any occasion, whether festive or not.

There are many verses dedicated to fathers, although short poems for dad are the most popular, because they are easy to memorize and they look perfect on cards. In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

The best poems for dad

If it comes from your son or daughter, they would all enter the list of the best poems for dad . No poem goes unnoticed when it is dedicated to a father. That is why it is very difficult to choose the best.

Poems for Dad

Whether they are poems for their daughter’s or son’s father , written and composed by them, or if the little ones have selected one for their father, they are all loaded with the love, admiration and illusion of these kids.

However, we can find poems for dad written by famous poets , renowned writers who have been inspired by their own father to write some verses. And, although these may not always be the ones chosen by kids, adults can also use them to honor their own parents.

Some famous writers who have written beautiful verses to honor their parents or inspired by them are Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Mario Benedetti, Pablo Neruda or Juan De Dios Peza, among others.

Poems for Father’s Day

If you are looking for a selection of poems for Father’s Day, it is important that you select well what you want to convey to your father with them. You will find poems to convey almost any message. However, what it is about is that what the poem you choose says is what you really want to say, that it is representative of what you really feel.

Also, depending on how you are going to dedicate the poem or how you are going to present it, you will have to select the appropriate extension. For example, it is not the same to dedicate a card than a letter. Nor is it the same to recite the poem from memory than to record it so that it is recited forever.

short poems for dad

If you want to make a dedicated card , it will be a good idea to choose short poems for dad. Short poems for dad will look great on cards of any size. In addition, they allow you to complete the card with drawings, stickers and even the occasional photo.

Short poems for dad are also highly recommended when kids are going to recite them from memory. In addition to being easy to memorize, short poems for dad take less time to recite. In these cases, what counts is the intention and the gesture, and it is not worth spoiling the moment by choosing a long poem, not only because it is easier to forget it, but because nerves can play tricks.

For the father of his daughter or son

When the poems for dad are from his daughter or daughter, written by him, the message acquires a special value. And, while it is true that they can be simple or seem very basic, that does not matter. To a father, any verse will seem the most beautiful in the world, coming from the lips or the hand of his own son or daughter.

In any case, if you want to dedicate some verses to your dad and you can’t think of anything, don’t worry. Well, choose verses written by others who also loved and admired their parents and expressed their feelings with a poem. You just have to look for the one that most identifies with what you want to say.

And if you want to change something or add a verse, do it! Why not? Personalizing the poems for dad from your daughter or son is a great idea.

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