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Poems are literary compositions in which their authors express their feelings or ideas . They belong to the branch of literature called lyric and is one of its three genres along with narrative and theater. Poetry is usually expressed through the word in written or oral form.

Poetry is a literary genre in which musicality has predominated throughout history . In Greece, “poiesis” was the term used to refer to the creative art that used the ancient language to express itself. For the Greeks, poetry was first and foremost a form of communication that was not intended for reading, but rather for performance before an audience by an individual or a choir to the accompaniment of a musical instrument.

Poetry develops all issues related to human nature as it reflects their concerns and feelings. We can find poems of love, melancholy, sadness, death, courage, war or revenge . There are innumerable themes that the poems have reflected throughout history, but many are related to positive feelings, beauty, love or joy. In Kahaniyan you will find more poems for kids.

beautiful poems to dedicate

Poetry is one of the literary genres preferred by all civilizations. Poets have existed throughout the history of mankind . Poets who have lived in civilizations such as the Greek, the Egyptian, the Roman, the Sumerian or the Indian. And poetry remains one of the preferred genres in the current era.

Short and Long Beautiful Poems

One of the first manifestations was the Poem of Gilgamesh , a work of the Sumerians made with cuneiform characters and on clay tablets about 2000 years before Christ. Lyrical works such as The Iliad and the Odyssey by Homer or The Labors and Days of Hesiod also stand out in the history of literature .

All poetic works reflect the problems of human beings and tend to manifest the beauty of the world. Beautiful poems that can highlight themes such as love, peace or simply the harmony of forms . These poems were initially transmitted orally from generation to generation, but later they were collected and put in writing.

That is why dedicating a poem can always be an original gift with which we will conquer the soul of its recipient. A good idea is to give beautiful poems that reach the heart and become unforgettable for life.


Short poems are usually very short (no more than ten lines) and are usually written in clear, simple language . We can find beautiful short poems on themes such as love, friendship, joy or victory.

A nice short poem can become a good gift for our partner, our relatives like our mother or our sister or even for our friends . A precious and original detail for a birthday or any other outstanding event such as a wedding anniversary , a poem is never forgotten and becomes a treasure for the person to whom it is addressed.

Any poetry can be a good choice but if we want to be successful with the gift we must think about the recipient . For example, if the gift is for a kids or an elderly person, it cannot be very long or have a very complex language.

Numerous Latin American and Spanish writers have written interesting short poems that we can dedicate . For example, Octavio Paz, Julio Cortázar, Mario Benedetti, Antonio Machado, Gabriela Mistral, Gabriela Mistral, Juan Ramón Jiménez or Nicanor Parra, among others. We can also choose creations of anonymous poets of great beauty, perfect to dedicate if they are also short.


We can also dedicate beautiful long poems to our partner, our relatives or our friends, but we must take into account the recipient’s ability to understand and read. If we want to dedicate a long poem to someone , we must be sure that they will like it and that it will not be boring . For example, we should not give a small kids a long poem because he will neither understand nor appreciate it.

A long poem usually has more than 10 lines of longer length and more complexity in vocabulary and content . Dedicating beautiful long poems can be a good option. Surely your gift will be remembered for a long time and will become an unforgettable gift. Well-known authors such as Pablo Neruda, Federico García Lorca, Luis Cernuda, Miguel Hernández or Rafael Alberti have written beautiful long poems.

Poetry is one of the genres that people of all ages like and to dedicate a poem we can write it on a sheet of paper or on the first page of a book, we can recite it aloud to its recipient or we can even record it on video to that they can see it without problems. New technologies allow other formats that can be very interesting.

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