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There are such deep emotions that we can reach and feel as human beings. Loving a feeling that generates intense energy in us, drives us to do things that we would not have thought possible before and that sometimes can change our lives.

We have heard in popular tales stories that have moved us, incredible and courageous feats of love in universal literature, and even romance stories that express the deepest feelings of two people who love each other but who encountered many obstacles to live their love as they felt it

Love Sayings

Although love can be an intense joy, also in some cases it can make us feel certain insecurities or cause some doubts or fears regarding whether this love is reciprocated or not. When we love someone we can also feel the desire to express our most sincere feelings.

In our day-to-day social interaction we find many proverbs that speak to us about all kinds of love that have marked our tradition. There is romantic love, family love, friendship love or platonic love. Over the years, love sayings continue to be shared among people because in a certain way they summarize wise advice.

In all cultures there are ways of loving and proverbs to express them. Many proverbs have been preserved in our culture and their validity goes further than, as my grandfather would say, for the love of art.

Although we cannot touch or preserve this feeling as we do with an object, we can always communicate it. Expressing with words the affection we feel is to show a person that we love them by trying to maintain a positive relationship. Always appreciating similarities and respecting differences is the key to relationships.

Love is a subjective feeling that all of us can interpret in different ways and even have different symptoms that make us understand that we feel love for someone. When we love a person, we feel great desire to spend time with him and do things that we had never considered to show our interest.

Surely, we see that love is an experience of a process that is quite subjective and complex at the same time. Love has driven many changes and love is a common feeling in all people. Without a doubt, it is beautiful to see the person you love smile, and it is even more significant to know that you are the reason for that smile.

 Learn teachings about love, in any of its many forms

Language helps us express all these emotions generated by being in contact with those we love. Throughout the history of popular wisdom, we have found several phrases that someone once said but that somehow represents a shared history.

In Spanish there are hundreds and hundreds of sayings about love that reflect the vision of a culture. Many proverbs are traditional because we have transmitted them orally for a long time and they try to give us some advice about some aspect of life.

Sayings about love often advise us when we are so in love with someone that we do not see beyond our noses or about what we should do to overcome love if it is not reciprocated. These popular sayings give us lessons from everyday life and advice from other experiences.

In the proverb of our language you will be able to find a variety of quotations that will facilitate the explanation of your love to your loved one or your partner. Even discover the phrases that express support to stand firm when conditions are not the best.

There are sayings that have a slightly outdated view of love, others are obsessive but others remind us how to maintain emotional stability, appreciate the love we receive and sometimes do not see, or choose relationships wisely. It is better to be alone than in bad company.

Sayings about love recorded in our language. In addition to this, they are of historical value and of the peoples through the centuries and you can even use the sayings and choose the ones that best suit your personality or your purpose.

What is said of love?

Love is a state of mind that we can have when we interact with another living being. We can have feelings of affection and attachment towards a person or even towards nature and animals. The first approach that human beings have to love is in the family and in the first year of life we ​​begin to develop affective bonds with the people who care for us and raise us. Love can also be towards oneself.

Even our body responds physically when we are in love, our heart rate increases when we are in front of that person we like, we can feel euphoria, increased energy levels and lack of concentration because we are thinking about that special person.

You can always find a more beautiful way to express your feelings. Human language contains the expression of the soul. We have feelings of affection, kindness and compassion for other human beings, establishing relationships with empathy and emotional communication. Many times we recognize this feeling as love.

sayings to love

It can be difficult to express those emotions through words and sometimes expressing our feelings towards a person can be more complicated than we think. You can always find a saying that expresses your feelings when you feel unable to speak.

Here we leave you a list of the best sayings to share with those you love and let yourself be inspired by these phrases that explain feelings in simple words.

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