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Story of Jealous Sisters – Alif Laila

In the olden days, Khusro Shah was a famous prince in Persia. He used to go around the city often in disguise at nights, keeping only one servant with him and seeing the strange things of the world, he used to increase his knowledge. When he became the owner of the throne after the death of his aged father, he named himself Kaikhusro. But he continued to roam around the city in disguise. Yes, he was accompanied by a minister instead of a servant.

One day while traveling around the city like this, he came across a street. There, some such conversations of women were heard from inside a house that he stood at the door with his ears attached. Looking through the cracks of the door, he saw three young girls talking in a hallway. These were the three sisters. The elder sister said, I am fond of eating good rotis. It would be fun if I am married to Shahi Nanbai. The middle sister said, I am fond of different types of food. I want my marriage to be with the king’s cook. The younger sister remained silent. When her sisters asked a lot, she said, my work will not be done by servants, I want to marry the emperor myself. Not only this, I want that a son should be born to me from the king, whose hair on one side is of gold, Silver on the other side. When the child cries, pearls fall from his eyes instead of tears, and when he laughs, buds appear on his lips. Hearing this, her elder sister started laughing and said that you always talk like crazy.

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The emperor was greatly intrigued by this conversation. He ordered the minister to know this house well and present these three sisters in front of me tomorrow morning. The minister obeyed his orders on the second day and brought the three sisters before the emperor. The emperor saw that the younger sister was more beautiful than her other sisters. She also looked intelligent. The king was enchanted to see him.

Then the king said, what were you talking about while sitting in your hall last night? Tell me exactly what you said. Beware, not a single word should make a difference. Remember that I heard your words last night with my own ears. If you say the wrong thing then I will know. Hearing this, the three sisters sat down with their heads bowed, their tongues closed due to shame and fear. When asked, he said that we do not remember anything about what we had said.

The emperor consoled them and said, you have not forgotten anything. Be fearless, tell me what you were talking about last night. You weren’t doing anything bad. I just want to hear your words once again in front of me. The job of the emperor is to fulfill the needs of the subjects. I will also fulfill your wishes as far as possible. Yes, take care that you guys say what you said last night. The statement should not be changed.

Being compelled, the three told one by one what they were saying last night. Hearing this, the king smiled. He called his Nanbai and Chef and gave Nanbai the hand of the elder and the cook in the middle and said that keep feeding these people good rotis and Salan. He ordered the minister that at this time the Qazi and the witnesses should be called and their marriage should be done. Asked for the younger, I would marry him as he wished. This marriage will take place with full royal magnificence, just like I am marrying a princess. The preparations for my marriage should start from this time itself. After saying this he got up and went to the court.

The elder and middle sister got married on the same day to Nanbai and Bawarchi respectively. A few days later, the little one was married with great fanfare to the emperor and was taken to the royal jananakhana. Both the sisters were very jealous of the fate of the younger. They used to think and say amongst themselves that the younger one got the throne only after taking out one thing from his mouth and we became his maids in a way. One day the elder said to the middle, what is such a small fairy that the emperor has married her. I feel so bad about this. Middle said, I feel very bad too. After all, what did the emperor see in her that he made her a malika. What about the things said, man talks all kinds of things. Not small in my understanding, but you were worthy of a king. The elder said, I am also surprised to see that the king’s eyes were wide open, which he liked that mouse, you were a thousand ranks better than that.

Then both of them advised that such grudges and comfort to each other would not work. Somehow it should be destroyed or dropped from the eyes of the emperor, only then the mind will get peace. Still they do not understand what can be done for this. Although it was a good thing that when both of them went to meet the younger sister, she did not care about her status, but used to pray for her with affection like sisters. Yet his status was lower than that. Everyone knew that they were both the servants’ women and that their sister was the queen. Why would the emperor also bring the wives of his servants into service?

A few months later the queen got pregnant. Hearing this, the emperor was very happy. Now both of them said to their younger sister, we are so happy about this that they cannot describe. We both wish that your delivery and forty days after that, your care should be completely entrusted to us. Malika said, what could be better than this. Both of you have gone to my mother, who will take care of you more than you. You make this application through your husbands in front of the emperor. Hope they accept it. When they made this application to the emperor through their respective husbands, he said that I will give this permission only after asking Malika. When he asked his wife, she happily agreed because she had already accepted the sisters. The king said, I think the same thing will be right. whatever they be, If so, only your sisters. Will take care of you better than non-men. After this conversation, the emperor allowed both the sisters to take care of Malika at the time of delivery. Both of them started living inside the palace.

Now they got the opportunity to execute their wickedness. When the time came for Malika’s delivery, they removed all the maids from there. Malika gave birth to a very beautiful son. This increased the jealousy of both of them. They quietly took the child outside the palace and brought a dead puppy and kept it. He wrapped the child in a blanket, kept it in a box and threw it in a canal and came to the palace and showed the maids that Malika had given birth to a dead puppy. Everyone was very surprised at this, but when the emperor came to know about this, his anger got worse. He started saying, what will I do to the queen who gave birth to such a dead puppy, I will get her killed. Incidentally the minister was also present there. He understood and quenched the anger of the emperor.

The canal into which jealous sisters shed baby baskets went through the royal gardens. The administrator of all the royal gardens, that is, the place of the Inspector of Gardens, was on the banks of the same canal. When he saw the basket flowing in the canal, he asked a gardener to get it removed because things should not come here and there in the canal. When I saw there was a very beautiful child in it. Seeing the inspector was surprised how the child kept in the basket came into the canal. But he didn’t think much. He was perfect. Taking the child, he took it to his wife and said, God has given this child to us. His wife was also very happy and started bringing up the child as a son.

In the second year, a son was born again to Malika. This time also his sisters did the same wickedness. The child went out and threw it in the canal and brought a dead kitten under Malika. There was mourning again in the palace and the anger of the emperor again touched the sky and he again talked about killing Malika. This time also the kind minister persuaded and prevented him from getting Malika killed. Malika began to live in a state of humiliation even more than before. Here the basket in which the child was kept was again caught by the inspector of the gardens. He started taking care of this child as before.

After a few days, Malika got pregnant again. The emperor hoped that this time the child would be fine. But the two evil sisters were still there and their faces were covered in blood. This time Malika had a daughter. Malika’s sisters also threw her into the canal. That basket was also taken out by the inspector of the gardens and considering it as a gift of God, started nurturing it. On the other hand, the evil sisters made it famous that Malika had given birth to a mole.

This time the emperor could not handle his anger at all. He said that the queen who created such an animal would bring disrepute, she would definitely have to be killed. The kind minister fell at his feet and said, Prithvipal, you should consider some justice and injustice. What is the crime of the queen in this? Your defamation is fine. So for this do it, stop going to Malika.

The king said, if you say so much, I will not make him die. But I will definitely punish and give punishment in such a way which is more painful than the death penalty. And I will not listen to you about this punishment.

Having said this, he called the builder of the royal buildings and said, build a prison right in front of Jama Masjid. Keep her door open and Malika should be locked there in a wooden cage. There should be a royal decree that whoever comes to offer Namaz before going to the Masjid should spit on the face of the Malika. The person who does not do this should also be given the same punishment as is being given to Malika. The minister kept silent on hearing this but started thinking that the punishment being given to Malika is worthy of her sisters. Well, as the king had said, the same prison and cage were prepared and Malika was kept in it. Throughout the day, hundreds of city residents would go to the mosque for namaz and spit on Malika’s face before namaz. He would have felt very sad that he was punishing the innocent girl but what he would have done was the imperial order and also the fear of punishment. Poor Malika would also tolerate everything considering it to be a divine will.

Her sons and daughters, of whom she was not even born, were brought up with great care and care by the Inspector of Gardens and his wife. Both of them were very happy to see the three children playing. When they grew up a little, the inspector named the elder boy as Bahman, the younger boy as Parvez and the girl as Parijad. When they grew up some more, the inspector of the gardens appointed scholars and experts in various arts for their education. All three would have been educated together and Parijad, who was not less than his brothers in intelligence, became proficient in various subjects like him. All three learned poetry, history, mathematics, etc. all the popular disciplines.

The intellects of all three were so sharp that their teachers started saying that these people will become more learned than us in a few days, they do not take long to learn anything.

Apart from reading and writing, all three also took education in horse riding, archery, weapon handling etc. and soon became proficient in these too. Apart from this, Parijad also learned singing and instrumental singing. The inspector had thought even earlier that these people would be born of the royal palace, now he has also believed. He did not find his small house suitable for their residence. He started building a huge building for them near the forest outside the city.

The inspector got that building built under his supervision. When it was ready, it got beautiful paintings done by eminent artists on its walls and decorated the palace with all kinds of beautiful and valuable materials. Near him, he built a big beautiful flower garden where they can amuse their mind. Apart from this, by enclosing a large land area, many wild animals should be kept in it so that they can play hunting near the house because hunting is a good exercise to stay healthy.

After the construction of the palace, the inspector requested the emperor that I have built a new house near the forest, if you have permission, I should leave the small house in the garden and stay in the new house. The emperor was happy with him so he immediately got permission. A few years ago, the inspector’s wife had passed away. Some of his purpose in building the palace was also to forget the grief of the death of his wife. But a few months after the palace was built, he suddenly fell ill and died. He had left a lot of wealth and all three of them were not worried about their livelihood, but their sudden death caused them great sorrow. In the end, he could not say anything more to these three than to live in harmony with each other.

After his death, after performing his last rites, the three sisters and brothers started living together. Both the brothers also got a prestigious royal post, although they did not meet the emperor. One day both the princes went to play hunting. Parijad was alone in the house, only two of his maidservants were with him. At the same time a devout old lady came there and said, daughter, it is time for Namaz, if you allow me to come inside and offer Namaz. Parijad immediately gave permission. When she had finished offering Namaz, at the behest of Parijad, the maids showed the old lady the whole palace, etc. He happily said that undoubtedly the one who built this palace is an expert in his work.

After showing the house, the maids brought the old lady to Parijad. Parijad said, sit down, I consider myself lucky to be with a pious woman like you. The old lady wanted to sit down on the floor but Parijad pulled her down and made her sit next to him on his throne. The old lady said, mistress, I do not have the status to sit with you at all, but I cannot avoid your request, so I am sitting.

Parijad started talking to the old lady about her village, family etc. After some time, the maids of Parijad presented refreshments in which various types of rotis, naan, kulcha and green fruits and dry fruits were present. There were also many types of sweets. Parijad picked up many things from his hand and gave it to the old lady and said, Amma, eat well, you have left your house late. She must have been tired and would not have eaten anything on the way. The old lady said, daughter, you live in a jug-jug. Anyone so intelligent can be a rich man. I could not even imagine this. I am poor, I am not in the habit of eating such delicious things, but if you are saying this with so much love and respect, then I will eat with pleasure. I consider it the mercy of God that he showed me your home.

After having breakfast, Parijad talked more to the old lady as she seemed to be knowledgeable about many subjects. He asked the old lady many questions about religion and devotion to God, which she answered very well. Then Parijad asked the old lady, Amma, what is your opinion about my palace and garden etc.? Is there anything else that you think should be here? The old lady laughed and said, daughter, it would be better if you do not ask this question to me. If I will say something, you will say that this two-pound old lady finds faults in my palace and garden. Parijad insisted, I will not say anything like that. Whatever you think is lacking in it, do tell me, I will try to make up for it.

The old lady said, everything is here. But I think if three more things come here, then your garden will be unique in the world. But they are hard to meet. One is a buzzing thousand tales. When he speaks, thousands of birds gather and start mixing in his voice. The other is a singing tree. Its leaves are thick and smooth. When the leaves rub against each other when the wind blows, they produce melodious music. Every listener gets mesmerized by this music. The third item is golden water. If a drop of it is put in a vessel, then that vessel is filled automatically and then a fountain comes out of it which never stops, because the water comes back and falls in the same vessel.

Parijad said, Amma, if you know about these things in so much detail, then you must also know where these things are found. Tell me then I will try to get them. The old lady said, I cannot tell the whole situation, but I can tell this much that these things cannot be found anywhere in this country. If a person goes in a certain direction from here and keeps walking straight, then the first person who meets him after the journey of twenty days, ask him where these three things will be found. He will tell the way forward. Okay daughter, it’s too late for me now, I’ll go.

What did the old lady know that Parijad is such a courageous girl that she herself will go out in search of these things. So it explained everything he knew in detail. Parijad remembered every single thing he had told. She got worried about how to get the above three things. After sometime both the princes came back from hunting and saw that the sister was deeply worried. He said, what is the matter, Parijad? You are ill or something has gone against your will. Parijad bowed his head and said, “No, it’s not a problem.”

Bahman said, you are telling a lie. There must be something that is hurting you. If you don’t tell, we won’t get up from you. When Parijad saw that both the brothers were adamant on knowing the matter, he said, “I did not tell you because what I would say would put you in worry and trouble.” Now if you are insisting, then I will tell. Our father had built this palace for us and in his understanding, he did not stop bringing anything of beauty and decoration here. Till now I also used to think that there is no shortage in it, but today I came to know about three things that if we come here then our palace will become unique.

The princes said, what are they? Parijad said, “There is a human-speaking bulbul, a thousand tales, whose music comes to thousands of birds to listen and sing in harmony.” Second singing tree whose leaves rubbed to make music. The third is golden water, a drop of which becomes a never-ending fountain. I am worried about how to get them. Bahman said, “If you tell me where or which way to go to get these things, then I will leave tomorrow morning itself.” Parvez seeing him eagerly said, Brother, there is no doubt in your intelligence and strength, but it would be good if you stay here and take care of the work here. Bahman said, courage and intelligence are not less in you too. But I am older, so I should be ahead in this matter.

The next day Bahman took all the information from his sister and took a weapon and sat on a horse. Now Parijad started crying on seeing him and said, Brother, I am also a very evil person who is getting you into trouble for my little hobby. I withdraw my demand. Now I will never mention even one of the three things. you don’t go Bahman said, once I tighten my waist, I do not back down. If I don’t travel now, I’ll always have this ringing in my heart that I’m a coward.

Parijad said, here we too will be troubled. We won’t know what condition you are in. Bahman said, I am managing it. Take this dagger This is a magic thing. Take it out of the sheath everyday and look at it. If it looks clean and shining, then understand that wherever I am I am safe. But if drops of blood start dripping from it, then understand that I have not lived. Hearing this, Parvez and Parijad became more impatient and asked Bahman not to undertake such a dangerous journey. But Bahman did not listen to them and ran the horse.

Bahman started on the straight path. He took care not to turn left or right. After completing twenty days from the capital of Persia, he was thinking whether to go ahead or not. Then he saw a strange sight. A hut was lying under a dense tree, and outside it was sitting an old man, who only after looking very carefully could know that a man was sitting. His hair was white as snow. The hair on his head, beard, mustache and eyebrows had grown so much that his whole body was covered with hair. The nails of his hands and feet were very long and looked like nails, and a long cap was placed on his head. He covered his body with a mat. On which his hair was lying. Seeing him, Bahman understood that he was an ascetic who remains alone in such a remote and uninhabited place without eating and drinking.

Bahman was looking for a man to be found because only the first one could give him the address of the destination. He also understood that the first and the last man can be found here and it is only natural that such inaccessible things should be known by a perfect ascetic. Bahman got down from the horse and went to the old ascetic and bowed down. Bahman heard a sound from the place where the old man’s face could have been, but he could not understand anything.

After some time Bahman understood that the thick hair of the mustache and the beard kept the old Siddha’s mouth closed in such a way that his voice suffocated. He tied his horse to a tree and came to the ascetic and took out a small scissor from his pocket. Then he said, O ascetic father, I did not understand your point at all. If you allow, I will trim your eyebrows and mustache. Because of these, your face looks like a bear instead of a man. The tapasvi gave him permission with a gesture.

When Bahman trimmed his eyebrows and mustache, the ascetic’s face changed completely. Prince Bahman said, ascetic father, if I had a mirror, I would have shown you that after shaving, it is not only that you look like a man instead of a bear, but you have also started looking young instead of old. The ascetic smiled on hearing such amusing talks and said, son, I am pleased with your service. Now tell me why have you come this far so that I can do whatever I can to help you achieve your purpose.

Bahman said, ascetic father, I have come from far away to get thousands of tales, a tree that sings and golden water. Please tell me where and how can I get these items. Hearing this, the old man bowed his head and sat silently for a long time. Bahman said again, ascetic father, why have you taken silence. If you don’t know, say that you don’t know. I’ll ask someone else.

The ascetic said, I know, but I do not want to tell you because I do not want to put you in trouble for your service. Bahman said, what happened? Siddha said, “The way to where these things are is very frightening, like you, many men have asked me the way to go there and no one has returned.” That’s why I tell you to go back from where you came.

Bahman said, I have not come here to return. I have to complete my work even if I lose my life in it. I do not want to live like a coward by failing in my aim. Till now no enemy has been able to defeat me. The one whose death would have come, he would come to obstruct my path. You are only kind enough to show me the way, my full responsibility ahead. You believe in my fighting skills.

The ascetic said, son, it is difficult that you will not get an opportunity to show fighting skills. The enemies you meet do not fight from the front but attack in secret. The prince said, I know how to deal with secretly attackers too, you tell me the way there.

The ascetic explained to him a lot, but when he saw that Bahman does not give up his stubbornness in any way and will not stop until he finds the way, he took out a ball from his bag and said, I am sorry for your youth. But if you are stubborn, then you know your own good and bad. You ride and go over there and drop that ball on the ground. This ball will start rolling by itself and you go after it till it keeps rolling, Till then keep going. This ball will stop by going down a mountain. There you stop and get off the horse and put the horse’s bridle on his neck so that he stays. You climb the mountain again. You will see a large number of black stones on either side of you. Don’t pay attention to them. Apart from this, you will hear many abuses and threats coming from behind you. It is very important that you completely ignore these abuses. If you look back in fear even once, then both you and your horse will become black stones. The black stones you found on the way were also men like you in search of those three things. They have become a stone because of looking back.

If you reach the top of the mountain efficiently, you will find a cage hanging on a tree in which there is a singing bird. Do not be afraid even of the words of that bird and ask him the address of the singing tree and the golden water. She will tell you where to find these things. After getting all these things, there will be no danger in your path. I have told you all this, but I still want to say that you go back. I can clearly see that if you go there, you will remain as a black stone.

Bahman said, now whatever has to happen, it will happen, I do not go back. Saying this, the prince opened the horse and riding on it dropped the ball given by the ascetic. The ball rolled and went ahead. A long distance away, the ball stopped at the foot of a mountain with a narrow path to the top. The prince got off the horse, put a rein on his neck and started climbing the mountain. After going some distance, he saw big black stones. It was only four or five steps ahead that very unpleasant sounds started coming from behind. There would have been a sound, who this idiot is going ahead, hold it. Sometimes there is a sound, it is very evil, catch it and kill it. Sometimes there would be screaming and thundering voices, he is going to be a thief, a murderer, a crook. surround it. Sometimes there is a slight sound, hold it and tie it, it has come to steal the talking bird. Sometimes someone seemed to say, where will he reach there, he will die by falling in a hidden pit on the way.

At first Bahman ignored these voices and went on on his way. But instead of diminishing these voices got louder step by step and the curtains of his ears started bursting and the mind became numb. What the ascetic had told him also went out of his mind and once fearfully started looking back. Immediately both he and the horse turned into black stones.

The dagger Bahman had given to Parijad to inform about her skill, she would look at it daily from the sheath. On the day Bahman became a black stone, Parvez said, Parijad, give me the dagger today. Today I want to know the condition of my brother. Parijad gave him the dagger. When he pulled it out of the sheath, he saw a drop of blood coming out of its tip. Parvez threw the dagger from his hand and started shouting.

When Parijad also saw a dagger dripping with blood, she started crying and slamming her head and said, “Hi brother, you have lost your life due to my ignorance. Don’t know at what wretched hour that fucking old lady had come. Neither she would come nor would it be a hassle. The fool has lured me into useless greed. I treated him so kindly and he rewarded me like this. If I meet now, then I should pluck the bottoms of that pen. My dear brother lost his life because of his greed. Oh Lord, bring your brother back home alive, even if you send my death. If my brother is not there, what will I do even after getting a bird, tree and water? I don’t want these things, I don’t want anything else. I just want my brother.

Parijad kept crying for a long time remembering Bahman’s words. Parvez also kept on shedding tears. Then he said, Parijad, now nothing will happen by crying and washing. Now I go I will find out whether the brothers have died due to some natural cause or some enemy has killed them. If someone has killed him, then I will not leave him alive, I will definitely avenge my brother’s death. Parijad tried to stop him after explaining a lot. She said, I have lost a brother, I will not let the other go to death. Big brother was no less brave than you. But Parvez did not listen to a single word of his. He started preparing to go on his adventure journey the next morning.

At the time of his departure the next day, Parijad cried and said, ‘Elder brother had even told a way to know his well being, how would I know your condition? Parvez gave her a garland of pearls. He said, Look, all its pearls are different. By running it on the fingers, each pearl comes in the fingers. As long as these pearls remain like this, understand that I am fine. On the day when they stick to each other and the garland cannot be turned around, then understand that I too have not lived in the world. Saying this Parvez left.

After a journey of twenty days, he reached the place where that perfect ascetic was sitting. He bowed respectfully to Siddha and asked, Can you tell me where can I get the speaking bird, the singing tree and the gold water? The ascetic said, son, that path is very dangerous. You don’t intend to go there and go back from here. No one has come back from there yet. It was less than a month that a young man of the same appearance as you had gone there even after stopping my lakhs. He hasn’t returned either.

Parvez said, he was my elder brother. I know that he is not alive, but I do not know how he died, died of some natural cause or was killed by some enemy. Siddha said, I will tell you. Many men went on that path despite my warnings and remained there as black stones. The same thing happened with your brother. You obey me and go back or else you too will be lying here forever as a black stone.

Parvez said, I am grateful to you that you are my well-wisher but I have stepped forward, I cannot back down. You must show me the way. Siddha said, I could go with you, it was not a problem, but due to old age, I will not be able to go. If you wish, then go. take this ball. If you put it on the ground, it will start rolling by itself and you will get behind it. It will stop after going down the mountain and you climb the same mountain. Some kind of voices should come from behind you, don’t look back or else you too will become a stone. Going up you will find a talking bird and it will tell you the address of the other two things.

Parvez bowed his head to Siddha and rode away. The ball was going to show him the way. After some time, the ball stopped at the foot of a mountain. Parvez made the horse stand there and started climbing the mountain. It must have been only a step or two that he heard that someone is scolding from behind and saying, Abe, o scoundrel, mischievous, where is he moving. Stop fucking, let me punish you. Parvez used to get angry very quickly. When he heard the abuses, his blood boiled and he forgot the warning given by the ascetic. He pulled the sword from the sheath and looked back to cut the abuser into pieces. But as soon as he looked back, he became a black stone scoundrel and the same thing happened to his horse.

After Parvez’s departure, Parijad had more doubts than at the time of Bahman’s visit. She rarely saw the dagger given by Bahman, but kept the garland given by Parvez around her neck and always looked at his pearls and looked at their condition. However, as soon as Parvez turned into a rock of black stone, Parijad soon came to know about his death because the beads of the garland were so clinging to each other that it was impossible to turn the garland.

Parijad became unconscious at that time due to grief, but later on regaining consciousness, he decided that after sending both the brothers to the face of death, now my life also has no meaning. He too had learned horse riding and weapon handling and was not lacking in courage. She put on manly clothes, put on her arms and rode on a horse. He ordered the house-manager to take care of the palace himself until he returned, so that there should be no shortage in any arrangement.

After walking on horse for twenty days, she also reached the same ascetic Siddha Purush. He bowed down and said, Perfect father, please tell me where to find the speaking bird, the singing tree and the golden water. The old man said, you are dressed like a man, but clearly you are a woman, as your voice is telling. I know where those things are, but why are you asking them? Parijad said, I have been wanting to have them ever since I heard about them. The ascetic said, they are collectible but there are great dangers in the way of getting them. You are a girl, it is good for you to control your desires and give up the idea of ​​achieving them. The great brave have not returned after going that route. go back home

Parijad said, ascetic father, after walking for twenty days, I have reached here. Now I can’t just go back from here. You please tell me in detail what are the dangers in that path so that I can find a way to overcome them. I think that if I move ahead wisely, then I will be able to face all kinds of dangers. you please guide me.

The old ascetic told Parijad all the things that he had told to Bahman and Parvez. He said, the danger is only until one reaches the top of the mountain. Then you will find a talking bird and it will tell you the singing tree and the places of the golden waters. But while climbing the mountain, unpleasant and bitter words will be heard. All the black stones on the way are men who had gone in search of those three things, but after being afraid of abuses or threats or getting angry, looking back, they became a rock of black stone. Parijad said, the meaning is that they are just words and cannot harm anyone if one does not look back. perfect father, Believe me, although I am a woman, I will not be disturbed by any word I hear. I will neither be afraid of these voices nor will I be angry at them. I will have complete self-restraint. Apart from this, I will put cotton tightly in both my ears so that I can not hear those voices.

Siddha smiled and said, Daughter, it seems that you are in luck. So many people have gone there but this remedy has not been suggested to anyone yet. Simply, everything depends on it that no matter what one hears, the person should not let it affect his mind. Parijad said, have faith that I will follow your advice completely. Now tell me which way leads to the mountain. The old ascetic said, “Daughter, you seem to be very smart, but I would once again advise you to return home.”

Put it on the ground. It will stop on its own after going down the rolling mountain. You get off the horse there and start climbing the mountain. Parijad did the same and the horse started running after the fast rolling ball. When the ball stopped at the bottom of the mountain, it got down from the horse and after putting a rein on his neck, he stuffed cotton in his ears and slowly started climbing the mountain. There were voices behind her, but they could not be heard because of the cotton wool in her ears and she kept on increasing. Then the voices coming from behind intensified. These voices also sounded soft to him and they did not disturb his mind at all. Then he got to hear such abuses which are for women and are very degrading. Parijad felt bad for a moment but then she laughed at those abuses.

Similarly, after completing that dreadful climb with perseverance and restraint, when she reached the summit, she saw a beautiful bird in a cage singing in a melodious voice. On seeing Parijad, she roared like a lion and said, O girl, beware, do not come near me. Parijad started laughing at this and ran to the top. There the land was flat. He ran and put his hand on the bird’s cage and said, Bird queen, from today I am your mistress and you will be in my possession. Then he removed the cotton wool from the ears. The bird said, you are right. Now I will always continue to serve you and do good deeds. I remain in a cage, but there is nothing in the world that I do not know. I know your condition as much as you do not even know and you will get undue benefits because of me. Now you are my mistress and it is my religion to serve you. Tell me what you want from me at this time. I will do it without hesitation.

Parijad was pleased with the bird’s words, although he was also deeply saddened by the destruction of his brothers. He said to the bird, I have many things to ask you. First of all tell me where will I get golden water. Following the path shown by the bird, Parijad reached the golden water pool and brought it well filled with water in a silver jug ​​that she had taken with her. Then he asked the bird about the tree that sang. The bird said, there is a big forest behind you. This forest is not far away. In that one will find the singing tree. You will easily know which tree it is because the music will be coming out of it only. Parijad said, it is fine, but how will I bring that tree uprooted. The bird said, the tree will not uproot, You just pluck a branch and bring it. When you plant it in your garden land, it will turn into a full tree in no time. The onlookers will wonder how this whole tree came in a single day.

Parijad went to the forest following the path shown by the bird and from there broke the branch of the singing tree. She was very happy that all three things were found. Still, he had to take care of his brothers. He asked the bird, on the way to come here, both my elder brothers are made of black stones. Is it possible that I can revive them? I do not know which of those stones are my brothers. The bird said, you should do this, pouring every drop of the golden water that you have brought in the jug on all the rock blocks. All those people will return to their former form and so will their horses. Among them will also be your brothers, whose resurrection will recognize them.

The princess was pleased to hear the bird’s words and started coming down from the mountain taking the cage, the jug and the twig. Wherever black stones appeared, he sprinkled every drop of golden water on them. All the stones became men and their horses also came in their original form. Among these people were also Bahman and Parvez who rose to life with their respective horses. Parijad recognized both the brothers and hugged them and started crying. Then he said, you know, what was your condition? He said that we feel as if we were sleeping till now and have just woken up.

Parijad said, do you remember anything? You had come to get the bird, the singing tree and the golden water for me and started sleeping here forgetting your work and my memory. When both the brothers were surprised to see him, he said, gentlemen, you were not sleeping, you were lying here like a rock of black stone. You must have seen many black rocks while coming. Now see if any of them exist or not. All these people who are seen here were these rocks.

You must be wondering how you all got up. When I found a bird, water and a branch of a tree, I felt bad without you even after meeting them. I asked this bird what to do, then he said that by putting a drop of golden water on all the rocks, bring them back to life. That’s what I’ve done this time.

Hearing this, Bahman and Parvez got up happily, others also started saying that you have given us life, we will be grateful to you for life and will obey your orders.

Parijad said, I have not done you any favour. I wanted to revive my brothers. If you get any benefit in this, then it is a matter of happiness for me. Now you go to your respective places of residence.

When she got on the horse, Bahman wanted to bring all the things like the cage etc. on his horse so that the burden of Parijad would be light. Parijad said, I am the owner of the bird, it will remain with me. If you want, take a sprig and another jug ​​of water. So Bahman took a twig and Parvez took a jug of golden water. Then the other resurrected people also got on their horses and all got ready to walk because for a long distance there was only one path for all.

Parijad said, “He who is the best among you guys, go ahead as the hero of this group.” All the people said in one voice, Sundari, who would be better than you? You are our lifeblood. You go ahead of everyone. Parijad politely said, I am the youngest in the stage and in any way am not fit to be the leader of the party. But you are forcing people, so expressing my gratitude towards you, I also go ahead of the team.

The team moved on. Everyone wanted to see the Siddha who had shown the way to everyone. But when this team came to his hut, nothing could be found of him. It is not known whether he had become time-dead or was there only to show the path of three wonderful things and when those things were not there, he disappeared from there. Everyone was very sorry for not being able to thank him for the last time. The team moved on. Every man went away from wherever the path diverged in gratitude to Parijad.

These three siblings happily came to their house. In front of the barhadari of the house, which was part of the garden, Parijad hung the cage of a talking bird. Within no time, twenty types of birds gathered around him and started trying to speak in harmony with his voice. At the same place, Parijad planted a branch of the singing tree in the ground at a distance. In no time, it grew into a whole tree, and when the wind blows, the music of the leaves started rising from it like it was rising from the original tree. Parijad called the artisans and got a marble tank built. When it was made, put a golden vessel in it and put a few drops of golden water in that vessel after taking it out of a silver jug. Immediately the water began to rise and the vessel was filled with it, and then a fountain twenty cubits high began to rise from it. The water of the fountain used to come back and fall in the vessel itself and thus there was no shortage of water in the vessel and the water did not flow out either. Was. Within a couple of days, the discussion of these things of the garden inspector’s palace started happening in the whole city. People from all over the city started coming to Parijad’s garden to see the spectacle. Parijad did not put any restriction on the entry of the citizens coming for a walk and thus these three brothers and sisters became popular in the city.

After resting for a few days, Bahman and Parvez resumed the entertainment of Mrigaya as usual. They also started going outside their surrounded forest to play hunting. One day they were hunting in a forest located at a distance of about a kos from the city. Incidentally, at the same time the emperor was also there to play hunting. Seeing this, both of them wanted to escape the eyes of the royal soldiers because the forest was the royal hunting ground. But in the process of escaping, they fell on such a path through which the king’s ride was coming. Seeing this, he wanted to go through some other road. This was not possible and they fell in front of the emperor.

In compulsion, they got off the horses and bowed down to the emperor and started saluting. At first the emperor understood that they were among his feudatories and stopped to see who they were. He ordered them to get up. He stood up and bowed his head. The king was stunned seeing their looks. Then he asked their name and place of residence. Bahman folded his hands and said, Huzoor, we are the sons of the inspector of your former gardens. Our father is no more. We live on the edge of the forest in the palace which they built with your permission. They used to keep us in such a good environment that when we grow up we can serve you.

The king said, it is fine. But looks like you were playing hunting here. Don’t you know that this is a royal hunting ground where no one else can play hunting? Bahman requested, Sarkar, our father kept leaving untimely and there was no one to guide us, that is why our knowledge is incomplete and like other youths, we also make mistakes. The emperor smiled at his cleverness. Then he asked, do you know how to play hunting? Both said, if you give opportunity, then let us also see how much hunting we have to play. The king said, show it by playing hunting. When he reached the forest, Bahman killed a lion and Parvez killed a bear with spears and placed it in front of the emperor. After going into the dense forest again, Bahman killed a bear and Parvez killed a lion. The king said, just do it, will you kill all the wild animals today? I just wanted to see how brave you guys are.

The emperor was highly impressed by his manners, physical beauty and valor. He didn’t want to separate them from himself. He said, I want you guys to come to the palace with me from here and have dinner with me. Bahman said, Huzoor, he will not be able to accompany you at this time. I apologize for this rudeness. The emperor asked in surprise, why? Bahman said, we have a sister. Whatever we do, we do it with the advice of all three. We will be able to come to your place only after taking the advice of my sister.

The king said, I am very happy that you brothers and sisters work on the advice of each other. You go to your home today. After consulting your sister, come here tomorrow to hunt and tell me what advice has come from you guys. Bahman and Parvez came to their home after leaving the emperor, but they did not remember what the emperor had said and did not take any advice from his sister. On the second day he went to play hunting, and on his return, the emperor asked whether you had consulted your sister or not. Now both of them are scared. The reality was that both of them were so engrossed in hunting that they forgot everything except hunting. When the king asked, they both started looking at each other in panic. At last Bahman said, we made a big mistake, we completely forgot to consult our sister. The king said that it doesn’t matter, ask today and come tomorrow and tell me.

But he forgot that day too and on the third day again in front of the emperor he was ashamed and said that even today we have forgotten to obey your orders. The king did not get angry even on this that I want to increase their respect by eating with these people and they do not care enough to remember my sister and talk about my invitation. But he gave three gold balls to Bahman and said that keep them in a belt tied around the waist, when you open the waist, these balls will fall on the ground with the strap and at that time you will remember that you should consult your sister about my invitation. Have to take

Even after so much conversation, both of them forgot this thing after going home. But while going to sleep at night, when Bahman opened the waistband, the balls fell on the ground. He immediately went to his sister and took Parvez too. Parijad had not gone to her bedroom yet. Both the brothers told him that the emperor had invited them for food and also said that for two days you forgot to take advice. He said that it is your good fortune that the emperor has invited you for dinner, but you have done a lot of bad to forget what the emperor had said for two days. Well tell me, when I am feeling so bad about this, then the emperor must not have got annoyed? By the way, as soon as you got the invitation of the emperor, he should have accepted his thanks. But now that this much talk has happened, then I should also take advice from the talking bird. Then she took the bird’s cage to her room and said, Bird queen, You know all the hidden things and your advice is always right. I want to take some advice from you. My brothers have been invited by the emperor to have dinner with him. They have been forgetting this thing for two-three days and today they have told me. Do you think it is appropriate to leave them now, the emperor should not be angry at all.

The bird said, mistress, your brothers must obey the king’s orders. He is the master of all during his reign. There will be no harm to both of them in being his guest. They go by hobby. But after this it is also necessary to invite the emperor to come to his house and have food. Parijad said, I don’t want to let my brother go anywhere except for his ordinary work. I am afraid for their safety. The bird said, send them fearlessly, they will not be harmed. Parijad said, well, when the emperor comes here, should I go out in front of him or not? The bird said, there is nothing wrong with it. Every king is like a father to all his subjects and one should not hesitate to go before the father. After this, Parijad told the brothers that you accept the invitation of the emperor, but after that ask him to have a meal here.

The next day in the hunting ground, the emperor asked him that today you asked your sister or even today you have forgotten. Bahman said, we cannot go beyond your command. When we asked him, he advised us to accept your invitation. Apart from this, he also bad-mouthed us as to why we forgot this for two days.

The king said, it doesn’t matter. I don’t mind that you forgot my words for two days. Both the brothers were very ashamed to hear that the emperor is so kind to us and we are so careless towards him. They stayed far away from the emperor out of shame. When the king saw this, he called him close and assured him that I do not care about such small mistakes and I am not angry with you guys at all. Then he finished the hunt and headed back to the palace. Bahman and Parvez were also with him. The king prayed to both of them in such a way that many courtiers and chieftains became jealous of him as to why the emperor was so kind to these strangers.

But the staff and servants of the palace and the other people present, although they were also surprised that these new acquaintances were being respected so much, were impressed by the looks and manners of both the princes. They used to talk among themselves that if the children were born from the womb of the queen who has been imprisoned in the cage by the emperor, they would have been so big. Well, when the emperor came to the palace, it was time for lunch. The slaves served food in golden vessels. The emperor signaled for Bahman and Parvez to sit. Both of them did not even know how to eat with the emperor. Instead of sitting on the dining table playing the royal rituals, they stood straight on their seats.

The emperor smiled at this too. He talked to both of them during the meal and tested their decency and knowledge, in which both of them got complete due to getting good education. The emperor began to think that how good it would have been if he had such sharp-witted and brave princes. The king’s attraction towards him used to increase with his good words, but this attraction was not diminished by the mistakes he made. After the meal, the emperor took them to his entertainment room and talked to them for a long time. It seemed that listening to his words did not fill his life.

Then the emperor ordered to start singing. The best singers and instrumentalists of their times came and showed their fine art. Then the dance was arranged and the dancers performed by the dancers pleased everyone’s mind by showing a beautiful dance. Then the playwrights and clowns entertained the emperor and other guests. The events went on for several hours and when they ended it was already evening.

Now Bahman and Parvez took permission to go to their house. The king said, tomorrow you come again to play hunting with me in the hunting ground. Having dinner here with me tomorrow after the hunt. Both of them said, Huzoor has great grace on us. We will definitely come to the hunting ground, but we request that when you finish hunting, then increase our honor by coming to our hut and taking our dry food. The emperor was very pleased with them, he immediately accepted their invitation. He said, I will be glad to have you here. I will also be very happy to meet your sister because your words show that she is very intelligent and tactful. I will be very happy to be his guest.

When Bahman and Parvez reached home, they told Parijad that the emperor has given us a big hospitality in front of everyone and has also promised that tomorrow after returning from hunting, he will come to our house and have food here. He said, we have given a feast to the emperor, but now it is also necessary that the arrangement of furnishings and food should be done according to his prestige. Parijad praised the courage of the brothers and said, you guys don’t worry. I will take advice from the talking bird and make all the arrangements. Then she took the bird’s cage to her room. When he told the whole condition to the bird, he said, mistress, It is a matter of great fortune that the emperor is coming. Whatever arrangements you can make for their welcome and hospitality will be sufficient. But make a special meal at my behest. You make a thick broth of cucumber and the cup in which it is to be brought before the king should have untwisted pearls on the surface of the broth as if they had come on the same surface during the cooking process. Parijad asked in surprise, what kind of dish would this be? I can’t even imagine that a person can eat pearls with broth. What would the emperor say? Then from where will you get the unbinding pearls?

The bird said, “Mistress, I have said this with a conscious thought.” Don’t argue about this, definitely accept my point. I will tell you where to find pearls. You go to your artificial forest and dig the ground near the root of the biggest tree on the right. From there you will get more pearls than you need. Parijad had so much faith in the bird that he obeyed. The next morning she took two laborers and started digging the land under the described tree. While digging, once the shovel hit a hard thing. Digging wisely, the workers found a gold box. When it was opened after being brought out, it was filled with untwisted pearls till it was covered.

Parijad was overjoyed to find them. His faith in the knowledge of the bird increased further. She picked up the gold box and walked towards her house. Bahman and Parvez were surprised to see where she was going with the laborers at this time. At this time he was even more surprised to see the chest of gold coming back. He said that where did you go early in the morning and from where did you get this box, while leaving in the morning, this box was not in your hand. Parijad said, it is a long talk. Can’t tell standing up. Come inside, I’ll tell you. When they came inside the house with him, he said, Last evening I consulted the talking bird about what to do in order to serve the king. He advised that more furnishings and dishes should be such as are in the food of the emperors and the rich. But he should also be given a thick broth of cucumber in a cup with unbleached pearls lying on its surface. I wanted to protest a lot that the emperor would consider it a joke and might even get angry. But she didn’t agree Stick to your suggestion. She started saying that I am telling you very thoughtfully to do this strange thing and assure that the king will not be angry and the result of all this will be good. You know that I believe his words. He has given me the singing tree and golden water, and by his advice both you and twenty other men with you have been able to get back to life. That’s why I don’t shy away from him. On his advice, I have dug near that tree of my forest and brought a box of pearls.

Bahman and Parvez were in a tizzy on hearing this and thought for a long time. In the end, he thought it right that whatever is happening should be allowed to happen. They started saying, Sister Parijad, you are more intelligent than both of us. There is no doubt that the bird knows many things that no other person in the world knows. Therefore, the bird’s point of view should be accepted. If the emperor is angry, it will be seen.

Parijad ordered the cooks to prepare complete food for the kings and emperors by noon. You decide what to become. Just one thing to do with my words. It is a thick broth of cucumber whose surface is strewn with untwisted pearls. The cooks were very surprised to hear that what is the meaning of putting whole pearls in the food items. He said, Government, we have never seen or heard such food. You have definitely heard about swans picking up pearls, never heard of men eating pearls. Parijad said, I did not invite you to argue. Do what I say. And send back to me as many pearls as you can. Those poor people left silently. Here Parijad got the house cleaned in such a way that it started shining like a mirror.

At the same time, the princes, dressed in fine clothes, rode on horses and reached the royal hunting ground. He played hunting with the emperor for some time in the hunting ground. But that day it was hot and the sun was strong, so he soon finished hunting for some more days and sent his soldiers back and took two men each and walked towards their building with Bahman and Parvez. Bahman went ahead and told Parijad in advance that the emperor was coming. Dressed in the right clothes, she stood at the main entrance of the building. When the king got down from the horse in front of the gate and walked towards the building, Parijad went ahead and laid his head on the feet of the emperor.

Bahman and Parvez introduced that this is our sister Parijad. The emperor lifted him up and put his hand on his head and gazed at his beautiful form with admiration. He was astonished to see that Parijad’s face was dimming in his memory.

But he could not understand whose face it was. After this, Parijad took the emperor inside the building. He showed the emperor every part of his beautiful and spacious residence. Seeing the whole building, the emperor said, daughter, you have done a lot of decoration and maintenance of your palace. Now show me your garden too. Some man was praising your garden more than me.

When Parijad opened the door on one side of the room in which all these people were present, a green garden was visible. Although everything was beautiful in the garden, but the king’s eyes got stuck on the fountain. The golden water was rising to a great height. The emperor wanted to see him from afar. Parijad took her to the fountain. The king said, “Where is its fountain of golden water, and with what force this fountain rises so high.” Here I don’t see anything, no water…

Before he could finish his talk, he started looking in shock from where the sound of melodious music was coming. He said, Have you made arrangements to play songs inside the garden as well, and who is this singer whose voice is better than the royal singers? Parijad laughed and said, No sir, there is no singer. It’s not the man, the trees are singing. The emperor’s eyebrows raised, he thought Parijad was laughing. But Parijad said, Come, let me show you. Saying this she took the king to the singing tree. The emperor was stunned. The melodious music was actually coming out of the tree. For some time no sound came out of the king’s mouth. Sometimes with teary-eyed eyes looking at the singing tree, sometimes at the golden fountain.

After sometime he said, both these things are beyond imagination. Where did you find this tree? And yes, I was asking where is the fountain of the fountain and what makes it jump so high? Parijad said, “Government, there is no reservoir of this water, nor is it being hurled vigorously by any tomorrow. The vessel you see kept inside the marble cistern, has all the water in it. It jumps from there and falls back there. It doesn’t dry up and that’s why it doesn’t shrink. The singing tree that you have just seen has its own specialty of giving music. Its leaves are such that when the wind blows they rub against each other, they automatically produce beautiful music. When the wind does not blow at all, this tree remains silent.

The king said, “These are very strange things. I couldn’t even imagine anything like them. where did you find them? Parijad said, these things are not found in any country. I have brought them from a mysterious place, but after I came from there, the way there was also closed.

Then Parijad said, Sarkar, I have another strange thing that you see. It is a bird that talks like a man. And when it sings, all the birds gather together and sing songs in harmony with it. The king said, show that bird too. Parijad brought the emperor to the barahdari in which the bird’s cage was kept. The king saw hundreds and different types of birds singing in unison on the four or six trees around. He asked, have you raised all these birds? Parijad said, no. They are drawn from the song of the bird in the cage kept in the barahdari and are singing along with it. When the emperor went to Barhadari, he saw that a bird in a cage was singing with enthusiasm.

Parijad said, the speaking bird, does not see that the emperor himself has come safely? You don’t care here. Hearing this, the bird became silent and along with it all the birds sitting on the surrounding trees became silent. The bird bowed to the emperor and asked whether you did not face any kind of trouble in coming here. The emperor was surprised to see that this bird speaks in a human-like voice. He responded appropriately to the bird’s greeting and talked to her for a while. The bird answered everything politely. The emperor was so impressed with him that even at the time of eating, he got his cage kept nearby so that he could keep talking to him.

When the emperor sat down to eat, he accidentally picked up the first bowl of cucumber broth. When he saw that there were unbleached pearls lying on its surface, he pulled out his outstretched hand on the food and said annoyedly, what a joke? What is it offered? The three brothers and sisters remained silent, but the bird said with aplomb, “Government, the illusion of God is unparalleled.” Dogs and cats can come out of Malika’s stomach, then piles of pearls can also go in the stomach of the emperor.

At first, the emperor started looking at the bird by rolling his eyes. Then when he remembered the past, he lowered his head. After being silent for some time, he said, bird, you are right. I also think that the things I believed in are far away from my intellect. Yet I believed them because the sisters of the Malika themselves had said this and I thought they would not lie because they were her real sisters, her well-wisher.

The bird said, the only mistake was made by the government that you considered him as a well-wisher. Ever since she saw that she had married the servants and that the younger sister had become the queen, she died. Those wicked ones did not even care that even after marriage, Malika had loved them like sisters. He told white lies three times only to get the death penalty for Malika. May it be good for that noble minister, due to which Malik’s life was saved.

Tears welled up in Badshah’s eyes remembering his misbehavior towards Malika. The bird again said, Government, look at these three children sitting in front of you. This is the puppy, the cat and the mole that your mother gave birth to. Malika’s wicked sisters put dead animals in their place on their birth and wrapped them in blankets and put them in baskets so that they would drown after going away and no one would know. But God had to keep them alive. The inspector of your late gardens got all three of them out of the canal. He did not have any children, so he raised them like his own child and educated them well and built this palace for them. Sarkar, these three are none other than you only.

The king said, bird, how can I thank you for explaining to me the wickedness of the wicked and the innocence of Malika and making my children recognized. I also used to think that why unnecessary affection arises in my mind towards these boys and why I cannot get angry on their words.

The information given by the bird was not only new to the emperor but also to Bahman, Parvez and Parijad. All three of them got up from their place and fell at the feet of the emperor. The emperor lifted everyone up and put them on the chest. Tears streamed from the eyes of all four. After some time, when he came in a comfortable state, everyone ate food together with interest. After talking for some time, the king said to them, now I am going to the palace. I will come again tomorrow Tomorrow you are not only ready to welcome my mother, but also to stay in the palace after that.

Upon reaching the palace, the emperor called the minister. He praised her consent due to which Malika’s life was saved. He then described the wickedness of Malika’s sisters who had hatched such a disgusting conspiracy against their well-mannered and virtuous real sister and almost took the lives of two sons and a daughter. He ordered that both of them should be taken to the slaughter place now and their heads should be blown off. They do not deserve mercy in any way. The minister immediately acted on the royal order and both the wicked got the punishment they had longed for.

Then the emperor went in front of the Jama Masjid to the prison where he had kept Malika by punishing her for constant disrespect. Seeing her weakness and torn clothes, the emperor could not bear it and he hugged her and wept bitterly. He told Malika that the reason for the punishment I inflicted on you was because of your sisters whom you and I thought were your well-wishers. He told that both have been killed. He also said that I came to know all this from a supernatural speaking bird.

Hearing this, Malika started crying with joy. The emperor brought him to the palace. She did a hammam and wore a royal dress. Laughter continued throughout the night in the palace. In the morning, the king told Malika that by the mercy of God both your son and daughter are alive and are very comfortable, you should go and meet them. This news spread all over the state and everyone started celebrating like a festival.

There were dancing and colors everywhere. Malika accompanied the emperor to the palace of these people. The three children cling to their mother for a long time. Then everyone had dinner together. After this, the emperor and the three children showed her a singing tree, a self-propelled fountain of golden water and a bird that spoke like humans. Malika knew that she was dreaming.

The streets became very crowded to watch the ride coming from their residence to the royal palace. The emperor ordered a public ceremony, and for several days there were sports and spectacles. The emperor donated so much that no one remained poor in the city. On this occasion, the emperor declared Bahman as the crown prince and functionally handed over the entire state administration in his hands. He made Parvez the commander of the army. Parijad was married to one of his friends, the only son of the great emperor.

When Shehrzad finished this story, Duniyajad said, narrated a very beautiful story. Which story will you tell now? Shehrzad said with a cold sigh, no one. All the stories that I used to come are over and today my story will also end at the hands of the executioner.

Shahryar smiled and said, No, Begum, your stories will be immortal and you will live long. You have also enriched my knowledge by telling stories and have also washed away the filth of my mind. I will announce today that from today I am ending the rule of getting my wife killed by getting married.

Shahrajad fell at his feet. The tears of the world began to flow.

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