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Story of Sidi Noman – Alif Laila

After hearing the beggar’s story, the Caliph noticed the horse racer and asked him what is your name. He called his name Sidi Noman. The Caliph said, “I have seen many horsemen and sages put a lot of effort into teaching horse riding or teaching a horse. I myself have driven many horses, but I have not seen anyone riding a horse like you. Your mare kept running, yet you were constantly whipping her. Everyone was surprised at your behavior. But I was surprised the most. That’s why yesterday I asked the people standing at that place the reason for your behavior, but no one knew why you are doing this, you tell the whole situation really.

Sidi Noman’s face lit up. He understood that the Caliph was very angry with my actions and did not know what punishment he would give. He also understood that the Caliph had a very strong desire to know his secret and could not get rid of him without telling the whole story. Yet his tongue was closed due to fear and he stood immobile. Seeing this, the Caliph said, Sidi Noman, do not be afraid. I am asking you this thing in a friendly spirit. Even if you have committed any crime, I have forgiven you for that from now on. Now be fearless and speak your mind.

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Sidi Noman was relieved to hear this. He said with folded hands. Lord of the world, according to your order, I present my whole story to you. I did not violate the rules of any caste or any religion. Still, if any of my crimes are proved, I will certainly be punished. You felt bad for the harshness I show to my mare and you pity the mare. But when you hear its story, you will also come to the conclusion that this punishment is less for him.

Having said this, Sidi Noman began his story. He said that after the death of my parents, I got such an inheritance which was enough for my life. I was living very comfortably and I was not worried about anything. I was young, so naturally I wanted to get married. It was not the wish of God that I should get a sweet wife. I married a woman seeing the indescribable beauty. You already know that in our caste, there is no custom of marrying a girl beforehand. That is why it is appropriate for us that a woman like Mridul or Karkasha should be satisfied with the fate she meets and live happily with her. But there is a limit to everything and such situations also come that even for a day there is no sustenance.

I was very happy to see the Anoop form of my wife, but from the very next day the condition of her malaise started to open. On the second day of the honeymoon, when I sat down to have lunch, I invited my wife to have dinner with me. There was a casserole in front of us. According to the custom of my society, I was eating casserole by lifting it with a spoon, but my wife started eating every grain of rice with the help of ear digging. I was very surprised to see this. I said, dear, is this the way people eat food in your maternal house? In the time you have eaten, you must have eaten no more than ten to fifteen rices. Why are you eating by counting the grains? Are you doing this for the sake of economy? If so, then you should give up the care of economy and eat like I am eating freely. God has given me enough to feed you a full stomach.

He didn’t answer my words. She kept on eating every single grain as before, but to annoy me, she started lifting every single grain after a very long time. When Sheermal and Baker Khani rotis came in front of us, he broke a very small piece of the skin of a roti and placed it in his mouth with great tantrums. The total amount of food he ate was not enough to feed even a bird.

I was surprised at her insistence on a small meal but I thought it was her first time eating with me and the first time to eat with a man I was ashamed, when she got used to eating it with me openly Will eat I also thought that it may be that this thing has been eaten in large quantities before eating with me and at this time it does not have space in its stomach. There was also a thought that maybe it should be a habit to eat it alone. Thinking of all this, I did not say anything to her and she continued to eat for the name of four as before. After dinner I went for a walk and completely forgot how little my wife was eating.

But this was his condition even after dinner. Even after many days I saw this attitude of her in the matter of food, I was surprised that this woman is not only alive but also healthy even after eating so little. One day when both of us lay down to sleep, it woke me up cautiously knowing that I was sleeping. I closed my eyes but was awake. I started snoring on purpose. She got up and went inside and got dressed and came out of the house. I too, putting my clothes on my shoulder, secretly followed him. It was moonlight outside, so it was not difficult to follow him. On the way, she reached the cemetery near our house. I stood in the oat and started watching. I saw my wife sitting with a cannibalistic barbarian and talking to her with pleasure some things I could not understand as I stood far away.

Deenbandhu, you know that the cannibals on seeing a few passengers in the wild path kill and eat them. When they do not find any passengers, they go to the cemetery and eat the newly buried dead. I was horrified to see my wife sitting near such a forest and understood that my wife also belongs to this caste. Together they dug a new grave made on the same day and brought out the dead body from it and started eating it by cutting it. They used to talk too but I was in bad condition with fear and I was trembling. When both of them had eaten the flesh of the whole corpse, they put its bones back in the tomb and put soil on the grave in such a way that the grave had not been dug.

I left both of them there and came into the house and leaving the door open, I lay on the bed and started looking asleep. After sometime my wife came. She went into the inner room, changed her clothes and carefully lay down on my bed. It was clear from her behavior that she did not know that I had come after her to see her condition. I felt very disgusted to sleep with such a clumsy woman and I lay down and slept only avoiding her. I woke up in the morning after hearing the azaan of the mullah of the mosque. After retiring from routine work, I took a bath, then went to the Masjid and offered another Namaz. After that I went for a walk in the gardens. While walking, I started thinking how to get rid of this dirty habit of my woman. Even after coming home, I kept thinking the same.

At the time of lunch, she continued the old sequence, that is, picking up one grain at a time, she started eating it. I said, Queen, if you don’t like a particular item, then get another one, everything is here in the kitchen. Then every day food is also made by changing it, so there is no question of monotony. If you don’t like anything in these mines, make or make whatever you like. I want to ask you, is there no food in the world more delicious than the meat of the dead, which you eat with taste?

I was not even finished saying that she understood that I had known the secret of her dead body. His face turned red with anger, his eyes lit up and his mouth started foaming. Seeing his anger, I got scared that I don’t know what this wicked would do now. Grinding his teeth, he said, Wicked, wicked, bastard, you have hidden my secret. But you will no longer be able to tell that distinction to anyone. Saying this, she dipped her fingers in the water of the glass kept nearby and started saying something which I could not understand. Then he sprinkled the water of his fingers on me and said, become a dog. With his words, I became a dog.

She picked up a stick and started hitting me. She would probably hit me so much that I would have died. That’s why I ran for my life and started running all over the house hoping that maybe I would find a place to escape. She used to chase and beat me all over the house carrying wood. When tired, she opened the door and I ran outside the house screaming in pain to avoid beating her.

I could not rest even after coming out. The dogs of the locality started barking on seeing me and grabbed me and started barking. I ran to the market and hid in a corner, entering a shop where goat’s hairs were found and tongues were sold. The shopkeeper took pity on me and drove away the dogs who were after me. I lay there all night. In the morning the shopkeeper went to get Siri Pay and took a lot of goods and kept it in his shop. Many dogs came in front of the shop after getting the smell of meat. I also went and met them. The shopkeeper saw that I had been hungry at night, so he put a lump of meat in front of me. I’m not even inclined to meat, He went in front of the shopkeeper and started shaking his tail. The shopkeeper did not want me to stay in his shop forever, so he threatened me by picking up a stick. I ran in front of a Nanbai’s shop. He was eating at that time. He threw a piece of bread in front of me. I did not intend to ask him for food, yet I pounced like a dog and started eating bread. Then he went ahead of him and started waving his tail. He was pleased to see my appearance and smiled. I understood that it did not mind that I should stay in his shop. I sat in front of his shop facing him.

In the evening when Nanbai closed the shop, he took me to his house. After this it became his rule that he kept it in his house at night and used to sit in front of his shop during the day. He was also very happy to see that I do not step inside his house without his permission. He used to keep me very lovingly and gave me a lot of food. I also used to look towards him and used to do everything on his instructions. He even gave me a name.

I used to follow my new master everywhere and he too was so fond of me that if he ever went out and I was sleeping in his corner at that time he would call my new name and I would run to him. Taxes go away He used to amuse me in various ways. Sometimes I would lie down at his behest, sometimes sit, sometimes stand on two legs, sometimes I would pick up a thrown object. Like this many days passed. My boss and I used to be very happy with my master and liked each other’s company.

One day a woman came to his shop and when he started paying the price after buying the goods, he started giving a bad coin along with good coins. When Nanbai turned the coin back to her, she started quarreling. Nanbai said, you do not listen to me. Even my dog ​​will call this coin false. Saying this he called me. When I ran in front of him, he threw all the coins given to that woman in front of me and asked to identify the fake coin in them. I separated all the coins, then I gathered all the good coins from them on one side and started looking at Nanbai keeping a paw on the wrong coin. Nanbai was very happy to see this. The woman was also surprised and exchanged the coin.

After the woman left, Nanbai told the people around that my dog ​​knows the real coins. He did not believe at first and wanted to test me. They threw the bad coins in front of me and started seeing whether I knew the true or not. I looked at those coins and went on placing my paws on all the fake coins one by one. The neighboring shopkeepers were surprised to see this. He told other shopkeepers and customers that Phalane Nanbai’s dog is the test of genuine coins. Within a few days this news spread all over the city and many people started coming to Nanbai to get the coins tested.

Now it has become such a situation that in front of Nanbai’s shop, there was a crowd of coin testers. I used to check coins all day long. Nanbai’s business flourished because coin dealers used to take deals from her. Nearby Nanbai started getting jealous of this and wanted to take me away. Because of this my master started taking better care of me.

One day a woman came to Nanbai and mixed six good coins with one bad coin and started giving it to her. At Nanbai’s behest, I put my feet on the false coin. The woman accepted that the coin was faulty, and changed it. Then he saved Nanbai’s eyes and signaled me to go with her to her house. I always wanted to become a human again. From the eyes of that woman it seemed to me that this thing was possible through her. I started looking at him. She walked towards her house and came back after walking several steps and then gestured for me to come with her. Now I have decided to go with him. I saved my master Nanbai’s eyes and joined him. She was very pleased to see this. He immediately changed course so that Nanbai could not see me going with him.

The woman took me to her house. When I entered, she closed the outside door and took me inside the house. Inside was sitting a young lady dressed in precious zari robes. I guessed that she was the daughter of the woman who brought me from the market. The beauty sitting inside the house was very proficient in the science of magic. The woman who brought me said to the beauty, this is the dog who knows the identity of the fake coins. I had listened to this for many days. It seemed to me that it was not a born dog, but some man who had been magically turned into a dog. That’s why I brought it home today. Daughter, look at me and tell whether my guess is right or not. The young man looked at me attentively and said, Amma, you are right, it has been made a dog by magic. After seeing my Ramal’s book, I will tell you about it now. Saying this she went to an inside room.

He came back, put his hand in a pot of water, sprinkled water on me and said, if you have been made a dog by magic, then become a man again. As soon as he said this, I became a human. I fell at the feet of the beauty and kissed her clothes and said, You have done me such a favor which I cannot forget for the rest of my life. I want to be your slave forever. Saying this I explained why my wife had made me a dog by magic and began to highly appreciate the kindness of the beauty. He said, Don’t praise me so much. I know the condition of your wife before marriage. I also know that he is well versed in the science of magic. In fact, we are both disciples of the same teacher in the matter of magic. Earlier I was friends with him but because of his wickedness I stopped associating with him and started hating him. I have given you the human body back but I will not settle on that. I will surely punish him for the wickedness he has done with a good mind like yours. I will make him an animal by your own hands. You stay here, I’ll come now.

She went inside again. When she came after some time, she had a bottle and a cup in her hand. He said to me, Sidi Noman, I have just found out by looking at my Ramal book that your wife is not in your house at this time. After evicting you from the house, he told your servants that my husband went out for some work and also said that a dog had entered the house after finding the door open, I killed him and drove him away. Now you immediately go to your home before your wife comes back. Don’t take this bottle apart and wait for your wife. She will come home soon. She will get upset seeing you and will try to run away. You pour water from this bottle into a cup and sprinkle some of it on it and read the words I tell you. There will be no need to do anything more than this. You will see the miracle of my magic from this.

I came to my house after remembering the mantra taught by him very well. Everything happened as the beauty had said. My wife soon came back and when she saw me, she got upset and started running. I immediately poured the bottled water into the cup, sprinkled it and recited the mantra.

This made her a horse. That woman is the same mare you saw yesterday. When I saw her in the form of a mare, I was surprised. Then I remembered the words of that beauty. I took the mare and tied it to the horse and whipped it so much that I got tired of beating.

After completing his story, Sidi Noman said, Sir, now after hearing this story, I will forgive and accept that the punishment I give to my woman who has become a mare is just. If you still consider my action unreasonable, then punish whoever you want. The Caliph said, “Your story is really strange and considering the crime your woman has committed, her punishment is minimal.” But I ask you, will you continue to kill him like this for the rest of your life? Why don’t you do this by going to that beauty again and getting your wife a female form. Sidi Noman said, “Your command is obligatory, but what will I do if my wife again turns to wickedness?” Khalifa said, you are right. Let him be like this and keep punishing him like this for as long as you want.

Then the Caliph looked at the third man i.e. Khwaja Hasan Habbal and said, Khwaja Hasan, yesterday I went to your street and saw your palace. I was very impressed by him. Then I asked the people there that whose is this huge building, then your neighbors took your name.

At the same time, he also told that your profession is to make rope. There is not much income in this profession. Your neighbors also say that till some time ago you lived with difficulty. Your neighbors appreciate you very much for not forgetting your old life and not spending your money in vain. I am very happy to hear that good people like you live in my kingdom. Still I want to ask you how did you get so much money. Don’t be intimidated by my question. I have nothing to do with your wealth. God has given you this money. Use it however you want. May God increase your wealth. I am just curious to know how a poor person like you got so much wealth.

Khwaja Hassan kissed the feet of the throne and said, God bless you always. I tell the whole story truthfully. God knows that I have never done anything which is forbidden by our Islam religion or my caste-fraternity. Whatever I have got is due to the grace of God. Now I will tell my condition according to your orders.

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