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Caliph Haroon Rashid and Baba Abdullah-Alif Laila

Starting a new story with Duniyajad’s proposal and Shahryar’s permission, Shaharzad said that sometimes a man’s mind is happy and there is no clear reason for it. There is also such a situation when a man is happy, but even after thinking a thousand, he does not understand why happiness is happening. The same thing happens sometimes with worry and anxiety that you don’t understand what to worry about. One day Khalifa Harun Rashid was sitting sad in his palace and could not understand any reason for his sadness. Then came his faithful minister, Jafar. The Caliph neither looked at him nor spoke to him. The minister said, “Master, this Dasanudas does not understand what is worrying him at this time.” If I know, then I will do the remedy. Khalifa said, I am worried but I do not understand myself why I am worried. Before removing my worry, if you can tell, then tell me what is my concern?

Jafar said, “Government, it comes to my understanding that today is the first day of the month when you disguise yourself and see the condition of the people in the streets of Baghdad. Today you have forgotten this thing, but unconsciously you are worrying that you are not performing your duty. The caliph said, you are really wise, now I understand that this was the problem with me. I am changing my disguise, you also come and join me in a normal disguise. In no time Jafar went to his house and came in disguise and both the men came out of the thief door of the palace and entered the city. After roaming the streets for some time, they both sat in a boat and crossed the river and reached the settlement on the other side and after roaming there for some time started coming back on this side through the bridge. A blind beggar on the bridge begged him. The Caliph gave him an Asharfi. The blind man, holding the hand of the Caliph, blessed him and said, O gentleman, You have done a great favor by giving Asharfi. Now you throw a dust on my head because I am worthy to be punished along with begging. Having said this, he left the hand of the Caliph and grabbed the end of his garment so that the Caliph would not leave.

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The Caliph was very surprised by this and said, Brother, what are you saying? Do you want me to kill you and destroy the fruit of my charity? Saying this, the Caliph wanted to get rid of him and go away, but the blind man grabbed his arm with full force and said, “Forgive my arrogance, but you will have to hit a dust on my head.” If you don’t want to thrash, take your shirt back. I have sworn before God that I will definitely eat dust from every donor. What is the reason for this is a long story. The Caliph was compelled to lightly dust his head and went ahead.

But he was very curious about the strange promise of the blind. He said to the minister, you go and ask the blind person to come to the court tomorrow and tell me why he has made such a strange promise. The minister went to him and gave him an asharfi and said with a slight dust, the man who has just given you the ashrafi is Khalifa Harun Rashid and he has ordered that you come to the court tomorrow and tell everyone that you Why do you ask to dust? The monk said, I will definitely come.

When they both went some distance, they saw in a field a man dressed in valuable clothes riding on a mare and running ruthlessly and ruthlessly across a field, whipping him mercilessly with whips and fencing. The horse was in bad condition while running. There was froth and blood coming out of his mouth, but the rider was not feeling pity for him at all. He was being given rounds by whipping him. The Caliph asked a man standing there who this man was and why he was persecuting the mare like this. He said, I don’t know that. But I see every day that this man makes his mare run like this and for no reason gets him hundreds of rounds of the field by whipping. On hearing this, the Khalifa took him aside and told the minister that I am going ahead. You go and say to this young horseman that tomorrow at the same time which has been appointed for the beggar, Come to the court and explain why he treats his mare with such harshness. The minister did the same and pronounced the order of the caliph to the horseman.

After this both of them went ahead and saw that a grand building is standing in a street. The Caliph asked, does this building belong to any of my chieftains? The minister himself did not know whose building it was. So when he asked the residents of that place, they told that this palace belongs to a hawwal, that is, a seller of ropes. Whose name is Khwaja Hassan. The Caliph was surprised that tomorrow, ask this eve too to come to the court so that I can ask him the secret of being so rich. The minister did the same.

The next day, after offering the morning prayers, the Caliph sat on his throne in the court. The minister presented the above three persons who had already arrived before the Caliph. The Caliph asked the blind beggar Baba Abdulla, I want to know why you ask the giver to wash the dust. The beggar, recognizing his voice, put his head to the ground and said, First of all, I apologize to you for yesterday’s indecency, I did not know who you are. Now I present my entire story to you.

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